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How does a high-performance SUV present itself in a way that enhances its dynamic characteristics?

Range Rover Sport: Everything you need to know, even pricing

For a Land Rover, there is nothing better than being forced to climb a slope to drain the water from the Karahnjukar Dam in Iceland.

The new Range Rover Sport, revealed on Tuesday, wasn’t too bad in the face of a 750-ton-per-minute stream.

Knowing that a loss of traction can result in a 90-meter drop to the bottom of the downstream, its performance is almost epic.

muscle look

Now in its third generation, the new Range Rover Sport brings, in the words of the British manufacturer, the best features and technological advancements ever in the brand’s model.

Perhaps that is why it is not surprising that designers Land Rover has opted for a rugged look enhanced by taut surfaces that inspire strength and agility.

After all, it is the same stylistic development already present in the traditional Range Rover, which was revealed at the end of January in our country, while maintaining its basic lines.

Despite the SUV’s sophistication, its shape is instantly recognizable, with short overhangs and sharp-angled front and rear windows that give the impression of movement, even when stationary.

The attractive front end ensures a commanding presence on the road, accentuated by a very sharp light signature, reminiscent of the eyes of a beast looking for its prey.

If the Range Rover opts for “ordinary” vertical taillights, in this Roar Sport they are horizontal, tied to a black stripe in the center of the tailgate, reinforced with the model name.

All this development resulted in a 15% reduction in aerodynamic coefficient compared to its predecessor, with the Cx lowered to 0.29, even powered by 20- to 23-inch alloy wheels.

Anything but sober

In terms of interiors, the Range Rover Sport will not be a model for sobriety, although the taste of pure lines covered in materials such as fabric is preserved. Super fabricsTo replace the traditional leather.

Huge and powerful, the Range Rover Sport is a model of sobriety, covered in durable materials such as fabric. Super fabricsTo replace the traditional leather.

However, the most demanding people can choose Windsor Semi-aniline granular or elastic skin.

To enhance the sporty atmosphere on board, the seats with a specific design have now been lowered.

The center console is now in a higher position, an option that clearly separates driver and passenger.

At the rear, the seats have a unique three-seat configuration, but in some finishes, the two-tone upholstery gives the impression of being two independent seats.

The seven-seater option, now reserved for the long-range version of the traditional Range Rover, has been left out, with a wheelbase about 20 cm larger than the three-metre version of this sporty model.

Digital controls are used wisely, with system functions Bevy Pro Grouped into a 13.1-inch infotainment touchscreen, it aligns with a 13.7-inch instrument panel.

The climate control system is operated by independent touch controls that remain hidden.

Latest technology

The strength inherent in the flexible MLA platform on which the Range Rover Sport is built provides up to 35% more rigidity than its predecessors.

Associated with it are a variety of technologies in the integrated chassis control system, designed specifically for this SUV.

The new model ensures comfort on the go dynamic response softwarewhich works in tandem with the latest aerodynamic suspension system which debuts an adaptive spring system.

The 48V electronic active roll-over control system can apply torque up to 1,400Nm to each axle to perfect body balance and, of course, get better response when cornering.

All-wheel steering, torque vectoring through braking and an active electronic differential provide even more agility and performance.

In addition, it has a popular system Terrain response Which adopts a series of configurations to better adapt to the ground it is rolling on.

There is also “off-road” cruise control that helps the driver maintain steady progress given the nature of the terrain.

Only 100% electricity in 2024

New in terms of the drive system is the entry into an all-electric variable scene, although this will only happen in a couple of years.

Until then, SUV enthusiasts will have to contend with two hybrid versions. Plug-with 3.0-liter six-cylinder engines, with combined power of 440 (P440e) and 510 hp (P510e).

Of note is the 113 km range provided by the 38.2 kWh battery, which contributes to a consumption of less than 1 l/100 km and CO2 emissions of just 18 g/km.

For fans of pure petrol and solid engines, there is the classic 4.0-liter V8 biturbo without any electrification, with 530 hp, which takes the SUV from zero to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds.

The diesel engine is a complement to our country range, always equipped with an eight-speed automatic gearbox ZF fragrant Micro-hybrid technology, with a power of 300 horsepower.

The new Range Rover Sport is now available to order in our country in S, SE, Dynamic SE, Dynamic HSE and Autobiography specifications.

The first release variant is offered during the first year of production, with specially selected specifications.

Release price
P440e S 107,232 EUR
P440e SE 113941 EUR
P440e Dynamic SE 117,245 €
P440e Dynamic HSE 126,342 €
D300 Dynamic SE 134,615 €
P510e CV 146826 EUR
First Edition P510e €150,739

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