The new Peugeot 308 with technology that makes everyday life easier – D7

Since its launch, the new Peugeot 308 has been praised for the quality and novelty of its technological content, both for hybrid engines. delivery in or particularly efficient diesel and petrol engines, and the latest generation of driving assistance systems, including the new or new PEUGEOT i-Cockpit Information and entertainment
i-Connect is advanced.

Watch here the eight new features of the Peugeot 308:

  • High definition rear camera with cleaning system: for a full view

The rear camera (or rear view) has become an essential driving aid and guarantees an ideal rear view, obtained from a high definition image, in a process that also integrates the camera cleaning system itself.

In order to get rid of dirt, this vehicle has a cleaning system installed on the rear bumper that is powered by windshield washer fluid. Using the rear window wiper turns on the rear camera lens automatically.

  • Long-range blind spot monitoring: the farther away, the safer

Long-range ultrasonic radars, the new Peugeot 308’s blind-spot monitoring system can detect an approaching vehicle up to 75 metres, compared to 25 metres for a conventional system.

  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert: Eyes Behind the Head

When the driver reverses, for example when leaving a parking space, the system alerts the presence of other vehicles, bicycles or pedestrians who may be approaching from behind, thanks to the radar installed in the bumper. The system detects any moving obstacle up to a distance of 40 meters and up to a speed of 10 km / h, and displays an alert on the touch screen and an audible signal.

  • Matrix LED headlights: drive with as much light as possible

Driving at night with headlights at maximum intensity, even when passing other drivers, is made possible thanks to Matrix LED technology.

These high beams consist of 20 LED elements whose illumination and power are permanently adjusted according to the external conditions detected by the camera located at the top of the windshield.

  • configurable tools

The driver will be able to customize some of the controls in the dashboard. Starting at the Allure equipment level, a set of five i-Tools, located below the center display, can be freely assigned to the functions most used by the driver or passenger, such as shortcuts for direct access to selected air conditioning settings, a radio station, the most common phone contacts, home navigation, etc.

To improve the protection of its occupants, this vehicle is equipped with AQS (Air Quality System) technology, which constantly monitors the quality of the air entering the passenger compartment, and automatically activates the recirculation function if any contamination is detected.

From the GT model, the AQS is complemented by Clean Cabin technology, an air treatment system with purification of gas and pollutant particles. Air quality levels are displayed on the central touch screen.

  • Voice assistant “OK PEUGEOT”

As on some models of the higher segments, the new Peugeot 308 is equipped as standard with a voice assistant that allows access, through natural language instructions, to all functions related to the infotainment system (calls, radio, music, navigation, etc.) and air conditioning (temperature regulation, etc).

To be able to answer any questions, the “OK Peugeot” technology integrates onboard documentation, as well as various tutorials.

Drivers of this vehicle will be able to take advantage of the MyPeugeot® smartphone app, which, among other instructions, allows users to remotely start or program heating or air conditioning, so that the interior temperature is optimal when entering the vehicle. The start of the trip. In addition to the comfort it provides, this feature also improves the range of plug-in hybrids (if charged), as heating or air conditioning consumes less energy during the first few minutes of driving.

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