The only certified cat kittens in Seixal where you can find “Ugly Kittens”

They are not found every day around the corner, let alone in the middle of the streets. And if so, it certainly wouldn’t go unnoticed. It’s just that Sphynx cats are known to divide opinions thanks to their physical appearance. Usually, these felines are called “ugly cats”.

The almost absence of fur, large eyes and pointy ears are characteristics that contribute to the fact that the vast majority of people do not identify with the breed. But is it entirely due to that? NiS gives you the answer.

With the help of Raquel Veiga, a young breeder from Seixas, about 28 years old, we went to meet these cats that, as a rule, are not within the reach of anyone. This may be one of the reasons why the general public does not identify with the Sphynx. However, know that they are different animals and we guarantee that it is not just because they look different from the cats we are used to seeing.

“Their personality is more of a dog than a cat. In other words, it is an animal that if we give it love and there is no violence, it will not scratch; it does not bite; is able to wait at the door when the owner arrives; I miss you like a dog; is always glued to its owner; wants attention; wants to play ‘, begins with the educator’s explanation of New in Seixal.

Although there is currently some additional information about the behavior of these animals, the truth is that most of what is being published focuses a lot on the outward appearance of these cats. Therefore, everything Raquel observes and experiences becomes integral to her knowledge of the race itself.

For example, the breeder usually says that these cats are therapeutic. “It is usually said that animals feel when we get sick and the Sphynx proves this hypothesis without a doubt. I have a stomach problem and whenever I have a crisis they lie down on the affected area – their temperature is about four degrees higher than a normal cat – and they stay there until I feel better,” he says.

From kittens and owner.

In addition, these cats are very intelligent. “In fact, I consider them to rule the world and treat us this way only until we give them food and water and clean their litter box,” Raquel joked to NiS. According to her, one of her cats, Oppa, has been used to sitting at the table at mealtimes with the whole family since he was a small child. But at first he got used to losing ground on one of his legs and slowly touching a food to see if he was lucky.

“At first I told him, ‘You can’t move, because you didn’t wash your paws.’ It sounds like a lie, but the kids have since started for fun (and sometimes) to wash their paws so that he can move. Result: Abba ended up tying this gesture and since Then he always washes his hands in the bowl before drinking the water,” reveals the Creator.

However, there is more evidence that Sphynx are indeed intelligent animals. Another example happened a few days ago and it has to do with the fact that these cats are really curious. According to Raquel, in her house there is a long cart with wheels, since there are various things right at the entrance. After Raquel took the cart out to clean it up, Willow got up on two legs and pushed the cart to the right spot and left.

“He did it because he knew it was different or at least not in the usual place. They are always so smart and so amazing that we learn things every day.” “Then they like to explore. If they see something new, they will want to see it, find out what it is, and pass it on. Playing is also high on the list of things they like to do a lot, and like cats, they also spend several hours sleeping.”

Sphynx passion and routine in the house of poetry is not the flame of happiness and care of the breed

Raquel was about 15 years old when she started to fall completely in love with Sphynx. At the time, I was so obsessed that I read all about it and always wanted to know more and more about these atypical cats. “I just thought I should have one and I should have it,” he explained to NiS.

After eight years of raising money, the young woman was finally able to fulfill her big dream in 2019. He spoke with several breeders, in Portugal and abroad, and in 2019 he met Abba, the first cat in the house and the first love of his life, as Raquel describes it.

“Before I went to Abba, I spoke to my husband and then to my mother. And she immediately replied: God forbid if you were to have such a thing. I would never touch them, what a horror, what an ugly thing. I told her not to talk like that and she finished The Conversation: “You don’t want to see me, don’t come to my house, don’t visit me,” he recalls.

The truth is that Abba won the hearts of the whole family. Raquel’s mother, Fernanda Vega, who is now also responsible for Hairless Hapiness Cattery, currently has six cats of this breed in her home.

Eight Sphynx cats currently live in the Seixal cats: females Adda, Maeve, Chell, Maya, Holly, and Jade and males from Abbadon and Willow Be. There are animals from the Algarve, Seville, Barcelona, ​​Malaga and even some kittens in Madrid. They live in two separate houses, one for females and one for males. However, they meet several times during the week and on the weekends to maintain affection and socialization.

As for routine, there is no specific definition because creative people have their own lives, which are mainly occupied between work and children. On the contrary, it is cats who adapt to the life of their owners and any kind of environment. “We used to walk with them. The other day, for example, we went to McDonald’s to dine with them. We also go to the beach, to the park. They walk well on a leash, wear little clothes. As long as they are used to it from a young age, everything is in order.” Alright,” Raquel reveals.

