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João Carlos de Souza faces the challenges of bringing technology to the cargo insurance sector, which until then had been known to be under-inventive.

With the challenge of bringing technology to a sector notoriously not so innovative, as in cargo insurance, João Carlos Sousa has just taken the position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at SmartLoad, an in-house mobility technology that integrates all stages of security from cargo logistics . Insurtech, created out of the Federation of Cargo Insurance, Logistics and Technology Professionals, launched SmartBox in early 2022, a solution that allows you to register goods via mobile devices, something completely new in the process.

At SmartLoad, João and a team of 6 developers led by him are responsible for solutions that use machine learning to record, read and exchange the various documents needed for registration processes to ensure insurance coverage. The team is also working to provide intelligent analysis of roads and profiles of drivers soon, and based on this data, accident rate and probability, reports and dashboards that help insurance companies and carriers make the best decisions. The goal is to gradually integrate all security phases of the logistics cargo journey.

With a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence from the University of São Paulo (USP), João Carlos de Sousa began his career early at the age of 12, as a Professor of Computing at the National Center for Informatics. Emigration into programming came after an exchange in London, where he had his first contact with systems and studied PHP, a language that, at the time, was growing on the Web.

Back in Brazil, Joao worked at a financial information consulting firm, at Agência Estado as a software analyst, and at Valor Econômico as a systems analyst, specializing in C Sharp and .NET. Programming languages ​​developed by Microsoft. At the same time, he became a professor at the University of Novi de Golho, where he reconciled his activities until 2011, when he became a specialist in the creation of mobile applications, driven by the high demand in the market.

Among the big challenges he faced was, in 2012, João set up the Formula 1 box office system in Brazil. In the process, notice how much JAVA can help you develop a system and specialize in technology, and later specialize in machine learning. In 2015, he co-founded SMIT, a mobile solutions and technology innovation company.

With experience creating more reliable apps and managing developer teams, join SmartLoad, and take on the role of Scrum Master. Now he is holding the position of CTO. “My experience made me realize that when founders aren’t working on a solution, the startup tends not to scale. When I met Silvio Bispo, the creator of SmartLoad, I quickly realized that he was testing the sector, he knew the trouble and he was proposing a really logical solution to the market,” he says. Joao.

Also, according to Joao, securing cargo has a technology gap, with many integrations still manual. “The main technological challenge in this market is integration. When manual, it makes it difficult for advanced systems to talk to legacy systems. They practically don’t communicate. There is a systems gap in the market, with innovative solutions that already exist but are not integrated. He concludes that Our role is to impose the possibilities of integration.”

About Smart Load

SmartLoad is the first freight transportation insurance company in Brazil and operates in transportation journey management. It is the creator of SmartBox, the first mobile cargo logging platform that enables automation and integration of communication between carrier and insurer, ensuring that insurance coverage is active from the moment of collection and giving a complete view of the logistics process.

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