“Implement this immediately,” the Marine Corps sergeant corporal insisted on shooting the civilian police expert

A witness who witnessed the moment papillary imaging expert Renato Cotto, 41, was shot and apprehended in a Navy vehicle, told civilian police the details of how the crime occurred. In a statement on the 18th of DP (Praça da Bandeira), a man said he was passing through the area, near the INSS building, around 2:30 p.m. last Friday, when he encountered “confusion”. The boy, who works at a pharmacy in the area, reported seeing a gray car and four men trying to contain the fifth and heard one of them shouting “Fall on the floor, lie on the floor!”

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During the confusion, the witness said he still saw the men grab a tie and put it on the civilian police officer. On PD 18, he said he heard someone yell, “Put this guy right away” and saw the first shot in the direction of the papillary endoscope’s leg or foot. Get to know Bruno, who carried the firearm, his father, L’Oréval, and the other two soldiers, Manuel Daris. During the entire event, Renato Cotto had repeated several times “I didn’t do anything”.

Four people – including a sergeant and corporal from the 1st Marine District – were arrested in the early hours of Sunday morning, the 15th, for kidnapping, murder and concealment of the body of a civilian police officer in Rio. According to the investigation of the 18 DP (Praça da Bandeira), the expert was arrested, in a navy vehicle, after searching for businessman L’Oréval Ferreira de Lima, father of military officer Bruno Santos de Lima, owner of a scrap warehouse in the area, to check whether he had Materials from the work were stolen by crack users and transferred to the Foundation.

Bruno Santos de Lima, Loreval Ferreira de Lima, Manuel Vitor Silva Soares, and Daris Fideles Mota were taken to the police station, confessed to the crime and were arrested in flagrante delicto for murder and concealment of the body. The military left the police station handcuffed and in helmets and flak jackets. One of them, head down, holds the Bible in his hands. The location of the police officer’s body has not yet been determined.

Papillary endoscopy expert Renato Cotto, 41, has been arrested in a Navy vehicle after searching for businessman Loreval Ferreira de Lima.
Papillary endoscopy expert Renato Cotto, 41, has been arrested in a Navy vehicle after searching for businessman Loreval Ferreira de Lima.

A witness who witnessed the scene recounted in the filing that even after he was injured, the victim continued to struggle, causing Bruno to shoot again, this time at the height of his torso. Moments later, Renato Cotto began to “faint”, which, noticing the criminals, said: “He will fall!”

The man also reported seeing a handcuff on the right arm of the civilian police officer, “who, by fighting him for his life, prevented his tormentors from completely shackled.” The man also reported that after the second shot, the victim fell, but was still trying to get up, then Loreval collected the capsules and dealt several blows against her, and Bruno fired the third shot. At this time, the expert army was placed inside the navy chariot.

Last Friday, Renato Cotto was able to recover part of the items stolen from another junkyard near Morro da Mangueira. Then he found an aluminum frame and other workpieces at Louurival’s shop. After an argument, the businessman promised that he would return the value of the remaining products received and called Bruno, the supervisor of the transport sector in the first marine area.

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Arriving at the scene with a Fiat Ducato of the Navy, late on Friday afternoon, Bruno choked on the naked and shot a civilian police officer and dumped him in the car. He was accompanied by the soldiers Manuel Vitor Silva Soares and Daris Fideles Motta. At about 5 p.m., after being called by bystanders, Military Police of the 6th BPM (Tijuca) were at 18 DP to record that a man had shot him and put him in a truck, at Avenida Radial Oeste.

Also according to the investigations, the unmarked car, with the three soldiers and Renato Cotto on board, drove to Baixada Fluminense, via the Metropolitan Arc. In the car, the civilian police officer fired at least another shot in the abdomen. After his body was dumped in the Guandu River, at the time of Japeri, they stopped at a car wash, in Nova Iguaçu, and cleaned the car with chlorine, also inside the Navy barracks, in Praça Mauá.

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However, experience from the Carlos Eboli Institute of Criminology (ICCE) has identified blood remains inside the car, which remain on the wall next to the Guandu River.

The Director of the General Police Department of the capital, Deputy Antenor Lopez, highlights that as soon as the disappearance of the expert was reported, investigations were launched by the eighteenth command teams:

– This is a heinous crime in which a civilian police officer was cowardly kidnapped and killed by four men, three of whom were armed forces graduates. In less than 24 hours, the crime was clarified, those involved were identified, arrested, and weapons were seized. We are now excited about locating our papillary endoscopy specialist’s cadaver.

Deputy Adriano France, in charge of the investigation, chief of the 18th Public Prosecution, explained that the four prisoners confessed to committing the crime, giving details of the route they took with the marine vehicle and the place where the victim’s body was dumped. This afternoon, a civilian police helicopter flew over the area in search of the body.

That morning, after also testifying about the crime at the eighteenth DP Concert (Praça da Bandeira), Bruno Santos de Lima attempted to sever his wrists with spectacle lenses, in the room where he was with Louurival, Manoel and Daris. He was taken to the hospital and about an hour later he returned to the police station.

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In a memorandum, the Brazilian Navy stated that it had learned, on Saturday night, of an incident, a victim involving active duty soldiers in the Naval District I Command, the subject of a police investigation within the scope of joint justice. “The soldiers involved were caught red-handed by the police and they will be held accountable for their actions in court,” he said.

“The Muslim Brotherhood regrets what happened, sympathizes with the victim’s family, and reiterates its strong rejection of illegal behavior and actions that violate life, honor and military principles,” he wrote.

He added, “The Muslim Brotherhood also confirms that it does not tolerate such behavior, and that it cooperates with the authorities responsible for the investigation, and informs that it has opened an investigation with the Military Police to investigate the circumstances of the incident.”

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