Tech salaries: A manager can earn up to R$47,800, says study

The Information Technology (IT) industry is attracting more and more people, from young students to experienced professionals looking to make a career move. High salaries will be one reason. A new annual guide from employment consulting firm Robert Half gives salary ranges for 33 jobs in six industry divisions. For example, a Chief Information Officer (CIO) can earn up to R$47,800 per month.

Study data were obtained from values ​​presented in Selective Processes led by Robert Half and information collected from interviewing specialists. For some jobs, the level at which the candidate for the vacancy is in the profession is considered.

Entry-level professionals are still new to the in-demand job or are still developing job-related skills. Full members have the necessary experience or most of the skills relevant to the job. On the other hand, seniors have more than average experience and have all the skills needed for the job, as well as majors and certifications.

G1 obtained design area values ​​through recruitment platforms Glassdoor and, as this area was not analyzed in Robert Half’s survey.

Developer full stack You can earn up to R$18,050 per month (Photo: Christina Morillo/Pexels)

Software development

Developer cell phone

  • Specialists in tools and programming languages ​​for creating applications;
  • Salary range: R$5,500 to R$7950 for a junior professional; From R$ 7,650 to R$ 12,850 for the full level and from R$ 11,500 to R$ 19,350 for the higher level.

Developer end of introduction

  • The programmer who works with tools, applications and programs that interact with the audience, such as the home page of a website;
  • Salary range: R$5,500 to R$7950 for a junior professional; From R$ 7,750 to R$ 13,000 for the full level and from R$ 11,550 to R$ 19,350 for the higher level.

Developer the background

  • Works with programming that the public cannot access, such as a platform database or logistics and payment systems for a shopping site;
  • Salary range: R$ 4,850 to R$ 7,050 for entry-level professionals; From $6,900 to R$11,600 for the full level and from R$10,750 to R$18,050 for the higher level.

Developer full stack

  • The programmer who works both the background how much end of introduction or cell phone;
  • Salary range: R$8,100 to R$13,550 for full level and R$10,750 to R$18,050 for higher level; This vacancy does not have a junior edition in Robert Halt’s Handbook due to the required level of knowledge;

Product owner (dust)

  • Organizing the priorities and composition of work teams on a software project, as well as aligning work with corporate goals;
  • Salary range: R$9,200 to R$15,500.

Production Manager

  • A more strategic version of Product ownerwhich keeps schedules and resource organizations up to date, searches for business opportunities and assumes delivery of what clients are looking for in the program;
  • Salary range: R$ 12,350 to R$ 20,650.

scrum master

  • Ensures that teams follow the Scrum methodology, which in turn dictates that all team members fulfill their commitments within the time specified by the method;
  • Salary range: from 10150 R$ to 17000 R$.

agile coach

  • Specializes in agile methodologies, which are ways of organizing tasks within smaller teams;
  • Salary range: from 11,550 R$ to 19,350 R$.

Test Analyst

  • Tests develop software and reports when there are errors in computer codes;
  • Salary range: R$ 4,550 to R$ 7,350 for entry-level professionals; From R$6,150 to R$10,300 for the full level and from R$8,300 to R$13,950 for the higher level.
A UX designer can earn up to R$5,324 per month (Photo: Reproduction/Balázs Kétyi/Unsplash)


UX designer

  • It deals with how a customer uses a product, such as a website or an app. Analyzing interface designs, usability tests, navigation maps and creating prototypes to make life easier for the audience;
  • Average salary: R$5,324, based on 1,115 salary shared on Glassdoor.

UI designer

  • Creates the appearance of software, applications, and websites, as well as planning the user experience when interacting with elements. For example: what happens when we click on the application button;[arioaointeragircomoselementosPorexemplo:oqueacontecequandoclicamosnobotãodeumaplicativo;[arioaointeragircomoselementosPorexemplo:oqueacontecequandoclicamosnobotãodeumaplicativo;
  • Average salary: R$4,380, based on the 230 salary shared on Glassdoor.

* lists UX and UI Designer jobs as a single unit, with salaries starting at R$3,012 and going up to R$6,169.

Integration of systems and applications

systems coordinator

  • The leader who coordinates the full implementation of the systems project. have a broader view of the company’s business and operations, as well as the connection between it and its customers or suppliers;
  • Salary range: R$10,750 to R$18,050.

Business Analyst

  • Plans and manages the implementation of projects involving software and applications, and acts as a consultant to understand client needs and provide solutions to companies;
  • Salary range: from 9250 reais to 15500 reais.

systems analyst

  • Plans how hardware and software will be used by the public;
  • Salary range: R$5,100 to R$8,100 for entry-level professionals; From R$ 6900 to R$ 11,550 for the full level and from R$ 10,000 to R$ 16,750 for the higher level.

software engineer

  • A programming specialist who sets standards for company software, as well as tools and platforms used by other members of the development team;
  • Salary range: from 12,300 R$ to 20,650 R$.

