God is great – great opinion

Thursday I went to bed worried. Caetano had a virus and I’m still turning my stomach inside out. But that wasn’t even my concern. It was the fact that I still didn’t have a topic to write about. it hurts me. Well, the assembly wouldn’t catch on… but it didn’t! It was just a fuse that exploded. no body else. It was all scary. And so the tumultuous atmosphere continues with blazing tongues… Nothing new, then.

After reading and re-reading the news. I spend my days with a fine comb… I don’t have much left but I ask God to give me some light. If you think it’s true, the better. I checked my alarm was on, I turned to my side and said my prayers. I remember sleeping insisted not to show up and I kept praying. calls. calls. If he doesn’t offer a rosary, walk close to him. So I have to sleep somewhere in between some of our father or peace be upon you, Mary.

I woke up in the middle of the night. I thought I heard a voice! I did the huge T3 rounds of 80 square meters and nothing. Only my wife noticed it. The others continued to sleep like little angels. I went back to bed and thought again that I still didn’t know what to write. However, this was already a sign. I must have prayed a lot, but often, shortly after waking up, I received news …

The country was in mourning. One of the greatest national figures has disappeared abroad. calm. There is no need to exaggerate either. Rui Abreu has already returned from Venezuela, and Cavovo, who has gone to rest him, lives with Silva. Even Joao Manuel Oliveira Rendero is the one who left…. Well, it might sound like deja vu. I know. You might even ask if it hasn’t disappeared already? Previously. If he hasn’t left already? Already too. But this time, it was forever. The other was just a game. Did I make myself understood? Sorry, but I don’t know how I can tell you this without getting freaked out? He went to heaven. I stopped. has expired. perished. Found. Die! Well, I told you. Die.

But who will? These braggarts, ostentatious and flirty with other people’s money, just days ago he gave an interview to a defiant Joker. He complained about the delay in adjudicating his cases. He said there was a 3-5-7 rule internationally, where 3 years were ideal, 5 years were acceptable and 7 were unacceptable. “I am practically 14 years old, which is twice the acceptable age.” clings. So can’t a guy really be blamed for nothing? I think after that the fool was proven innocent. The man who says double 5 is 14, if he added any unnecessary amount to his fortune, it was by mistake. His domicile is not bills. ready! And then? Do you want to see now that to be a banker you have to know the math?! This was just what was needed…

But, as we’ve learned, it didn’t take some long to wonder if he was really dead or if it was just another maneuver. If he escapes from prison to enjoy the proceeds… a cheap version of El Chapo. Chateau. I have no idea. I can’t swear! he was not there. However, if you believe what he said in that interview: “Freedom or death,” I have no doubt that he tied the sheet tightly to his screen and hung up! brave man.

After all, that cute guy who slept in his Qatar Airways pajamas and who only missed the dogs Joanna, Clara, and Bonica was a man of his word. He said he would not return to Portugal and he did not. Of course I live. Because he’s coming now, even if he’s dragged…balls. Even with stretched, it continues to work.

And no, I am not one of those people who think that a person after death becomes a saint. For me, who is not fit for the living, the dead remains the same. Only with the aggravating factor to start the stench …

I only fear, according to experts in the field, that these “accidents”, when published, will lead to a chain of imitations. The so-called Werther effect. Yes, in the end, let these clever kids go out and spin themselves crazy and lose their breath just to follow suit. Have you ever seen what would happen to the Pantheon if it suddenly had to accommodate so many characters?

Please, just in case he disappears with all the bedding in Berardo’s garage. Is that he had previously sued the banks and demanded compensation of 900 million euros. All you have to do is come up with something like: “Gentlemen, either you give me what I want, or I’m going crazy.” For me… see you Joe. Rest in peace.

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