Baie de Santo condemns religious intolerance of neighbors against Umbanda house in Teresina | Biao

Baie de Santo Luis de Oxosi, also a teacher, sought the 4th Police District to file a complaint against his neighbors for Religious intolerance. The videos show the moment a man shouts in the middle of the street and insults the religion and the participants in Casa de Umbanda, in the neighborhood of Villa Parque Antarctica, the southern region of Teresina.

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According to his father Louise, the house is a place to celebrate his religion and this is not the first time his neighbors have acted in this way. He recorded a video with the neighbor cursing, insulting and even threatening him.

“This last time was a culmination. Religious intolerance, homophobia, and racism. He called me an “insolent macumbeiro,” a liar, and said I could fool everyone, but I wouldn’t fool him. He called my saintly daughters, who had different sexual orientations, “spatunas”, as he called his sons pimps. The neighbor explained that if we were found on the street, he would try to attack us. “The whole time he was hinting that he was going to get a ‘deal’ to solve the situation, as if it was a weapon,” Bai de Santo said.

Religious activities have been taking place in the religious center for the past 8 years in the southern region. The religious leader also said he did not retaliate for the attacks and that it was his daughters who encouraged him to denounce.

Baie de Santo condemns the religious intolerance of neighbors against the Umbanda house in Teresina – Photo: Reproduction

On Wednesday morning (11), Louise participated in a session to explain the situation and according to him, his neighbors will also be heard next Friday (13). Now, Bai Di Santo expected justice and more respect from this situation.

“Does this mean that my faith will be discriminated against, my color? Is the religion of the blacks, and the religions of my ancestors unworthy of respect? Can I not profess in this country that is Brazil?” I think that’s enough, I think we need to put an end to this situation. Umbanda is peace and love, but it is also respect for others and we respect him, so we want to restore respect.Lewis highlighted.

Saint Carme Ribeiro’s lawyer and mother spoke with the team at TV Club He described the law that punishes crimes of religious intolerance if confirmed.

“We have the CAO Law No. 7716/89Which criminalizes any case of prejudice and discrimination against color, religion and traditional societies. Also, the Penal Code provides in Art. 208 clarified that cutting off liturgies, insulting and discriminating against any person on the basis of religion is a crime stipulated in the Penal Code, with a penalty ranging from 6 months to a year.

The law has been in force in the country for 33 years, and the constitution provides for freedom between religion, church and state, as they have been formally separated, with Brazil being a state secular state. In addition, Brazilian legislation prohibits any kind of religious intolerance, and religious practice is generally free in the country.

  • Religious leaders call for coexistence and sharing of teachings to combat intolerance

Article 5 of the Federal Constitution guarantees the right to freedom of religion or belief, which states the following:Freedom of conscience and belief is inviolable, and the freedom to practice religious rites is guaranteed, and places of worship and rituals are protected, in accordance with the law.“.

Baie de Santo condemns the religious intolerance of neighbors against the Umbanda house in Teresina – Photo: Reproduction

Brazilian law also defines discrimination or prejudice against religions as a crime Imprisonment from one to three years, in addition to a fine.

Cases of religious intolerance can be denounced through Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rightseither by phone or order 100through the Human Rights Brazil application or through the Ombudsman at the Ministry at the email address Crimes of racial slur, outrage at cult, and racism can be reported at any police station..

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