However, in the midst of this, it is important to strictly follow nutritional care and hygiene. “They have a much faster metabolism and the food they need should be a lot more protein and preferably grain-free. They eat kibble, but they also need to eat wet food, whether it’s pate chicken or cooked chicken, to keep them healthy,” says the young woman from Seixal. Healthy and hydrated skin,” she said, adding that if they don’t stay hydrated, they can develop acne problems like humans.

Baths are given but not in immersion. A wet towel is placed on the floor with the animal on top of it. After the soap, it is passed with a jug of water on top. It is also important to have plenty of care throughout the day such as cleaning the eyes and ears. The former tend to have some reddish husks, which are more acidic and seem to make them weep with blood; On the other hand, ears tend to accumulate wax just because they have no fur. It’s a form of protection, so to speak.

Sphynx breeding certified in Seixal

In Portugal, the number of breeders of this breed is increasing. However, many of them still do not have any kind of certification, which can lead to some problems. However, this is far from being an issue at Hairless Happiness Cattery, at No. 210, on Avenida dos Metalúrgicos, in Seixal.

Currently, all cats need to have all of their documentation. The LOP, which stands for Portuguese Book of Origins, is one of the most important records because it traces the entire lineage of an animal, right down to its great-great-grandparents and in some cases even the great-great-grandparents. Compared to dogs, it is a kind of pedigree, only from cats. The document was issued by the Clube Português de Felinicultura which attests to the purity and origin of the breed as well as its lineage.

In the act of creation, there are details to consider: there can be no blood kinship. After this is confirmed, the spouses are selected. Appropriate checkups are done, trips to the vet are taken, and after everything is well prepared and planned, the process moves forward. This always happens when the cat is in heat.

After mating, it takes about two months, or 60 days, for the kittens to come out. Usually between the ages of two and eight they are born. Younger moms tend to have smaller babies, but that’s not an unbreakable rule. In fact, it is always different. That same female must wait at least a year and a half to become a mother again. “We don’t overload our cats,” Raquel stresses, speaking with NiS.

What happens regularly is that once each cat is three or four months old, they are ready to meet their new owners and their new home. “There is always a way to go out and always look for kittens. The truth is that when the mother cat gives birth, all the babies already have their own destiny,” seixalense shares. In any case, the official confirmation of a pregnancy is always posted on the cat’s Instagram page, and in general, photos of kittens that will be parents are posted.

It is also customary to receive all future owners interested in droppings into a Seixalense dropper intended for the construction of the Sphynx. “We prefer people to come here and learn about both males and females and even the environment they grew up in,” Raquel Vega says, however, leaving one thing here for sure: “They leave here with a very strong socialization. All we have is we have a cat Others are adopted, much larger than her, a cockerel and a guinea pig. That is, they leave here already with all their socialization, with both other animals, new faces, children, etc. They are used to it. ”

This year, Willow will meet Holly. The next mom will likely be Ada, who will be about two years old at the time, who will be joining Abba. This will be the gray cat litter. Then, with the obligatory rest for each cat, the breeders will manage. It’s important to know that although cats can’t repeat their words, parents can. This is if they do not have the same blood traits.

Skin types of the so-called “ugly cats” breed

Hairless Happiness Cattery has cats of different colors that go beyond the usual straight pattern. Regarding fur, in this space in Seixal you can find cats with peach fur and rubbery fur.

Another important detail is the fact that these cats are not completely bald. Still in the peach skin type, there are Sphynx cats that have distinct hairs on their tail, paws, and ears, which never fall out. However, there are still ones, like Willow Be, that disappear during the summer and grow during the winter. In these cases, if the season is very severe, there will also be some hair on the cat’s back.

Sphynx Pricing and Competition Participation

Setting a price for a cat is not an easy task. In this case it ranges between 1,000 euros and 1,300 euros. It will always depend on your pedigree and all the health expenses the breeders have incurred up to that point. The fact that they are awarded (or not awarded) in competitions can cause the price to fluctuate. In this regard, Hairless Happiness cats will be shown for the first time in competition, on May 21 and 22, at the Pet Festival, at FIL, in Lisbon.

“We still didn’t participate once because the pandemic came and then because there are competitions that stress the animals a lot. So, when we think the conditions, for whatever reason, are not favorable or they are going to get upset or something, they don’t go because that doesn’t He pays the price for the suffering of the animals. This time we have everything is fine and they are well prepared as well”, believed Raquel.

In the competition the cats’ weight, status, beauty and physical characteristics will be evaluated. It is important that the animal has, for example, fur and spots in the right place. Despite this, all Sphynx criteria are currently accepted by the Clube Português de Felinicultura.

Then click through the gallery to learn about the Sphynx from the Hairless Happiness Cattery.

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