Danilo’s brother has already stood out in Bahia, who is trying not to repeat his mistake

Danilo’s call-up to the Brazilian national team, this week, was expected for the party for the 56th birthday of the graphic artist Loreval Oliveira, which was completed yesterday (14). “Tite gave me a gift on Wednesday morning (11), and Danilo gave me another gift at night,” said the father of the Palmeiras player, referring to the midfielder’s goal in the 2-1 win over Guzerense, which helped Alverde qualify. The Round of 16 of the Brazilian Cup.

From his new home, which Danilo bought in a gated community in the Salvador metropolitan area (BA), Lourival said he responded to more than 500 calls congratulating him on the achievement of his eldest son, and most of his former neighbors in the Fazenda Coutos III neighborhood in which he lived. While the eldest son is just beginning his promising career in professional football, L’Oréval is the youngest of his sons to follow the same path: 10-year-old Jonathan is the highlight of the Bahia U11 side.

Since last year, on Danilo’s right thigh, a tattoo redraws the image of his mother, Marilyn, next to his father and brother, wearing a Palmeiras shirt, and the inscription “Everything for them” on Danilo’s right thigh.

Midfielder Danilo, from Palmeiras, shows a tattoo on his thigh he made in honor of his family - Palmeiras TV / clone - Palmeiras TV / clone

Palmeiras midfielder Danilo shows a tattoo on his thigh that he made in honor of his family

Photo: Palmeiras TV / clone

Jonathan was the top scorer for the Danny Cup, an international competition held in April in Salvador. Bahia was only fourth, but Danilo’s brother was the tournament’s top scorer with 14 goals. More than just a promise, Jonatan is seen in the Tricolor Club as an opportunity to fix the wrong that caused the loss of a millionaire.

Mansa - Personal Archive - Personal Archive

Entrepreneur Marcos Antonio Novaes, better known in Bahia as Mansis

Photo: personal archive

With the release of Danilo in 2017, Bahia lost the opportunity to negotiate directly a transfer to Palmeiras, and also gave up the right to form the player’s club, which guarantees 5% of the value of any future deal. This now belongs to Palmeiras, which still holds 80% of its federal rights. The remaining 20% ​​is under the control of FC Cajazeiras, a club owned by businessman Marcos Antonio Novaes, known in Bahia by the nickname Manassés, the biblical name of the social enterprise that treats dependents from chemicals and also for which he was elected state deputy in 2014 and lost the federal deputy election in 2018.

“Summoning Danilo highly appreciated his statement. They are talking about 30 million euros now, but I think if he goes to the World Cup, Palmeiras can sell him 45 million euros at the end of the year. I’m in hurry up,” said Mansa.

In football, he is known by the nickname Alimao for 30 years. He got into the business of managing his two sons, midfielder Felipe and striker Igor, who played for Avai and abroad (Philippe for Russian football and Igor for Spain). Then he founded Onsoccer Brazil, the company that for 30 years managed the careers of athletes such as Edilson (Grêmio) and João Paulo (América-MG) and the management of football clubs, such as FC Cajazeiras, the club for which Danilo signed his first professional player, At the age of 16, he plays in the second division of the Bahia Championship.

“The fact is that Danilo was released by Bahia and Jacuipense and was training in our social project. My son Igor saw him, I liked him, he recommended him to me, I agreed with him, and since then we have done one-to-one work with him on physical, psychological and nutritional preparation. Only after he became Ready, we took him to João Paulo Sampaio (Coordinator of the Palmeiras base). It was approved immediately,” Manasis commented.

Some say, however, that Danilo was already a phenomenon long before that. “Danilo arrived at school at the age of four at his father’s insistence, although we accepted children only from the age of seven. When he was seven, he was already playing at under 11 and under 13 as a novice. For his experience in Bahia, and only after his death We said he was not 8 years old, which is the minimum age required by the club,” said Alson Pereira, who welcomed him to the Fútbol Aberto Social Project, at Fazenda Cotos.

Danilo is 8 years old on a project in Bahia - Personal Archive - Personal Archive

Danilo is 8 years old at a project in Bahia

Photo: personal archive

Danilo spent eight hours at the age of 16 in Bahia. According to Danilo’s father, the dismissal took place at the beginning of 2017 and was contacted on the phone by the coach of the Under-15 team, Luciano Mora. “He called me and just said that Danilo was on the expulsion list and that the decision came from above. After a few months, he went to work in Vitoria, and he looked for us, but neither Danilo nor I wanted to talk to him,” she stated.

a report UOL I contacted coach Luciano Mora who did not answer the call and did not return text messages. The report also reached out to the last three coordinators of Bahia’s primary classes, but all claim they were not involved in the decision-making process that culminated in Danilo’s dismissal.

Paulo Ricciardo said he remained in office until February 2017, but had no say in the decision. Marcelo Lima claimed that he arrived in June 2017, when Danilo had already left. The current holder of the position, Daniele Brugni, said he only arrived in 2018. “What happened to Danilo in Bahia is a very common thing in football. Evaluation depends a lot on the moment the athlete passes and on the subjectivity of the appearance of those who evaluate his work Cafu is the most example that I talked about the sieves, and it has been rejected in several. But Danilo’s path proves that the decision [do Bahia, em dispensá-lo] Brogni said.

Danilo with his father, Louurival - Personal Archive - Personal Archive

Danilo next to his father, Louurival

Photo: personal archive

To avoid repeating Danilo’s mistake with Jonathan, Brugni says Bahia trusts the good relationship with the player’s family. He believes the famous kinship “helps Jonathan learn”, but admits that it can also attract attention, harassment of clubs and businessmen who take advantage of the fact that legislation prohibits any kind of official ties between a club and an athlete before the age of 16. “Bahia bears the seal of the Brazilian Training Confederation and participates in the movement of coaching clubs that have rules that punish this type of harassment,” he said.

Loreval Oliveira is a fan of Bahia. He says that his youngest son has already intrigued Santos, Flamengo and Palmeiras himself, but his team is in his heart nothing to worry about. For a while, at least. He commented: “It’s too early. Danilo left home when he was 16 and Jonathan will stay with us at least until he’s 15.”

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