In a ‘wounded and torn world’, a portrait of the Virgin donated to Ukraine will be a ‘sign and foundation for peace’ – Current Affairs

The Venezuelan Archbishop began by saying that he was “happy” to be “a pilgrim in this place blessed by God and chosen by Mary to take us by the hand and accompany us on the narrow paths of the history of our time.”

“I have come here to rejoice with you in the presence of Our Lady, who never tires of our love, who never tires of protecting us with her motherly tenderness. Being here in Fatima, on May 13, means above all responding to a call to prayer, to deposit our world in the Immaculate Heart , wounded and torn by the lack of peace.”

Then the archbishop mentioned the conflict in Ukraine. “Even in these troubled times, which have been marked by the scourge of war and the virus of a pandemic, rejoice: not in the world, but in the Lord, because he is always faithful to his promises. Rejoice, because at the first reading, God renews everything and also because Fatima occupies a prominent place in his work to renew the Church and the world “.

In this sense, he recalled the renewal, on March 25, of the “individual union” with Fatima, of “the consecration of the Church and humanity to the Immaculate Heart of Mary,” and then referred to Pope Francis “at the beginning of this Marian month, we asked to pray the rosary every day for Peace. The Lady brings peace: Mary has come into the world to give us the Prince of Peace and bring new life to humanity.

What happens in Fatima?

  • Today’s pilgrimage to the Shrine of Fatima records the presence of a large number of believers, who once again fill the fence yard after two years of restrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic;
  • About 200,000 pilgrims were at the shrine Thursday night by candlelight, according to figures released by the shrine services.
  • Today Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra, Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra, presided over the Rosary and Eucharist, Deputy Public Affairs of the Vatican State Secretariat, who on Thursday night referred to the state of war in Ukraine, lamenting that “the banquet of humanity” is missing. And peace.”
  • In the celebrations of the 13th, the place had fewer believers, but a large representation of the clergy accompanies the head of the Eucharist, Venezuelan Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra;
  • In total, the Deputy Public Affairs of the Vatican State Secretariat is accompanied by 11 deacons, 318 priests and 28 bishops;
  • As for the organized groups of pilgrims, 124 shrine services have been registered from more than twenty countries.
  • The chalice used for today’s Mass, in gilded silver, was presented by Pope John Paul II to the Shrine of Fatima on May 13, 1991, on his second pilgrimage to Portugal. The Pope’s first visit to Cova da Iria took place exactly 40 years ago, in May 1982.

Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra also took the opportunity to demand the acceptance of “the word of God”. According to the Venezuelan Archbishop, “Happier than the one who nourishes the body is the one who embodies the Word, and puts it into practice. There is a new bond higher than the bond of flesh and blood: it is the bond of faith.”

Bishop Edgar Peña Parra said that Jesus “rejoices all who hear and apply the word of God,” stressing the importance of “listening,” which is not just a “gesture,” but an “essential behavior, something that is intrinsic and priority in the Christian life.”

“Let us also consider how much listening is underestimated in the family, at work, in everyday life: we say and amplify many words, always with a rush to say or do something, forgetting to drink quietly from the source of life and peace that is the Lord, and to devote time to the most important relationships which preserve above all the welcome of the other, his words, his gaze,” said the presiding officer of the Eucharistic celebration.

“Even at the international level, let us consider how important it is to listen to each other’s reasons and to prioritize dialogue and negotiation, the only ways to achieve a stable and lasting peace, rather than taking actions inspired by greed.” heart, helps to calm resentment and grudges, and rediscover the way to peace.”

Starting from the example of Mary, who “is not limited to a welcome choice, but becomes a practical life,” the archbishop lamented that people today “are being tempted to manage everything, including faith, according to the feelings of an uneasy moment.” .

On the contrary, Mary shows us that boldness and perseverance are necessary. Fatima invites us to this. Dear brothers and sisters, being here on the 13th of May also means wanting that the message of Fatima not only be something relevant from a religious and historical point of view, but that it be translated into practice, personally, in our daily life, in the daily life of everyone here.”

