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Acácio Martins and Mabília Alves, the Portuguese Football Federation’s (FPF) biggest registered footballers, feel they are an example to the younger generations in their teams, driven by “unlimited joy”.

“I have no problem playing sports and being combative in front of the kids. They have to get over themselves and say, ‘I have to cross this guy who is so much older than me!’ The years are getting stronger and veterans football is getting stronger, but I feel good and not from Coincidentally to begin,” was shared with the agency of Lusa Acácio Martins, 65, who is competing in Porto County levels for Bagim. from Mt.

Associated with the sport of the King since the age of 27, this accountant reached the Gondomarense emblem in 2018, taking on the “captain” armband, as a reflection of a training course with “respect for his teammates” and “without hostility” in the clubs represented.

“When I go to talk to someone, they say ‘Captain’ instead of calling me by name. I don’t know if it was because of merit or sympathy or age or achievement, but I think it was a bit of all that. They’ve always wanted me to embrace that attitude.” In over 30 years of football, I’ve only seen one or two red cards. It was a specialty I wanted to leave for others. The team has to win and we have to fight for it, but with respect and without hate.”

Acácio Martins even supposes himself as an extension of the coach to “put a little wits on the field and into his teammates”, while searching for “an escape from everyday life” through football, which led to a tear in his right knee ligament.

“I’ve always worked in an office and my life has been stuck, so I worked sports as a supplement. I had to do something to not be stuck. Friendships, luxury and sacrifice were good to me. It was about following through and saying I needed it. Dedication, respect for sport and effort were my hallmarks. Always, but it was my friends who stopped me,” he explained.

Born in Espinho, he moved to Rio Tinto at the age of four and started as a roller hockey goalkeeper, because he “knew little about skating and the goal was the only place he could take”, before expanding his reach. With three of the five brothers.

“I started as an attacking midfielder, but then moved on to ‘catch up’. I was in midfield, I had good drive in headers, I was combative and I had no problem going into shock. I wasn’t bothered by injuries. Now I play in Center back and I’m kind of a baby [internacional português do FC Porto], but the elderly. He reiterated that I try to leave everything on the field and not take the ball for granted, and always very carefully so as not to harm others.”

Acácio Martins suggests this “integrity and honesty” to new generations, linking his longevity in the sport to a “regular diet free from excesses,” acknowledging that “you must be lucky with your health, but also do something for it.”

“The years go by and we keep saying I have to finish one day. I even think that day started about five years ago, but every time a new season starts, I can’t hand over the equipment and I have to score there. I say maybe this year has been It’s over, because I think it’s old enough and when you’re 66 we’ll be next season. I don’t feel like I’m getting old, but I’m more used than others,” he presume.

Mabelia Alves, 54, speaks in the same tone, explaining that she feels “happier, happier and more dynamic” when exposed to physical exercise, which she has diversified out of “just necessity” into traditional gyms, rowing and kickboxing, even reaching soccer.

“It’s fun to play with them. When dealing with guys, we even forget how old we are. I don’t feel like I’m 54, but I’m 35. My age has nothing to do with my soul. I can keep up with girls and I’ve been some dynamic and competitive thing,” said Lusa Agency, the Azores striker from Vitoria do Picco.

This pharmacist from Porto went to work in São Roque do Pico five years ago, only with the prospect of “swapping a colleague on six months of maternity leave”, even though she was renewing their relationship, to the point of staying full-time in hospitals.

“I work in pharmacy, but my field of work was sports and I played football with the boys at school. Once I went to train in Boavista, but it was very difficult and I thought it was not for me. Then I had this opportunity. I heard that there is a seniors team here, I signed up and went to play.Some of them are close to 40, some of them are 30 or so, and sometimes they play girls as young as 19.

Mabelia Alves, who is skilled at “taking up her time with sports whenever the opportunity presents itself”, has missed several training sessions and games this season, after a temporary trip to Invicta for personal reasons, without dampening her enthusiasm.

“I’ll play even when they play. When it’s over. Now, when there’s something, I go, because I love it, and later, to fill my spare time. With the covid-19 pandemic, it was more complicated, because sometimes we had to work more and there was a lot Missing. Besides, I spoke to the coach a short time ago and I think it is time to follow up,” he said.

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