Even in a good match, football between Inter and Corinthians is left aside in a new case of alleged racism

by Marina Buffon

The Corinthians He went to Beira-Rio last Saturday and gave a different performance in every half of the match against Internacional. At first it was very bad. In the second, a little better. Draw 2-2Finally, he was fair and kept Alvenegro ahead Brazilian Championship. However, an issue of alleged racist slurs grabbed all the attention after the match – and it should be.

Nearly 30 minutes later, after the kick-off, midfielder Edinilson and right-back Rafael Ramos, who was born in Portugal, were in dispute over the ball when the moment of the accusation occurred. Shirt No. 8 said he heard the word “monkey” in Portuguese. The match stopped for a few minutes and the ball started rolling again. Rafael was replaced soon after.

While Joe said his teammate would have uttered a word in Portuguese from Portugal, Corinthians director of football Roberto de Andrade backed the hypothesis that it was said “brothers…”, according to the player himself. On the Inter side, Vice President Emilio Papalio Zen said he would support whatever Edinilson decided to do.

It is not up to me to investigate or punish, just inform. At the time of writing this note, the Colorado player had given a statement to the Civil Police about the case and Rafael Ramos was arrested red-handed And Then released to answer freely. However, the case is under investigation.

Therefore, it is important to use the terms ‘if’, ‘case’, ‘alleged’, but if The truth is certain, there is no alternative but the street, but punishment. Racism and racial slurs are a crime and must be dealt with as such both inside and outside the field.

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about the game

Only one thing happened right in Corinthians’ first 45 minutes, and that was the goal, albeit in a painful way – with Raul Gustavo lying on the ground. Otherwise, it is difficult to list what went wrong, because there are many things.

The Corinthians defense failed to show any safety whatsoever, and this was Rafael Ramos’ worst match, which left a lot to be desired. So much so that Vitor Pereira had to move Mantoan back to the right in an attempt to help the side. Did not help.

Gil could not cover this side, missed two goals in the first half, as well as Raul, who made a goal, “gave” another in a layup, unable to stop David in a run after a side kick.

In addition to defensive and individual errors, it is also necessary to talk about the intelligence of Mano Menezes and the company by completely scrapping the midfield formed by Du Queiroz, Maycon and Renato Augusto – the number 8 appeared a bit, although he gave a perfect pass for Roger Guedes to score almost in the half the first.

At the second stage, only one change was necessary to change the position of the team. Jô substituted Roger Guedes and played the best offensive move, culminating in a new equalizing goal in the 19th minute. From what both teams gave – Inter in the first half and Timao in the second – the result was fair.

There are two aspects that draw attention to this: the team was really bad in the opening 45 minutes and could have conceded more goals. Cássio has not been leaked for seven matches, Corinthians for five. However, the team went in search of a tie, with a goal at a moment when it was going poorly and another when it was going well.

This kept Alfinegro in the isolated lead for Brazil, having won a hard-earned away point. That’s how you build a title contender, and if you keep it that way, there’s reason to believe big things are going this season.

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