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Equipped with technology and safety, large pickup trucks offer durability and work performance, as well as leisure and versatility. (Photo: Mitsubishi / Disclosure)

at pickup trucks It has become more fashionable than ever. According to data from Fenabrave, an entity that brings together dealers in the state, sales of the large pickup segment in 2021 grew by 30.6%, even in the midst of the recent supply crisis in Auto industry.

This growth was not accidental. Pickup trucks have evolved, getting closer and closer to the comfort of a vehicle. It’s also more powerful, secure, and communicative. And because they have so many qualities, they match a world agricultural businessincreasingly technological.

Tradition in the countryside

Pickup truck sales growth follows the evolution agricultural business The Brazilian economy, one of the most solid sectors of the Brazilian economy. More than just a vehicle, a pickup truck is practically work tool From these wealthy farmers, who, in addition to doing business, became demanding consumers of cars.

All this without losing the tradition of being able to run with a powerful and robust vehicle that can withstand field work. For transporting grain, fodder, seeds, tools, agricultural inputs, etc., the pickup truck is an ideal vehicle for its features and versatility.

Its best trucks 4 x 4 drag With all the smart features available, which help save fuel and improve the types of terrain they travel through.

The cargo compartment must be equipped to meet the different needs of the agricultural sector, both in terms of weight, volume and towing capacity.

To travel long distances, between countryside and cities, farmers do not give up on a turbodiesel engine, the best solution in terms of performance, torque, consumption, maintenance and durability.

More than 40 years in the market

For four decades, Mitsubishi has maintained the legacy of the first Pickup L200The benchmark in maneuverability, off-road capability, comfort and performance.

Produced in the heart of Brazil, in Catalo, Goiás, the L200 Triton combines all developments without losing the essence and essence Reliable and practical vehicle. In its 2022 lineup, the Mitsubishi pickup truck combines several technologies and amenities that set it apart from the competition.

With a 2.4-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel engine, the L200 delivers 190 hp and excellent torque of 43.9 kgf/m at 2500 rpm, ensuring plenty of power at low rpm.

The L200 Triton Sport features a new six-speed automatic transmission, and in HPE and HPE-S versions it also has options for sequential shifts via the paddle shifters, further enhancing its sporty character.

Its gear ratio is calibrated to use maximum engine torque at low rpm, while providing maximum comfort, minimum vibration and cabin noise at cruising speed.

At 1,950 kg, the double-cab L200 Triton Sport is one of the lightest pickup trucks in its class, yet the ultimate in rear-seat comfort, with excellent legroom, shoulders and headroom.

Unparalleled off-road

Independent suspension at the front axle and a rigid axle at the rear of the Mitsubishi L200 Triton Sport with new springs and dampers ensure good performance and help tackle speed bumps, potholes and trenches, with complete driver control and passenger comfort.

The Mitsubishi L200 Triton Sport 4×4 is even more modern with the exclusive Super Select 4WD-II (SS4-II) system on HPE and HPE-S versions. There are four operating modes that allow you to operate in different conditions. Via a selector in the console, the driver can choose the best setting according to the floor: in mode 2H, it works only with rear-wheel drive, ideal on asphalt roads, for a smooth ride and excellent fuel economy.

In the 4H option, all-wheel drive is started, which is necessary on uneven terrain, in the mountains and in the rain: the system automatically distributes traction between the front and rear axles via the center differential.

The SS4-II on the L200 Triton HPE and HPE-S also has a 4HLc mode, which is ideal for rough terrain with low grip surfaces, and a 4 LLc, which should be activated on steep climbs or descents, rocks, sand and mud.

Facing any kind of terrain

Another novelty in the pick-up is the adoption Off-road mode, an electronic resource that makes the L200 Triton Sport HPE and HPE-S better prepared for different types of terrain and challenges. Ready to ride on gravel, mud/snow, sand or stone, the electronic selector optimizes traction for each ground, and automatically adjusts engine power, transmission, brakes, stability and traction controls.

Extreme slopes are overcome by the Hill Descent Control (HDC) system. Even at low grip, the system controls speed between 2 and 20 km/h through buttons on the steering wheel, without the driver having to depress the brakes or the accelerator pedal.

The towing also features a locking rear differential system, which allows the two wheels on the rear axle to receive the same traction, useful in situations of jamming or when one of the wheels isn’t touching the ground.

If one or more wheels are out of traction, Mitsubishi L200 Triton Sport models feature Active Traction Control (ATC), which slows the wheel with less traction, sends traction to the wheel that is better supported on the ground and controls engine torque to prevent slip .

With its generous dimensions, the L200’s pickup, entry (32°), exit (23°) and brake over corners (25°) give it the ability to tackle all types of terrain and even cross wetlands up to 600mm deep.

L200 Triton Sport: Heavy Load

For work, the Mitsubishi L200 Triton Sport bucket offers one of the highest payload capacities: up to 1,055 kg, plus a further 2,300 kg towing capacity.

For this purpose, the truck has Trailer Stability Assist (TSA), a system that aids drivability and reduces the risk of loss of control that can result in tipping over or the “L” position of the towed load or trailer.

By the way, the bucket of the HPE and HPE-S versions comes standard with an X-Liner coating, which protects against scratches and corrosion.

GLS, ideal for heavy duty work

The GLS version of the Triton Sport is meant to work, without stopping to feel comfortable, and has a 7-inch multimedia system, automatic digital air conditioning and emergency braking assistance, among other comfort and safety elements.

HPE-S: Evolution and Security

For those who don’t give up power and sophistication, the best-in-class Mitsubishi L200 Triton Sport HPE-S adds LED headlights, dual-zone automatic digital air conditioning, leather seats, autopilot, several sensors, a rear camera and a 7″ voice-command multimedia player among its features. .

Independent braking, Blind Spot Assist, Lane Departure Warning and Rear Cross Traffic Alert are differentials for those who appreciate driving in complete safety.

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