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On May 5th, the date of celebration of World Password Day, Google, Apple and Microsoft announced that it will provide Support passwordless FIDO authentication standards over the next year.

The standard was created by video alliance and fur World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and gives websites and apps the ability to make them available to users Methods “consistent, safe and easy” To authenticate on multiple platforms and devices without using a password. But what is this authentication standard, how does it work and what changes will it bring to users?

Passwords are a A critical tool for cybersecurity, however, is vulnerable to both human factor dynamics and cybercrime trends. Even users who have unique, strong and complex passwords for each of their online accounts can be Victims of phishing scams. It is also necessary to keep in mind that the process of creating and managing proper passwords can be complicated for some users, especially those who are less used to dealing with technology.

As the FIDO Alliance explains, although methods such as two-factor authentication or password managers show “significant improvements” over the simple use of passwords, the tech industry has made a combined effort to Create a more secure and convenient authentication technology.

Practically through the system that will be implemented by users of Google, Apple and Microsoft They just need to unlock their smartphoneWhether through PIN, fingerprint, or facial recognition, To sign in to websites or apps. The smartphone starts to store a file FIDO . Accreditationwhich is used for Open your accounts online.

According to the FIDO Alliance, by cooperating with the three technology giants, the system will allow users Access your FIDO credentials on multiple devices without going through the account setup process in all of them.

In addition, this method of authentication allows the user to log in to devices near their smartphone, Regardless of the operating system or browser used.

Fido Alliance | Authentication without password

Credits: FIDO Alliance

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Credits: FIDO Alliance

The Bluetooth technology It plays an important role in this context, as it is accustomed to Create a connection between the user’s smartphone and devices where you want to authenticate.

In a white paper published in March of this year, the FIDO Alliance explained that the vast majority of Two-factor documentation Take advantage of smart phones. However, the consortium claims that even this method You are not safe from cybercriminals trying to stop phishing scams.

The user may inadvertently enter the OTP [one-time password] On a phishing site, or agreeing to a login notification on your smartphone without realizing that it will redirect you to a fake page and not to the website you were expecting.

Note that the FIDO authentication standard itself is not based on Bluetooth technologybut the FIDO Alliance claims that its use Gives greater resistance to potential phishing attacks, as this requires physical affinity between equipment.

What happens if someone Changing or losing the smartphone you use for authentication? As Google already explained, in such a scenario, FIDO credentials will be synchronized Safely with new equipment From cloud backupsomething that will also happen in the case of Apple and Microsoft.

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