Pet Health: Saturday is the day for dogs and cats to be vaccinated against rabies

Pet Health: Saturday is the day for dogs and cats to be vaccinated against rabies

Main news – 10/13/2021, 19:21:48 – Reporter:
Jefferson Lorentz – picture: Lucy Salloum / PMC

Next Saturday (10/16), dog and cat educators have an urgent commitment: a rabies vaccination campaign. Kontagem municipality works through the Department of Health – SMS to promote vaccination in 81 health centers distributed over the eight health departments of the municipality, from 9 am to 5 pm. It is expected that 60,000 animals will be vaccinated.

The “The vaccine has no contraindications, but pregnant females, to avoid animal stress, will not be vaccinated,” said Samantha Liao, director of environmental monitoring and zoonosis control at SMS. The rabies vaccine is the main form of prevention that protects dogs and cats. Each animal is entitled to one free dose per year. Animals can be vaccinated from the age of three months.

Last week, SMS promoted the training of 29 moderators and 140 endemic control agents – ACEs who will act as givers on campaign day. Specialists were informed about the care to be taken when transferring immunity, including storage, homogenization, quantities to apply and place of application to the animal. They were also instructed on care to avoid accidents such as biting animals and how to handle pet teachers.

Let’s keep rabies eradicated in the Count

It is important to inform that Rabies is a disease that can be transmitted from animals to humans. This year, bats infected with the virus were found in the greater city of Belo Horizonte, but with no indication of an outbreak. The campaign aims to prevent and ensure that the disease continues to be eradicated in the city.

Transmission occurs mainly due to the bite of bats, which are eventually infected with the virus, in dogs and cats, and therefore are transmitted by biting.

Rabies affects the central nervous system and can lead to acute encephalitis. It can also kill, which occurs in almost 100% of cases, both in humans and animals.

Veterinarians stress that in addition to the vaccine, it is important to avoid contact with animals you do not know, to prevent bats from entering homes, and not to breed wild animals or remove them from their natural habitat, among other things. It is recommended to avoid contact with bats and wild animals in general.

The Directorate of Environmental Monitoring and Control of Zoonoses – DVACZ He informs that if a bat enters the house and is unable to leave, the person in charge of the house should contact the fire department to pick up the animal and send it to the Zoonoses Disease Control and Control Unit – UVZ for analysis. The trend also applies to bats found dead. If infected bats or dead bats are found, zoonoses teams available in the city’s eight health districts should be called.

“It is important to know that bats are important for the reproduction of many plants and trees, so you should not hunt or kill them. If an animal attacks you, clean the wound site with soap and running water, and seek medical attention immediately,” the supervisor advises. Health Surveillance in Contagem, José Renato de Rezende Costa. .

Check out the vaccination sites in Contagem to pick up your pet on Saturday (10/16):

Regional El Dorado

Great Shopping – Avenida Joao Cesar de Oliveira, 1275, El Dorado

Bishop – Sanitary Procedures Licensing Center – Rua Tobera, 149, Novo El Dorado

– Workers’ Health Center – Avenida Pedro Olympio da Fonseca 545, Santa Cruz

Living Center – Rua Livorno, 96, Santa Cruz

– UBS ÁGUA BRANCA – Avenida Seis, 320, Conjunto Água Branca

– UBS ELDORADO – Rua Portugal, 50, Gloria

– UBS JARDIM BANDEIRANTES – Avenida Água Branca, 817, Jardim Bandeirantes

– UBS NOVO ELDORADO – Rua Tobera, 173, Santa Cruz

– UBS XV – Rua das Mangueiras, 209, El Dorado

– UBS PARQUE SÃO JOÃO – Rua Sete, 54, Parque São João

– UBS BELA VISTA – Rua Carlos Vitoriano de Sá, 625, Bela Vista

– UPS Jardim El Dorado – Rua Canavistola, 245, Jardim El Dorado

– UBS PEROBAS – Rua Doze, 43, Perobas

industrial regional

– UBS AMAZONAS I – Rua José Antunes, 58, Amazonas

– UBS AMAZONAS – Rua Marquês do Paraná, 111, Amazonas

– UBS JARDIM INDUSTRIAL – Rua Henrique Zikler, 97, Jardim Industrial

– UBS Division III – Rua Coronel Américo Leite, 464, Industrial

– UBS Villa São Paulo – Rua Alexandre Herculano, 35 Villas São Paulo

– UBS SANDOVAL DE AZEVEDO – Rua Montevideo, 172, Industrial

– UBS JOÃO EVANGELISTA – Rua Coronel Vicente Ferreira Carneiro, 625, industrial

– BANDEIRANTES UBS – Rua Oito, 20 years old, Santa Maria

– President of UBS VARGAS – Rua Real Grandeza, 291, Jardim Industrial

– UBS VILA DINIZ – Rua Ozório de Moraes, 957, Cidade Industrial

regional national

– UBS AMENDOEIRAS – Rua Seis, 52, Vale das Amendoeiras

– UBS ILDA EFIGÊNIA – Rua das Paineiras, 20, Novo Recanto

– UBS TIJUCA – Rua Laudelina Castorino, 384, Tijuca

– UBS ESTRELA DALVA – Rua Búzios, 56, Estrela Dalva

– UBS XANGRI-LÁ – Rua Capitólio, 72, Xangri-lá

– UBS JOAQUIM MURTINHO – Rua Lucia Muniz, 476, Nacional

– URSF and NASF NATIONAL – Rua Marechal Floriano Peixoto, 645, Nacional

regional petroleum

– UBS CAMPO ALTO – Avenida B, 1012, Campo Alto

– UBS SÃO LUIZ I – Rua Itutinga, 242, São Luiz

– UBS SÃO LUIZ II – Rua Madeirão, 282 A, São Luiz

– UBS PETROLÂNDIA – Rua Benzina, 10, left. Gabriel Bassos Refinery Street, Petrolandia

