″Fafi could be in the second league″

In March, Emmanuel Simويسes took over the technical leadership of Fafe and secured permanence with the group’s first place.

At the start of the season, Emmanuel Simes was close to signing with Sanjuanense, but some complications led to the Azores, where he was director of SAD in Santa Clara, and later on as sports director. He recently moved to Fafe and was the residency champ.

Did Favi’s Trip Exceed Expectations?

– Against all expectations, we managed not only to survive but also to take first place in the group. We started at the end, six points less than first, and were able to finish first, which is indicative of the good work everyone did.

Does staying on top of the teams that fought for last place make this achievement more valuable?

– The fact that we have two teams like Canelas and Lorosa, who have been struggling to climb, shows the current competitiveness, but they also appreciate what we’ve done.

You took on Favey in March, at the time, how did you feel about the group’s feelings?

Above all, I felt a frustrated team, saddened by what was happening to them. But I also felt like a team that quickly realized there were enough conditions and materials for us to get around. A team that quickly accommodated everything that was asked of it at all levels and showed great openness to turning things around. The secret was the complicity we were able to get between everyone.

Do you feel a sense of accomplishment?

– Yes, without a doubt, I feel very proud, especially for the way it all happened and for the wonderful group that we have.

I was out of training between 2018 and 2020. Was it for a special reason?

It was a personal and professional choice. In addition to football, my family owns a sports socks company, where I work as a commercial manager. At the time, I felt it was important to be with them. Allied with this, there was also disappointment at Aves and there was a period when I was sad about football and thought it was important to stop. Then the training call appeared again, and then I continued.

And The soccer bug always speaks louder…

Talk, really talk, and anyone who loves football knows that’s the case. Sometimes in life we ​​have to make rational decisions and not with the heart.

During this time when you’ve been dedicated to the family business, has it been easy to distance yourself from football?

– It was too complicated. The relationship with football is one of those relationships that you cannot end. When we try to get away, we never succeed. During that period there was always a strong desire to return, there were projects that came up that I had a hard time rejecting, but it had to, at that time it had to be.

Did you have any approach at the time?

– Yes, I received an offer from abroad that was very beneficial from a financial point of view, but this was not the “timing” to do it and I decided to stay away from football.

In November he became the athletic director of Santa Clara…

– I’ve been at Santa Clara since August, but in November I assumed the position of athletic director, in addition to the accumulated positions as a SAD officer. Then, again, the professional part didn’t allow me to go to the Azores a few times, and since I was already thinking about going back to training, I ended up leaving. It was another step and stage in my career that made me very happy.

Before that, he also came close to taking over the Sanjoanense…

– There was an investor joining the club, and at the beginning of the season we were working in this direction, but as a result of some complications, things took a turn and we did not continue.

Thinking ahead, is continuing with Fafe a possibility?

– There are ways in other directions as well, but I’m quite ready to go on with Favey.

Fafe has already passed the second league, so is the goal to bring him back to that level?

Without a doubt, I see Fafe as a team that could clearly be in the second league, given the conditions he has and the human framework he was able to create.

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