football | Sentieiras beat Alvega and is already in the semi-finals of the Inatel League (with pictures and audio)

Liga Inatel Santarém – Series 1 – Quarter-finals
Centera Stadium

The small village of Sentieiras, in the municipality of Abrantes, provided a festive atmosphere at the reception of its opponents from the Alvega in the municipality of derby often repeated in the various Inatel competitions. From the banks of the river, from the Alvega, many followers traveled to the valley where the village of Sentieiras unfolds, like a crib.

On the embers, fevers and crusts were cracking and “minies” cooling thirsty throats from the high temperature I felt. What never subsided is the fervor and enthusiasm of the club that made this competition a real party.

Sentieiras hosted the Inatel “Party”.

Competitively we were in the Liga Inatel quarter-finals, the first day to be eliminated from the match and on the bare side there were two high performing teams in the regular season and only the house factor gave some advantage to the team he led. By duo Mario Rodriguez and Thiago Begon.

For this match, Inatel nominated a highly valued judging team, led by Andre Gralha, for being another quality addition to the game. When André Gralha whistled and the ball started to roll, it was clear that Alvega wanted to “take the lead” in the match, surprising their opponent.

Sentieiras witnessed a game of feelings.

I could have scored in the first minute…! Luis Barao hit a powerful shot and Telmo saved it to the side. In the alternative, Joao Almeida hit the home team’s goal post. Warning given…

In the second minute, with Sentieiras somewhat surprising, Hélder Carboila did not control the ball and made a foul in the “restricted area”, above the area line in the frontal area. Joao Almeida, in charge of the group, hit the defensive curtain of “Yeluz”.

Joao Almeida hit the free kick against the wall.

Without giving the home team much opportunity to react, Alvega insisted and settled into the opposing midfield. Andre Marquez, within five minutes, hit a ball in the middle, filled with “poison”, which deceived goalkeeper Telmo. It was worth it for Captain Felipe Rodriguez to get away from the killer streak.

The home team’s response came three minutes later when Fred, who was frequently in the match, crossed into the area without anyone responding. The immediate response from the “South Bank” men was translated into a shot by Joao Almeida from “Middle of the Street” as goalkeeper Telmo defended with a single shot over the goal line. The target was still yelling…

Vega is always close to goal.

In the 13th minute, Fábio Viegas hit Sentieiras’ goal without success and two minutes into the mid-range, Luís Barão followed suit. The answer came from Tiago Leitão. He got refreshed and did not plead. The shot did not go far from Francisco Barao’s goal.

After the initial phase, with strong harassment from the Alvega team, the home team began to show signs of being able to balance the match. In the 26th minute, and with insistence, Gonzalo Santos sent Thiago Letao, who won with a corner kick. In the shift, Vasco Lopez headed over the bar.

With the match in a lukewarm mood, Gonzalo Santos decided to “pull a rabbit out of his hat”… Seeing Francisco Barao in advance, he executed, from a long distance, a well-calculated hat and opened the scoring… Gulaco!!!

Gonzalo Santos goal from 40 meters!!!

After the victory, the home team calmed down and began managing the times of the match. In the 33rd minute, in a fight over the ball, the top scorer, Gonzalo Santos, fell into the area claiming a foul that Andre Graalha did not want. The reason seemed to be on the side of the match judge. João Almeida took advantage of the advantage to run the entire left wing and bypassed the powerful shot.

The match was straight and Luis Barao fell in the Sintieras area, demanding a penalty kick. The referee called the play and Joao Almeida hit the home team’s defense.

Alvega attack without a target in sight.

With time running out, a free kick won by the visitors prompted Eduardo Catarinho to take the penalty. Shoot the defensive barrier of “Yellow”. In overtime, João Almeida’s central shot, playing a huge game, forced Telmo to fall to the ground to intercept a high degree of difficulty. The “false” score at halftime gave the home team the advantage. For what Alvega did, they deserved to go out to the play-off to win…

Sandwich break…

In a passionate game, with few goals but very hot, the comfort of the athletes coincided with a race to the crossbar, and not to video technology, which this “modernity” has not yet reached …

With the athletes and fans refreshed, on the way back you can see many familiar faces, coaches, players and politicians. We highlight the presence of Luis Correa Dias, the council member responsible for sports in the Abrantina City Council. With two teams from your province in the competition, you can’t miss…

From Sardoal next door Pedro Duque, an expert advisor and goalkeeper in this tournament traveled in times not too far away. Nuno Gomez kept him company, breaking up the memories. This is the “magic” of inatel!!!

