Belenenses SAD and Tondela downward from the cleavage. Boavista saves Moreirense

TOndela and Belenenses SAD will play in League Two in the 2022/23 season, while Moreirense will have one last chance to stay in the company of the ‘Big’ next season.

Beira’s team drew, Saturday afternoon, against Boavista, 2-2, along with the comfortable victory of Moreirense over Vezela, with a score of 4-1, pushed Tondela to the second division and Minho to the maintenance supplement. Belenenses SAD, the team that had the least chance of surviving, ended in a 0-0 draw in Arauca.

After all, the Sá Pinto pupils finished 16th, with 29 points, Tondela sat 17th, with 28, and the Blues finished with the “Red Lantern” in the I Liga with 26 points. The Canons will face the third-ranked playoff of League Two, which will come out of this Trident: Rio Ave, Casa Bella or Chaves.

Accounts report with “Place of Hope”:

17:34: It ends in Tondela! The tie between Beira and Boavista leads the Beira Alta team to the second division! Many tears at the Joao Cardoso stadium. Moreirense moves to the play-off.

17:30: End of the match in the municipality of Arauca! Belenenses SAD falls from cleavage.

17:29: Finish the game in Moreira de Conegos! Moreirense wins 4-1 and is now waiting for the final whistle in Tondela.

5:29 pm: It drops to 1-4. Nothing has changed in the playoff fight calculations.

17:23: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DO BOAVISTA! Complete madness in Moreira de Conejos. With this goal, Moreirense stuck to the playoff, and it is Tondela who will go straight to the Catacombs in League Two.

17:13: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DO TONDELA! The crown of Joao Pedro. Total madness in Beira Alta. This goal keeps Beira in the extension area, Moreirense and Be Sade in the relegation zone. And supporters of Vizela, keeping in mind the rivalry with neighbor Moreirense, celebrate the goal of Tondela.

17:02: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOLOO Make more airlines! Canaries goals festival who already beat Vizella 4-0. Now, the Minho people are associated only with Beira Alta at heart. A draw between Tondela and Boavista gives Morernci an edge in the fight for “the supplement”, but Pera’s goal changes everything.

16:52: Penalty kick for Boavista reversed by VAR! Tondela fans breathe a sigh of relief.

16:46: GOOOOOOOOOOOLOO DO BOAVISTA! Gorre Brand! It is celebrated in Moreira de Conejos, because with this goal both B SAD and Tondela will go down, because Moreirense will go to the “play-off”.

4:39 pm: The second half of matches are already taking place in Arauca, Moreira de Conejos and Tondela.

16:23: Half time in the three games. Arroca tied 0-0 against B.S. Moreirense crushes Vizella at home 3-0. Tondela beat Boavista 1-0. B SAD and Moreirense, Tondela was coming down in the playoff.

4:15 pm: GOOOOOOOOOOO DO TONDELA! Sagnan brand. This goal changes everything. Perez in the “play-off”, Connons and Be Sade will be the “second” teams.

16:04: GOOOOOOOLOO Make more airlines! Derek Lacerda expanded (3-0). In this way, the Belenenses SAD already has the certification issued by the second league. Minho’s team will go to the play-off match. B SAD and Tondela will be the “second” teams.

15:50: GOOOOOOOOLOO More airlines made! Artur Jorge expands the Canons feature. Everything remains the same: Minho’s team will go to the “play-off”. B SAD and Tondela will be the “second” teams.

15:43: GOOOOOOOOOLO Make more airlines! Marca sori mani and canons outperform Tondela. Minho’s team will go to the play-off match. B SAD and Tondela will be the “second” teams.

3:38 pm: Direct red in Moreira de Conegas. Vizela with 10, due to the dismissal of Evanildo Fernandez.

15:33: The Aruca-Belenenses SAD, Tondela-Boavista and Moreirense-Vizela matches start three minutes late.

Preview: Tondela, Moreirense and Belenenses SAD are ranked 16th, 17th and 18th respectively, with only the third-placed team avoiding direct relegation and, therefore, playing a playoff with the third-placed team. .

This means that the last two places will be crowned with an instant “conviction” of the second degree of Portuguese football, without any kind of “escape” through a play-off.

After all, what do these teams need to still have any hope? Let’s go to the accounts.

Tondela enters Round 34 with a slight advantage, in the “play-off” position, with 27 points, one more than Morirense’s 26 and two points over SAD’s Belenenses 25.

In this way, the Perez – who are curious, like Benfica, Porto and Sporting, who have never withdrawn from the division, having been in the I Liga since 2015/2016 – are the only ones who rely exclusively on themselves to keep from third to last and nothing more than That never, since 15th place, Aruka already has 30 points.

If they beat Boavista, Tondela doesn’t need to look down and the playoff is guaranteed. In the event of a tie, Beira could see the Belenenses SAD win at Arouca, as long as Moreirense does not beat Vizela. However, if Tondela loses, they will have to hope that the Canons are defeated and hope that the Belenenses SAD does not win by three points.

For Morerense, hitting a vizilla may not be enough to avoid a direct descent. However, the scenario is viable, as long as Tondela does not defeat Boavista. A tie with rival Vizela can’t be eliminated either, but it will only guide the defender into the desired position if Tondela loses and if the Belenenses SAD does not win.

The Belenenses SAD calculations are more complex, since they have an obligation to win at Arouca, however, this does not reach the bottom line. In the face of such a scenario, only if Tondela loses and if Moreirense does not win will Belenenses SAD be able to avoid a direct relegation.

It must be remembered that the matches in which the three teams participate are scheduled for Saturday, at 15:30, and the third-placed player already knows that he will meet the third-placed team in League Two (not yet decided between Rio. Ave, Casa Pia and Desportivo de Chaves). ) to discuss the last place for next season in the I Liga.

Ranking before the last round

16 Tondela, 27 points (playoff place)
17 Moreirense, 26 points
18th Belenenses SAD, 25 points

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