Future goals and world records

Leveling up is what Armand ‘Mondo’ Duplantis does – literally.

The track and field star is still flying high after setting two world records in March. The Swede lifted the bar to 6.20 m at the World Championships internala few days after he crossed 6.19 meters for the first time.

When he talks about his goals for the rest of the 2022 season, the answer is clear: He will focus on his first world title, in Oregon (US) in July, and more world records.

world record holder internal And painting Won the Olympic gold medal in Tokyo 2020, the world internal He is also the European Champion internal And painting.

Additionally, he will defend the Diamond League title.

Diamond League plans in Doha, Eugene and Oslo

Two months after winning the world title internalthe 22-year-old is one of seven Olympic champions who started their Diamond League campaign in Doha, Qatar.

In 2020, he won all 16 competitions, setting three world records – 6.17m and 6.18m during the season. internal.

The highlight of the time was the Diamond League stage in Rome, where he surpassed 6.15 meters – the highest outdoor jump in history, breaking the 26-year-old world record set by Sergey Bubka.

Opening the 2022 season with a world record breaking internal Twice in Belgrade, the Diamond League once again offers him a good platform to improve his record painting.

“My training has been very good during the winter and although at the start of the season I think the conditions in Doha will help to jump high. In this race I passed 5.82m for the event in 2020, so I would definitely like to get closer to 6.00m this time, He said in an interview with the Diamond League organizers before the season opened on May 13.

In Doha, he will face the Olympic champion London 2012, Renault LavillenieNext to Chris NielsenFrom the USA that won the Tokyo Silver Medal and the World Bronze Medal, Pewter Lasikfrom Poland.

Two weeks later, from May 27-28, he returned to the country of his birth (the United States) for the Prefontaine Classic, in Eugene.

He will face fellow Tokyo Olympics medalists Nielsen and Thiago Brazz, two-time world champion Sam Kendricks and France’s Lavillenie.

Duplantis will be chasing his third win at the Bislet Games in Oslo (Norway) on June 16, leading a star-studded event featuring Rio 2016 champion Pús, as well as Lavillenie and Kendricks.

The Duplantis Diamond League will provide the perfect fit for their “home” tournaments.

The jumper was born in Louisiana to an American father – Greg – and a Swedish mother – Helena – who supervises his training.

The Swedish Athlete of the Year chose to compete for the Scandinavian country, attracting a lot of attention.

Recently, in the province of Dalarna, the birthplace of her mother, a plaque bearing her name with the same height as one of her world records – 6.19 m – was erected next to a well-known local monument – the Dala Horse.

Duplantis: ‘A better leap’ after eye surgery

A solemn celebration of a remarkable achievement by an athlete who clings to a long family tradition.

His father was an international jumper, while his brothers Andreas and Antoine also practiced the sport.

But only young Duplantis – who started jumping at the age of four – continued the sport.

He made his world debut when he jumped over 5.90 meters at the Texas Relay in Austin in 2017, at the age of just 17.

Since then, he’s kept climbing the bar, literally.

It’s more focused and determined than ever.

He currently lives in the capital of Sweden (Stockholm) with his girlfriend, model Desiré Inglander.

He’s facing his new season with ‘focus on laser“.

Duplantis underwent eye surgery laser That changed his life and “opened a whole new world”.

“My biggest fear has always been that there will be a problem with contact lenses in the middle of a competition, especially in the big leagues… to lose my contact lenses or something. This has always been on my mind and this thought has stressed me. So the idea of ​​having surgery came to me A constant, recurring idea. I also never felt comfortable with contact lenses, they always irritated my eyes a little bit,” he told Swedish newspaper Aftonbaldet.

With not a single thing to worry about while jumping, he wants to fly higher than ever.

“I think the process will make me a better athlete. And most of all, it takes away my anxiety, that fear of something happening that has always been gnawing at me.”

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