Alvega weighed the match.

The second half brought a moment of great anxiety when Joao Almeida bumped into goalkeeper Telmo and was immobile in the nude. André Gralha immediately stopped the game, providing all possible assistance. Fortunately, he was afraid.

In the 46th minute, Alvega was very close to the equalizer, which very much justified. Joao Batista, bypassing the shot, hit the base of the left post for the goal defended by Sinteras.

Target positions in both targets.

Alveguenses insisted but Sentieiras seemed to be in control of the “operations”… in the 49th minute André Neves attempted a mid-range shot full of intent. Telmo, vigilant, deprived him of the goal with great honesty. With the match played in midfield, far from the goals, the goalkeepers slacked off a bit…

When it was time to play, Daniel Coelho elegantly tried to beat Francisco Barao. The shot placed was very close to the target. The answer, two minutes later, couldn’t be more enlightening…

Thiago Litao responded in the best way to a cross coming from the left of his attack and beat Barao again, achieving the result with two goals without a response.

Thiago Litao scored the second goal and proved the match.

Despite the heavy blow to their claims, the Alvega team did not “throw the towel on the floor”. It was an attempt to reverse the result and soon substitute Eduardo Catarinho tried to shoot Telmo’s goal from mid-range to no avail. Joao Almeida, the most dissatisfied with Alfiguenses’ side, shot with great danger near the home team’s goal posts.

In the 69th minute, Vegas had a great opportunity to cut the draw in favor of Alvega. He ran to get a cross from the right, and Telmo Cavallero’s header provided a superb defense, keeping his net intact.

Vegas could have been squeezed out.

Towards the end, Kecas, who was involved in the second half, hit a cross but the ball was lost from the baseline. Soon, André Gralha called for the meeting to end and the party settled at the Host of Sinteras. Despite defeating the Alveguenses, with great fair play, they joined the winners, and finished Sunday afternoon in a friendly atmosphere. All that is said about the game: Who scored..!!!

The word refers to the tremendous quality of the arbitration. The team led by André Gralha, which included until the fourth official, was at a very high level of display. Sobriety, education and serenity made this moment an example of what judging should be in Inatel … and not only that!!!

The party belongs to the Sentieiras team.

game card:

Popular Center for Culture and Sports of Sintieras:
Telmo Cavalheiro, Joao Enriques, Felipe Rodriguez, Helder Carbuela, Thiago Letao, Daniel Coelho, Vasco Lopez, Fred, Fabio Navalo, Gonzalo Santos and Pedro Roldo.
Subs: Diogo Beta, André Claro, Thiago Trindade, Nuno Mateos, Diogo Marquez, Kecas and Andre Alves.
Coaches: Mario Rodriguez and Thiago Pombo.


Association of Improvements in the Diocese of Alvega:
Francisco Barao, Eduardo Catarino, André Marquez, Afonso Marquez, Jorge Guerrero, Pedro Santos, Andre Neves, Joao Batista, Joao Almeida, Luis Barao and Fabio Vegas.
Subs: Nuno Marquez, David Perez, Pedro Costa, Diogo Delgado, Bernardo Marquez and Gilberto Mendes.
Coach: Joao Farinha.

AMF Alvega.

Gonzalo Santos and Thiago Letao (Sinteras).

Judging Team:
André Gralha, Freitas da Silva and Jose Lopez.
Sergio Morogo (4th official)

Referee team: André Gralha, Freitas da Silva, Jose Lopez and Sergio Morogo with the captains.

Finally we heard the technicians:
Moreo Rodriguez (Sinteras):

Mario Rodriguez, Sentieiras coach. Photo: file.

Joao Farinha (Alvega):

Joao Farinha, coach of Alvega.

* With David Belem Pereira (Multimedia).

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