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Felipe Floriano, 18, makes A Technical course in systems development, but already has ambitious plans for future employment. A student from Abreu e Lima, in the urban area of ​​Recife, even created a routine to speed learning programming.

“I already know how to communicate in English and I know that a competent person does not run out of work. I will not lie, I have already entered the region thinking of opportunities outside the country, to earn dollars or euros,” says Floriano.

He knows that the need for corporate digitization has highlighted professionals in Information TechnologyFamous Information Technology. With more vacancies than people able to work, companies accept the profile of less experienced employee As well as resorting to remote contracting.

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In order not to miss this golden moment, Floriano completes his routine classes at home. Six to seven hours a day, researching HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well as programming logic..

“I am already feeling ready to look for a job. I intend to work in software development and I think I will get my first opportunity soon,” Floriano plans. He even created a LinkedIn profile to share the testimonials he’s already earned.

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Twins Bruna and Juliana are programmers from Rio Grande do Sul – Photo: personal archive

If it were up to Bruna Freitas and her twin sister Juliana, 22, T.I. would break the taboo of being a male-only venue. The programming sisters live in Rio Grande, 317 kilometers from Porto Alegre, and maintain an Instagram account called @twiinscode, to help other people who have started in the area.

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Bruna says she’s heard several times that she “doesn’t have a profile” for the programmer. Ignoring all this, her curiosity about how the systems work led her to study Faculty of Computer Engineering at the Federal University of Rio Grande (FURG).

In her third year, she He was a trainee for four months before he was hired For the position of Junior Software Engineer at Logistics Company. It works completely remotely.

“I see the job market is very hot, with many opportunities and very competitive. My search for vacancies was intense, and I didn’t give up until I got a ‘yes’,” he says.

One of the developer’s tips for beginners is to develop skills beyond technical. That is, knowing how to communicate, argue and work as a team.

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Bruna explains: “Anyone who thinks we work in technology in isolation is wrong. In most teams, it is necessary to publicly express the progress of activities and doubts about the business rules of the projects.”

Twinscode is the channel of twin programmers Bruna and Juliana – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Juliana says that she joined the IT field because of her twin sister’s insistence. “It only became clear to me when I was in my second year of graduating in civil engineering and I didn’t find myself, I didn’t see a future,” the programmer explains.

“I feel like being a woman in the tech world is still a challenge. But it’s a very rewarding field, because it allows us to create technologies that are useful for society and help people, and improve the world in a certain way,” says Juliana, a back-end developer.

Like her sister, Juliana also works remotely at Logistics company.

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The passion started at the age of 3

The future of information technology lies in a generation born with technology being an everyday thing. Silas Medeiros, 21, says his passion for the subject originated in his first contacts with computers and cell phones, when he was still three years old.

Silas Medeiros, 21, received a scholarship to learn systems development – Photo: personal archive

“Technology allows you to solve problems both inside and outside your workplace, and put creativity into practice,” says Medeiros, who finished high school in 2019 and lives in Rio de Janeiro.

last year student Received a full scholarship for software developers At the Digital House, on a program sponsored by Mercado Livre and Globant. The young man says that some of his classmates have already been employed by these companies.

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During this preparation period, Medeiros says he saw “many opportunities” emerging in the job market. He retains the expectation that he will be appointed before the end of the session, which will be a year from now.

“The other thing that intrigued me a lot in technology is the amount of free material. I think this is very important for anyone who is starting out,” comments the junior developer.

Areas that will create more IT jobs – Photo: Fernanda Gravel / Arte J1

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