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A few years ago the pet’s relationship inside the home changed. In the past, it was more common for them to stay in the backyard, in order to keep the house safe, especially when we think of dogs. Nowadays, both kittens and puppies are part of the composition of the family, which brings company into everyday life in almost every task.

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3 tips for the health of your pet without burdening your budget

After their arrival and the process of adaptation, we begin to delve into these issues, and when we see them, it is really necessary to control finances.

No wonder the pet market is one of the fastest growing in Brazil. The world is adapting to new members and it is increasingly common to find pet-friendly places: restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, etc.

In addition, the search for specific products for these animals, such as health and life insurance, is increasingly being sought, as taking care of their health is essential to their well-being, safety and calm.

The insurance company in Zurich, which specializes in protecting your entire family, has separated 3 tips for keeping your kitty’s health always as a priority!

1. Vet visits

Just like humans, getting an annual checkup, or every six months if your pet is older, can prevent illness and other unwanted problems. In addition, it is necessary to periodically check vaccinations, deworming, antiflea and tick.

The recommended thing is to do, at the very least, basic tests such as blood count, x-ray and stool examination every year, to make sure everything is OK and if not, you can take the right actions.

Additionally, especially in the case of dogs, bathing and grooming is essential. Some breeds with long coats need to do this more often to avoid skin problems.

In order not to stress your pocket, find a place near your house where you can enjoy daily walks with your partner, and suggest paying a full package of baths per month to reduce the price.

2. Socialization and environmental enrichment

Socializing your animals can have numerous benefits to their physical and mental health, as well as ecological enrichment, an interactive technique intended to salvage primitive behaviors of the species such as digging, smelling, and hunting.

The name may sound complicated, but a simple walk on the street actually stimulates the sense of smell, touch and other behaviors that are important to a pet, which is why it is so important that you go out with him every day, at least once!

It is also important to handle other animals in a controlled and meticulous manner to get a more balanced pet. Some families choose daycares and schools, but so that it doesn’t become another household expense, you can choose dog parks and public places like yards and parks, and bring together families you know who also have dogs.

3- Family trips

As mentioned, it is common nowadays to find pet-friendly entertainment options, such as hotels, hostels, and accommodations to rent for the season. However, it is common for hotels to charge extra for this family member.

For this reason, some teachers prefer to look for accommodation solutions, which can be more affordable than all the logistics for pets on the trip.

So everyone enjoys the trip with utmost comfort and tranquility!

All these tips made easier for individual life insurance clients in Zurich! Yes, the choice of humans, since in the assistance options, many of them include solutions for pets, such as:

  • veterinary advice;
  • Outpatient veterinary consultation.
  • take and fetch
  • surgery (except for childbirth and plastic surgery);
  • Arrest
  • Laboratory and imaging tests.
  • Funeral assistance
  • Accommodation in case the guardian is injured or sick that prevents him from caring for the pet;

* For these services, there is a grace period that can range from 30 to 60 days, as well as limits on quantities and values ​​per policy year.

Zurich Vida Para Você is a life insurance that, in addition to offering the main basic coverage, adapts to your style with many options, solutions and assistance that always help you in your everyday life. Consult a broker!

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