Giuliana Girardi tells how she saved her two cats, Noel and Cartola

Noel and Cartola’s dogs have been found (Photo: Bichos na Escuta/clone)

If I close my eyes, I can still remember every detail of that Sunday, December 5, 2021. There are no clouds in the sky, and the sun is above 30 degrees at ten in the morning. I grabbed my hat, put on sunscreen, and snuggled up in the only bit of shade I found across the street. I knew today was going to be a long day and a lot of waiting. Waiting for the owner to open the locked abandoned house as I was waiting right in front of it. He waited for the hired man to come to the rescue right away.

First, the owner of the house appeared and I saw that he had not set foot there for a long time. You just had to look at the ground to find out. Mail and more mail scattered throughout. He went out to pick them up one by one and then headed towards the back of the house. He climbed the stairs, and once he reached the bottom step, he only had time to see a figure. I knew it was a cat. Then the puppies came. Everyone is running under the water tank.

What the homeowner knew at the time was that my husband had been following him for two months. Since the day he opened our bedroom window and noticed, below, little dots moving from side to side nonstop. We live on the fifteenth floor of a building in São Paulo. It all happened across the street, in a house full of dirt. It was hard to say for sure what was moving at this speed. So he took out his cell phone, took a video, zoomed in and took bingo! This was what he imagined.

The family was having fun on land, even if it was drenched in water. Mommy and cerebella kittens run and jump after anything that can become a toy. The 20-second video was accompanied by the message: – “Look how many cats are on the roof!”.

The journalist is also a teacher for Menina, her cat of 8 years (Photo: Instagram /giulianagirardi_/reproduction)

The journalist is also a teacher for Menina, her cat of 8 years (Image: Instagram/@giulianagirardi_/reproduction)

I was working when I got the message. So, who said I could focus on what I’m doing? After that day, we didn’t open our bedroom window the same way we did before. Whenever the light came, our gaze was in the right direction. He would go down fifteen floors, stop by the water tank, and we would watch for a few minutes what this family was up to. Details such as: “This one has a spot on the left side of the face,” “This other is much whiter,” “This one seems to have thicker fur,” we noticed only after the speculum arrived in the mail. Needless to say, as soon as we found out this family’s infiltration into the abandoned house, they started feeding every day, right?

This is the story I told in my podcast about animals, and Bugs in listening, from Fantástico (where I also work as a reporter) in partnership with G1. For those curious to hear the full episode, just search for: A História de Noel e Cartola. Yes, they got these names because my husband and I are crazy about samba. For those who haven’t listened to the podcast and know everything by now, let me pick up the story from here.

We didn’t just want to give the cats food and water. We wanted to find a home for them. That’s why I ran after the homeowner and looked for who could take them out. All cats were very capricious. Whenever we got food in front of the house and they noticed our movement, they would run away. Therefore, I had to hire a specialist in this type of rescue. He sets the trap, enters the cat, and takes him to be neutered. It was like that that Sunday.

Noel and Cartola turned 4 months in April (Photo: Personal Archive/Giuliana Girardi)

Noel and Cartola turned 4 months in April (Photo: Giuliana Girardi/Personal Archive)

The puppy entered the cage without much difficulty to the surprise of everyone who was ready and waiting. They were neutralized and wormed and the next day they were transferred to the new address. our apartment. The truth is that we will not be with them. Our house will act as a temporary home until someone interested comes. But have you, reader, ever made a temporary home in your life? Whoever does this has my full respect. For the first few days we saw that the temporary home wouldn’t work. On the day I am writing this column, Noel and Cartola have completed four months with us.

This doubelinha that appears to have come from different mothers, as opposed to one from the other, now has a girl’s sister, our seven-year-old cat. You’ll still read a lot about it here and know many of the stories of this trio who are still getting to know each other, who are still super weird, but have already done so much at home for the short time they are together. But this is a conversation in the next column, when I also tell you what happened to Noel and Cartola’s mom.

see you soon!

Juliana loves choosing articles about pets to do on Fantástico and does the Bichos na Escuta podcast.  (Photo: Globoplay Disclosure)

Giuliana Girardi and the Catgirl (Photo: Giuliana Girardi/Personal Archive)

Giuliana Girardi Fantástico journalist and reporter and podcaster Bichos na Escuta.

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