The group that Konsio could still make a champion ::

The Porto He won the National Champion title last Saturday after winning in Luz (0-1), and the last flight will enter into a festive mood. The celebrations began in the capital, continued to Dragao, where the players and fans celebrated, and will continue at the end of the match with Estoril when the Porto players receive the trophy on the field.

In the main team there four Items that are still You have not added any minutes In the current version of the league and although their names were mentioned at the ceremonies, they are not eligible for the National Champions Medal. With 90 minutes to play, Sérgio Conceição has to make several decisions. There are still cases for Team B, but let’s move on to parts.

Manuel Moraes / Capta +

He moved from Tondela to FC Porto last season, but only this season he made his debut for the main team, in the last game of the group stage of the League Cup, against Rio Ave (1-0), can no longer be calculated. Furthermore, it was the only time the 30-year-old goalkeeper wore the game’s jersey in the 21/22 season. The defense he gave at the end of that match reminded him of a quality he had forgotten so much, and which he left so present throughout his nine years in the service of Beira.

He was an option off the bench on several occasions, but the high level and consistency of Diogo Costa and Marquessen ended up leaving the Portugal international without more chances to prove his worth. The Estoril encounter can be launched during the game or, perhaps, appear at eleven start.


training product. The 20-year-old goalkeeper was first called up to coach the first team in 2018, aged 17 at the time, was already part of the first team this season. Although, in theory, it ranks fourth in the goal hierarchy, it may also have some time to use in the final round of the match.

The young man was part of little dragon Which won the youth league and it is a bet taken by the club, as indicated by the constant renewals. He played four matches for Team B this season, highlighting a performance worthy of the best on the pitch zero zeroAnd On his debut against the Leixes (0-0).

Katrina Moraes / Capta +

The Winter Booster made his first-team debut in the second leg against Lyon (0-1), when he replaced Bibi, the injury compensated him. Fabio Cardoso was also on the bench and ended up ‘overtaking’ the Portugal international, giving the idea that he would fall for the squad. Not so.

After that, Ruben Semedo was a substitute again until the return of the captain, when he left the options. On Team B he had more playing time, having added 270 minutes in three games.

Capta +

The Brazilian’s time was full of emotions. He was loaned in August to Al-Fayhaa after a pre-season period with FC Porto, but was seriously injured in his first appearance and was out for most of the season. He returned to Portuguese territory for treatment and was registered in January, becoming an option.

He recovered, played twice for Team B and was called up to the bench against Vitoria SC and Portimonense, without being used. He even publicly admitted his desire to play.”Even if it’s 30 secondsTo be considered an official hero. Will Conceicao grant the wish?

“Just” lurking?

On the other hand, there are three players from Team B who are already champions to add minutes at some point in the season. Gonzalo Borges And Joao Mendes They were released during the victory (1-4) against Belenenses SAD, while Danny Lauder He entered (and scored) the victory in the Porto derby (4-1).

There are also cases of Joao Marcelo, Ze Pedro and Bernardo Fulha, who have added minutes to the main team in the League Cup, but not for the championship and may be on the horizon. For a group of Porto fans, in a sort of awareness campaign, Silvestre Varela, a three-time national champion of FC Porto who this season has returned to the team for the second team, should be an option.

It is the word for Sérgio Conceição.

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