The life of Charlie Hunnam

Expelled from School, Sneaker Crazy, Hollywood Star: The Life of Charlie Hunnam

The actor has a new film, “Crime in Hollywood”, which is already in Portuguese cinemas. Selling the script saved him from bankruptcy.

it’s called “Crime in Hollywood” It is a new movie directed by Tim Kirkby Which premiered in Portuguese cinemas on Thursday 12 May. The story follows a disgraced former police officer who returns to active duty when he is assigned to investigate a murder. One of the supporters is Charlie Hunnama British actor who has gained international fame over the past few years.

Born in 1980, Charlie Hunnam was raised in a working class family in Newcastle, Northern England. The father was not very present, the mother was a ballerina – one of her grandmothers was a painter. Hunnam has an older brother and two half-brothers from his mother.

When the mother remarried another man after her father’s divorce, the family moved to Melmreby. When I was a teenager I played rugby and it was a problem. At the age of 15, he was supposed to have gone on an art history field trip, but the teacher allegedly didn’t want to take him.

To fight back, while the class was on a field trip, Charlie Hunnam used paints that the teacher had forbidden him to use. When he returns to school, the teacher smashes the Hunnam board – leaving the teen in agony. Furious, Hunnam threw open scissors toward the professor. He was expelled from school.

Nevertheless, he continued his studies, joining the Cumbria College of Art and Design to study Performing Arts. He specializes in film theory and history, with the goal of writing and directing his own films. His first role came when he was 17 – and completely by chance.

Charlie Hunnam used to go shopping for Christmas on December 24th and have a few drinks before entering the stores. “I was trying on sneakers for my brother – I was thinking of buying him a pair” She said In an interview with Men’s Health, he talked about the moment he was in the JD Sports store. Then he noticed a woman who was looking at him. “I sent her a kiss, she smiled and she must have thought: Who is this shy bastard?”

The woman approached him and asked if he had considered working as an actor. Apparently, she was the producer of a youth TV series called “Byker Grove”which became Hunnam’s first job in 1998.

His first big role came soon after, in 1999, when he was set to be one of the series’ protagonists. ‘Different like us’that explored homosexual romance in adolescence. Hunnam then moved to the United States to work in Hollywood. In the same year he married the actress in Las Vegas. Catherine Townwho divorced her in 2002.

On the other side of the ocean, he has participated in productions such as “to retreat” or “cold mountain”before returning to the UK – in 2005 – to be one of the champions “Rebels in the Neighborhoods”. The same year, he began dating artist Morgana McNelis, a relationship he has maintained ever since. Then participate in “Children of Man”.

The role that also helped solidify his career arrived in 2008, when he became one of the lead actors in the series. “Sounds of Chaos”, centered around a group of motorcyclists. He ended up receiving several awards for his role as Jax Teller, which he held until 2014.

Before getting the role, he was in a disastrous financial situation. While recording “Cold Mountain” in Romania, he learned the story of Vlad the Impaler from the locals. From there, he built a script that eventually sold – although it had yet to materialize in cinema. Hunnam He said In an interview with “Digital Spy” he said he hadn’t had the role for 18 months and was so devastated that if he didn’t sell this script, he would have to sell his house and go back to his mother’s house in England.

Main roles in productions such as “Battle of the Pacific”And “Crimson Peak” or “The Lost City of Z”. In between, he was also cast to play Christian Gray in a movie adapted from “Fifty Shades of Grey”. But he had to abandon the project, because it coincided with the recordings of “Sons of Anarchy”, which he chose to prioritize. He was replaced by Jamie Dornan.

Charlie Hunnam has also played roles in projects such as “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword”And “Operation Border” And “Gentlemen”. And he had other ideas for the arguments: in 2013 he revealed in an interview with GQ that he was preparing a script based on an article in Rolling Stone about an American drug dealer named Edgar Valdez Villareal. In the same year, he also said that he intended to direct a film centered around the world of gypsy culture in the United Kingdom.

Although Charlie Hunnam became an established star in the United States, he maintained British working-class culture in his daily life. Although he is known for being an athlete, something that has been instrumental in many of the roles he has played, he has rarely worked with personal trainers. He preferred to spend those moments alone, to relax while listening to music and (as he revealed to Men’s Health) he would occasionally smoke a cigarette before training.

He also had a collection of dozens of pairs of Nike Air Max 90 shoes. “This was a poor boy syndrome of not being able to buy the shoes you wanted when all the other kids were wearing them at school. Then at 25: You know what? I can buy all the sneakers that I want.” I want it,” he said, “Men’s Health.” However, he has donated the vast majority and introduced some pairs to friends.

The position of the strongman is also preserved on the streets of England. The actor has already shared the story of how he once had to protect himself from an intruder who entered his house. “I put him on the floor and said, ‘Man, this time I’m not going to have sex with you, but if you show up here again, they’ll never find your body, literally — I’m going to tear you to shreds,’” he said in an interview. He says he has a scythe hidden in his office.

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