Antonio Oliveira slammed in Benfica’s farewell: “In the past two months we’ve stopped being a group…” – Benfica B

Antonio Oliveira attributed justice to the result in Olival (Benfica b 3-2), noting that his team has always remained faithful to the style of play they practiced throughout the season, also explaining Fabinho’s choice in the left wing of the defense. Incarnated at the expense of Rafael Rodriguez.

“Apart from being two different parts, Benfica always suggested the game more than FC Porto. We also noticed that the right side of FC Porto is the most used, especially in individual situations, where we had some difficulties and where FC Porto goals were born. We have succeeded in some situations, within What the game plan was, in stealing some balls in the attacking midfield of Porto, which led to restricting the spaces that we thought could benefit more from them and start from then get close to the opponent’s goal. In the second half, Fabinho’s difficulties come in controlling the movements of Goncalo but sometimes, because of some of the options we have, they don’t know why we’re taking it. Rafael Rodriguez, regardless of whether we know his mother’s position is, he hasn’t trained for a week and a half, he’s been having trouble breathing and that’s why Fabinho decided. Hey. We were a competent team. We never deviated from our matrix and I think a fair victory is possible, against the well-oriented FC Porto, with excellent individual values. Funny that a [dos valores]It was a pleasure to play against him in Brazil and then we came to meet here.”

Assessing what his time as coach of Benfica B was, Antonio Oliveira criticized the club, noting the various difficulties the second team faced until the end of the season, highlighting the fact that it “sold” the players their dream. Winning the league title, a dream he said was impossible given the club’s goals.

“But above all, and if I may, I think it deserves credit for what this team has done. When we arrived, we still don’t know if it was fourth or fifth, but if we finished fourth it would be the best rating ever, winning record and number of goals, We were the best team to play away from. If we can make it happen at home, maybe we can… [chegar ao título]. Two months ago I realized it was hard. I sold a dream to the players that I later realized was very difficult to achieve, and that was the title in the second league, the Benfica Sports Project passed through the youth and under-19 league and A. De Anyway, this is the record because we are often a group, in In fact, for the past month and a half, we’ve practically stopped being a group. Until then we were pretty stable, we were first, I always thought this was possible with a different stability than that which wasn’t provided because the B team goals for Benfica were completed. It has been a pleasure and an honor to make this journey with these players, with this machine, I have always been committed to this sporting project, I came at a time when Benfica was going through a difficult time, I came with a mission in which I was absolutely sure I fulfilled. Even in a very complex context. I always put Benfica’s interests first. Now I will continue, resume my career and think more for myself. I’ll go on my way.”

Regarding the future, Antonio Oliveira assumed that he would look for a new place to continue his career, in a context in line with his career ambitions, “with a different stability” and “more closed”.

“It was a pleasure and an honor for me to be able to represent Benfica. I did it already as a player, and I did it as a coach. I am sure one day I will be able to come back, but my priorities, everyone knows where I was, and what I already conquered, I did it with pride. And with such pleasure. But now it does not matter what my future is. Sooner or later you will know. Either in Portugal, or outside the country where I left the market fortunately. Therefore, above all, he values ​​the players and this team in very difficult circumstances. As I said, often What we get together the day before so we can play the next weekend. This team is in charge, and I also want to mention this, 60% of the players – some not here – are responsible for making the youth league come true. And I also want to appreciate the people who accompany and who They work with them the longest OK? It’s the work of a group of coaches which reflects this achievement.. Victory laugh at one person, but above all on Benfica. Therefore, my future will be known in time. But it will always be according to my ambitions, with different stability and in something More closed, to achieve what I aspire to in my career.”

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