Google’s tablet and augmented reality glasses are close facts

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The Google I/O 2022 conference was full of announcements, and before the event ended there were two unexpected things on display. See below for details on each of the products.

Google I/O 2022: Announcing the Pixel Tablet of the Future

The Pixel Tablet was officially announced at Google I/O 2022 (Image: Google)

The company’s internal hardware division plans to release an Android tablet in 2023, which will run on the same Tensor processor as Google’s latest Pixel phones.

The device will focus on entertainment and consumption rather than work. Advertising is a major turning point in Google’s recent history. Since before, the giant has tried not to focus too much on tablets.

Google isn’t just building a groundbreaking tablet that it hopes a lot of people will buy.

But it’s building a groundbreaking tablet so Android developers inside and outside of Google believe that Google really cares about these devices and have reason to worry about how their apps will appear on a bigger screen.

More machine parts will be shown in the future
More parts of the device will be shown in the future (Image: Google)

In the early days of Android, when Google’s internal hardware projects were called the Nexus instead of the Pixel, the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 were some of the best tablets on the market.

But Android tablets were never discovered, in large part because Android was never a tablet-friendly fit and Google never seemed to care.

not now Android 13, we could see a bigger investment, like an updated taskbar with an app drawer that makes it easier to use two apps side by side, the operating system is finally starting to make its way to larger screens.

The Pixel Tablet will be a demonstration of this work. Google will also update 20 Google Maps, Google Messages, YouTube Music, and more apps to tablets in the coming weeks.

This is a strong sign of progress, but the fact that these updates are only arriving now says a lot about the Google story.

As foldable phones are becoming more and more popular, it has also become one of the most compelling reasons to choose an Android device over an iPhone.

In addition to the Pixel Tablet, which was unexpected and revealed without much information, Google also showed another invention of the future at Google I/O 2022. See more details on that below.

Google’s high-tech glasses

New Technology Shown at Google IO 2022
New technology showcased at Google IO 2022 (Image: Google)

Google closed its Google I/O 2022 show with a big surprise, a look at its latest augmented reality glasses.

The main advantage that Google showed was the ability to see translated languages ​​right in front of your eyes. This feature is definitely something new.

The company has not shared any details about when it will be available, only showing it in a recorded video that does not show the screen or how you will interact with them. But what was shown in the video painted a really cool picture of a possible technological future.

In one demo, a Google product manager told a person wearing glasses that “You should see what I’m saying, written to you in real time. A bit like subtitles for the world.”

The video later shows what you can see if you wear glasses: With the speaker in front of you, the translated language appears in real time in your field of vision.

Until they become a real product that we can try, we won’t know how well they work in practice. Sundar Pichai spoke about the product:

“Looking into the future, there are new frontiers in computing that have the potential to extend all of this even further, and that is augmented reality. At Google, we have invested heavily in this area. We are building augmented reality into many Google products, from Google Lens to even Diverse searches, exploration of scenes, and live and immersive performances in maps.”

“These AR features are really useful on phones and the magic will really come into play when you can use them in the real world without technology getting in your way.”

“This potential is what gets us most excited about augmented reality — the ability to spend time focusing on the important things in the real world, in our real lives. Because the real world is so amazing!”

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