Ball – rising emotions: Río Ave is the champion, Casa Pella also rises, Chavez in the play-off (League 2)

Rio Ave and Casa Pia secured promotion to the league on Sunday. Rio Ave, beating Chavez 3-0, became the champion with 70 points and moved past the top spot, immediately returning to the First Division after a year in Liga 2; Casa Pia beat Lixuez 5-1 and is in second place with 68 points, also a direct pass, back 83 years later. Chaves has 64 points and will play the play-off with Moreirense.

Remember the morning movie:

ultimate. Celebrate in Vila do Conde first place, in Matosinhos Casa Pia celebrates too. Chaves will have to go to the playoffs.

90+2: Derek makes it 5-1 to Casa Pia.

89- Final minutes at Matossinos and Villa de Conde

80- Aderlan Santos scores the second goal for Rio Ave 3-0 in Vila do Conde.

76- Rio Ave makes 2-0 It is getting closer and closer to climbing. Aderlan Santos scored a goal shortly after Chavez captain Luis Rocha was sent off.

61- Less Leixões at Matosinhos, 1-4, by Leo Bolgado. As for the calculations, everything is the same: at this point, Rio Ave has roughly 70 points, Casa Pia 68 and Chaves 64.

46 – Replay matches

BREAK: At this point, Rio Ave and Casa Pia are up, and Chavez goes to the playoff with Moreirense.

38- 4-0, Casa Biya. Jota marks his second and fourth Lisbon.

15th – 3-0 to Casa BiaJota Silva brand.

12 – 2-0 to Casa Bia. Joao Vieira scores.

9- Casa Pia advances on the land of Leixões from Muscat. The score confirms that Chavez must win Rio Ave in order to be able to go straight up. At this point, Rio Ave and Casa Pia are up, and Chavez goes to the playoff.

1 m – Rio Ave enters the best way, as Aziz opened the scoring. With this scenario, Rio Ave climbs in first, Casa Pia climbs in second and Chaves go into the playoff.

In terms of relegation (matches 3.30pm), Covilha (goes to Amadora) and Varzim (hosts Mafra) discuss who will be relegated and who plays the maintenance match for Liga 3 (Alverca or UD Leiria).

These were the partition upgrade scenarios:

Rio Ave ascends to the league if:

– Win or Draw with Chavez (Equal Champion). A draw and Casa Pia’s win over Leixes would be equal on points, but the Vilacondenses prevail in the head-to-head confrontation.

– Losing against Chavez and Casa Pilla and not winning against Lixuez.

Rio Avi goes to the play-off if:

– Lost with the victory of Chavez and Casa Pilla. Vilacondenses are top two because Flavienses would be better in head-to-head combat.

Casa Bella moves to the league if:

– Leixes won.

– Tied with Leixões and Chaves did not win at Vila do Conde.

– Lost with Leixões and lost Chaves at Vila do Conde.

(If Leixões wins and Rio Ave loses with Chaves, she becomes champion)

Casa Pia goes to the playoffs if:

– Draw with Leixões and Chaves to win Rio Ave.

– Lose with Leixões and Chaves a tie at Vila do Conde. There will be equality of dates between Casa Pilla and Chavez, but the Flavones prevail in the head-to-head confrontation.

Chavez moves to the league if:

– Rio Ave won.

– Draw with Rio Ave and lose Casa Biya. There will be equality of dates between Casa Pilla and Chavez, but the Flavones prevail in the head-to-head confrontation.

(They are champions if they beat the Rio Ave and Casa Bella doesn’t beat Lexois. They will be equal on points between Chaves and Rio Ave, but the Flavens improves in head-to-head combat)

Chavez goes to the playoff if:

– Lose with Rio Ave.

– He tied with Rio Ave and Casa Pilla to score in Matosinhos.

Scenarios related to quotients:

Varzim drops from cleavage if:

– You lose with Mafra.

– Draw with Mafra. In the case of equality of dates between Varzim and Covilhã, the Sera lions prevail in direct confrontation.

Varzim plays the playoff if:

– Mafra wins and Covilha doesn’t win.

Covilhã falls from division if:

– He lost with Estrella and Farzim beat Mafra.

– A draw and a victory for Farzim against Mafra.

Covila goes to the playoff if:

– Beat the star.

– A draw and Varzim does not win.

– A loser and Varzim does not win. In the event that Covilhã is defeated and Varzim-Mafra draws, there will be a point equality between Varzim and Covilhã, but the Serra Lions have the best of a head-to-head confrontation.

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