DevOps Analyst (Development & Operations)

  • He collaborates with the automation of company processes, as well as software creation and infrastructure management. It is responsible for the development and infrastructure of technological products;
  • Salary range: R$ 12,350 to R$ 20,650.
A BI Specialist can earn up to R$19,350 per month (Photo: Pixabay/Pexels)

big data

Data Scientist/Expert

  • Collects, manages and converts large amounts of data into business-relevant information;
  • Salary range: from 13,100 R$ to 21,950 R$.

B Analyzer

  • He works in the field of business intelligence in the company, creates ways to improve operations through data, as well as searches for ways for the company to gain competitive advantages through market research;
  • Salary range: R$5,600 to R$9,000 for entry-level professionals; From R$ 7,650 to R$ 12,850 for the full level and from R$ 10,000 to R$ 16,750 for the higher level.

BI . Specialist

  • collects and interprets information in the same way as a data scientist, but primarily with a focus on business decisions;
  • Salary range: from 11,550 R$ to 19,350 R$.
An Information Security Coordinator can earn up to 20,200 R$ per month (Photo: Towfiqu barbhuiya/Unsplas)

Security / Governance

Information Security Coordinator

  • Manages the company’s security zone to protect sensitive data and information from potential attacks, as well as establish security policies;
  • Salary range: R$ 14,750 to R$ 20,020.

security analyst

  • Manages the technology environment of companies, such as computer networks, cloud, and servers. In addition to trying to prevent intrusions and leaks, it corrects them when they occur;
  • Salary range: R$5,350 to R$9,000 for entry-level professionals; From R$6,900 to R$11,550 for the full level and from R$9,950 to R$16,750 for the higher level.


  • It tests company security systems for intrusions. Detects software and data protection vulnerabilities and helps companies protect them;
  • Salary range: R$ 13,000 to R$ 17,850.
CIO can earn up to R_jobs (data.content) nbsp; 47,800 per month (Image: Reproduction / LinkedIn Sales Solutions / Unsplash)

IT Leadership

head of information departmenthead of information office)

  • Leading the use of information technology within companies;
  • Salary range: R$ 28,550 to R$ 47,800.

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

  • The director focuses more on creating new products and ways for the company to utilize its technological resources;
  • Salary range: from 27,550 R$ to 46,150 R$.

CSO (chief security officer)

  • Take care of the security of company information, such as confidential documents, information and policies relating to public data;
  • Salary range: R$ 24,650 to R$ 41,350.

Director of Development

  • Organizing, training and aligning the team that develops programs in the company;
  • Salary range: R$ 17,050 to R$ 28,550.

systems manager

  • Organizes IT field activities in project preparation and implementation of operations, among other topics;
  • Salary range: R$15,450 to R$25,850.

data manager

  • collects and analyzes information useful to the company’s business, as well as determines how it deals with this data;
  • Salary range: from 19,300 R$ to 32,250 R$.

Business Intelligence (BI) Manager

  • Leads the analysis team, planning and executing business strategies, such as analyzing market trends, competitive movements and finding opportunities;
  • Salary range: from 17,750 R$ to 29,700 R$.

Information Security Manager

  • He leads the team that protects company data, as well as producing data policies established by management.
  • Salary range: R$ 20,050 to R$ 33,550.

Infrastructure manager

  • Leads the team of networks, hardware, software, cloud tools, and other technology services used by the company;
  • Salary range: from 14,650 R$ to 24,500 R$.
A cloud specialist can earn up to R$15,500 per month (Photo: Reproduction/Christina Murillo/Unsplash)

Infrastructure / Cloud / Helpdesk / Networking

Cloud Specialist

  • He earned curriculum certifications in cloud solutions used by businesses and entities. install and organize these platforms for other companies;
  • Salary range: from 9250 reais to 15500 reais.

Infrastructure Coordinator

  • Responsible for the company’s technological infrastructure, including hardware, software, cloud and other solutions, as well as planning for the exchange of such equipment and services as necessary;
  • Salary range: from 9250 reais to 15500 reais.

Infrastructure Analyst

  • Maintains the technological structure of companies, public agencies and other organizations, with knowledge in maintaining and managing hardware, networks and software;
  • Salary range: R$ 3,850 to R$ 6,450 for entry-level professionals; From R$5400 to R$9050 for the full level and from R$8100 to R$13,550 for the higher level.

Support Analyst

  • Providing assistance to the public in companies and organizations by installing software, performing maintenance on equipment, or solving other employee issues;
  • Salary range: R$ 3,050 to R$ 5,150 for entry-level professionals; From R$ 4,600 to R$ 7,750 for the full level and from R$ 6,150 to R$ 10,300 for the higher level.

Source: G1

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