Therefore, in a reference to pilgrims, he called for families to be a source of proclamation, inviting people to go to Sunday Mass, “because there is no one without Mass.”

Our Lady seeks personal conversion, looking for those who sacrifice themselves and pray for others. It reminds us of our responsibility as believers. Help us discover the wonder of faith that is reborn from listening and grows in perseverance, in active love, in the happy offering of life, in the fulfillment of evangelization,” he said.

The diplomat of the Holy See also called for evangelization, taking advantage of the World Youth Day (WYD) to be held in Lisbon in 2023 and with the theme “Mary rose and left in a hurry”.

Bishop Peña Parra concluded his speech by saying: “Dear pilgrims of Fatima, let us hastily rise and leave to meet those around us: let us dream of them, and with God’s help, we do not tire of building a church with a young and beautiful face.” , who also left a reference to the 40th anniversary of the first visit of Pope John Paul II – “the Pope who called the world not to fear and to open his heart to Christ” – to Cova da Iria.

Blessing the image given to Ukraine

The blessing of a mirror image of Our Lady of Fatima heading to the cathedral in Lviv, Ukraine, was one of the last moments of the May remembrance to the Cova da Iria Shrine, which ends today.

After blessing religious things, bless d. Jose Ornelas, Bishop of Leiria-Fatima, photo. “Bless, Lord, in a special way, this portrait of your mother, which we will send to Ukraine,” he said, adding that it would be “a sign and basis for peace for Ukraine and for everyone in the world.”

Then, in his last speech, Dr. José Ornillas says that the celebration that ends with “this gesture of peace” is the first he has participated in as Bishop of Leiria-Fatima.

“First of all, I would like to thank God who came to bring a motivating message of conversion, life and peace to the church and the world, and revealed himself, through his mother, to the three humble children of our country, of this church of which we are all a part,” he began by saying.

“May the maternal presence of Mary, the model of the Church that shepherds the smallest and most fragile, shines through at this difficult time, because we are still in the grip of an epidemic affecting all of humanity and a war that affects tragically” and the devastating ferocity of Ukraine and many other places on the planet, please welcome the message of peace that came to bring us to Fatima in the hearts of those who fuel this war, so that barbarism can be stopped and a new world can be built on justice, fraternal solidarity and peace.”

The Portuguese Archbishop, Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra, thanked the Venezuelan Archbishop for being in the sanctuary, and asked him to convey a message to the Vatican. “I ask you to convey to the Holy Father Francis our appreciation and outreach to his ministry, as well as the promise of our prayers,” he said.

The new bishop of Leiria-Fátima also left a few words to his predecessor, Cardinal D. Antonio Marto, “who was, a continuation of the service of Dr. “the pilgrims who converge towards the Cova da Iria”, as well as to the rector of the sanctuary, Father Carlos Capicinas, and all his associates for being “in the service of those who come in search of peace, inspiration and strength at the feet of the Virgin Mary in Fatima “.

Wasel Dr. Jose Ornelas also imitates Dr. Antonio Marto, when he addressed the youngest of the pilgrims, formerly known as “amiguitos and amiguitas”.

To you, dear boys and girls present in the gathering, today I want to tell you that the Mother of Heaven and the Lord Jesus are very happy to see you here in Cova da Iria ”, said the bishop, who emphasized that Fatima would do so. Always be the ‘home’ for all children, because it is ‘the place’ in which the Mother of Heaven came to meet three children like you, Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia.”

He concluded, “Respond with a love equal to theirs, so that you may feel the presence of the loving Father in Heaven in your life.”

To all the pilgrims who visited Cova da Iria, a final message: “May Mary, Mother of Jesus and Mother of the Church, always reveal to us the merciful heart of her Son Jesus, uniting us in the Church and making us in solidarity and merciful. With those in need, to be present and active in building a world of justice and peace. “.

At the end of the celebration, sentiment again prevailed on the May 13 pilgrimage to the Shrine of Fatima, where thousands of white handkerchiefs were waved in the farewell procession.

Many tears, accompanied by much applause, about 170,000 believers were present in the sanctuary and followed the path of the return of the image of Our Lady of Fatima from the altar of the wall to the Church of the Apparitions.

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