– UBS DUQUE DE CAXIAS – Rua Refinaria Duque de Caxias, 297, Petrolândia

– UBS SAPUCAIAS – Rua Amazonitas, 230, Sapucaias

– UPS Tropical II – Avenida Dorval Alves de Faria, 1915, Tropical

– Imperial Nascents UPS – Eighty-One Street, 16,

estancias tropical / empire

– UBS ESTÂNCIAS IMPERIAIS – Rua dos Violinos, 100, Estancias Imperiais

regional conflict

– UBS SÃO JOAQUIM – Rua Ruby, 83, São Joaquim

– UBS PARQUE TURISTA – Rua Paraopeba, 315, Santa Luzia

– UBS VILA PÉROLA – Rua Campina Verde, 18 years old, Villa Perola

– UBS NOVO PROGRESSO II – Rua Alvimar Carneiro, 1643, Novo Progresso

– UBS COLORADO – Igor Street, 96, Colorado

– UBS ADDRESS NOVA – Rua Jose Mendes Ferreira, 118, Morada Nova

– UBS President Kennedy – 65 Democracy Street, President Kennedy

– UBS NOVO BOA VISTA – Rua Panama, 60 years old, Boa Vista

– UBS CAMPINA VERDE – Rua Joaquim Ferreira de Barros, 198, São Sebastiao

– UBS OITIS – Rua Trenta e Quatro, 499, Oitis

– UBS LAGUNA – Rua Bragança, 872, Jardim Laguna

– UBS ARPOADOR – Rua Mariana, s / n, Arpoador (next to a unique project)

– CeasaMinas Healthcare Unit – BR-040 s / n

regional headquarters

– UBS CENTER – Vaccine Support – Avenida Prefeito Gil Diniz, 401 A, Center

– UBS BERNARDO MONTEIRO – Rua Wilson José de Souza Bicalho, 40, Bernardo Monteiro – Next to Cemei Bernardo Monteiro

– UBS VILA ITALY – Rua Prefeito Gil Diniz, 46, Fonte Grande

– UBS LINDA VISTA – Rua Arthur Hermto, 57, Linda Vista

– UBS ALVORADA – Rua Tibúrcio Custódio, 109, Alvorada

– UBS staff – Rua Guilhermina, 31, employees

– UBS MARIA DA CONCEIÇO – Rua Pará de Minas, s / n, Maria da Conceição

– UBS PRAIA – Rua do Registro, 1676, Praia

– UBS CHÁCARAS – Rua dos Pioneiros, 25, Chácaras Contagem

– UBS SANTA HELENA – Rua Délio da Consolação Rocha, 705, (Old Rua Oito), Santa Helena

– UBS CANADA – Rua Pedro Henrique Trindade da Silva, 60, Canada

Regional flowers for Fargem Das

– UBS RETIRO – Avenida dos Imigrantes, s / n, Retiro

– NUVAM – Rua VL6, 283, Nova Kontagim

– UBS VILA RENASCER, Avenida VP2, 1839, Nova Contagem

– UBS NOVA CONTAGEM I – Avenida VP2, 3080, Nova Contagem

– UBS NOVA CONTAGEM II – Rua VL35, 138, Nova Contagem

– UBS SÃO JUDAS TADEU – Rua VL 7, 259, Nova Contagem

– UBS ESTALEIRO – Rua Jaraguá, 336, Estaleiro

– UBS IPÊ AMARELO – Rua Jequitibás, 10 years old, Ipê Amarelo

– UBS VILA ESPERANÇA – Rua A, 5, Vila Esperança

– UBS DARCY RIBEIRO – Rua Geraldo Magela Belém, 4, Darcy Ribeiro

– UBS ICAIVERA – Avenida Sycaba, 10, Icaivera

– TUPÁ Support Unit (ADARCY RIBEIRO ANNEX) – Rua F, 63, Tupã

– LIBERDADE support unit – Avenida dos Imigrantes, s / n, Retiro

broad regional

– UBS MONTE CASTELO – Rua Cobatao, 336, Monte Castelo

– UBS NOVO RIACHO – Rua Rio Orinoco, 457, Riacho das Pedras

– UBS DURVAL DE BARROS – Rua Alpha Gomez, 184, Dorval de Barros

– UBS FLAMENGO – Rua Monsenhor Messias, 456, Flamingo

– UBS RIACHO – Avenida Rio Negro, 95, Riacho das Pedras

Main news – 10/13/2021, 19:21:48 – Reporter:
Jefferson Lorentz – picture: Lucy Salloum / PMC

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