A father donates the organs of a student who died after being thrown from an overturned truck during the race: “Who knows how to save a child” | GO Traffic

Managing Director Cleoper Rodriguez de Lima, father of 20-year-old Victor Fonseca Rodriguez, has decided to donate the organs of his son, who died after being thrown from a truck that overturned during a race in Goiania. The young man was hospitalized for three days at the emergency hospital in Goiania (Hugo).

“Everyone said that my son was a person of solidarity, a humble person, he helped people without seeing who. I felt a very calm heart that now I can help father and mother with a heavy heart. I decided to donate my son’s organs, who knows, to save the son of a father and mother there”, Cleoper said.

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Wictor was confirmed brain-dead last Tuesday (10). He was in the truck racing on T-9 Avenue with a BMW and flipped over. In the same car was 15-year-old Marcela Sonia do Amaral, who died at the scene.

The truck and its BMW drivers missed a civil police statement scheduled for Tuesday. Their lawyers claimed they were shocked by Victor’s death.

Wictor Fonseca Rodrigues, 20, was brain dead after a split between his truck and a BMW Goiânia Goiás – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Touched, Cleoper said that he was not angry with anyone and that whatever had to be done, it would be done. The managing director thinks the drivers’ parents are also injured, and at the moment all he thinks about is Wictor.

“I’m focused on my son, I didn’t complain, I didn’t do anything. It doesn’t make a difference to me, because my son isn’t with me now. He won’t come home with me, he won’t be in his room, he won’t be with me during the week, so it doesn’t make any difference to me. ‘ said Cleoper.

Civilian police found that there were a total of seven people in the two cars – six in the truck and one in a BMW – and they were all leaving a nightclub when they decided to race. Surveillance cameras showed how all this happened. (see below).

Video showing a truck crash during the race in Goiania

In addition to Wictor, another passenger was accepted into Hugo. The hospital reported that the patient was in a stable general condition, “on the ward, conscious, directed, and breathing spontaneously.”

A third passenger was admitted to Hospital de Orgencias Governador Otavio Lages de Sequera (Hujol) shortly after the accident, but was released the same day. According to the investigations, there was a fourth person, but there is no information whether she entered any health unit.

The fifth passenger in the car was Marcela, who died at the scene.

Marcela, 15, died in an accident in Goiania – Photo: clone / social networks

Also, according to the Civil Police, Eduardo Henrique de Souza Resende was driving the truck, and Arthur Yuri, who does not have a driver’s license, was the driver of a BMW.

According to the civil police, the group was in a nightclub, where they spent the night drinking. During the accident, teenage Marcela Sonia Gomez do Amaral was thrown out of the car and died on the spot. The body stopped about 20 meters from the truck it was in.

G1 was unable to contact the nightclub to find out how the teen entered the venue and if she was also drinking with the group.

Truck overturns and crashes in the trade on the Avenida T9 – Photo: Renata Costa/TV Anhanguera

According to police information, the truck driver was taken to hospital, but fled the scene before undergoing a full assessment by the medical team.

Investigations also indicated that the person driving a BMW stopped after the accident to see how his friends were, but then also fled.

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