A Corinthians fan is attacked by a sports organizer asking for a union against violence in stadiums; says | “No one can take it anymore” Pernambuco

What was meant to be a game between young footballers turned brutal. The day after members of a sports organization attacked Corinthians fans in the stands, one of the victims said: “We have to unite and put an end to this violence. Bruno Valencia, who will return to São Paulo with signs of aggression on his mind and body (See the video above).

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Scenes of vandalism and violence were recorded on Tuesday (10), during a valid match for the Copa Brazil Sub-17 Championship. The Adelmar da Costa Carvalho stadium, in Ilha do Retiro, in the western region of Recife, became the scene of invasion, brutality and robbery (See the video below).

This Wednesday (11) the civil police reported that they had opened an investigation to investigate the case. He also said Corinthians fans received pre-hospital care from a medical team at Ilha do Retiro.

Confusion during the match between Sport and Corinthians for the Copa do Brasil Sub-17

In the photos, it is possible to follow the conquest of the stands. Visiting fans are attacked and run. There were children. There are reports of people getting hit in the face. No one was arrested.

In an interview with General ElectricValencia called on the Confederation of Police, the Public Prosecution Office, the Brazilian Football Confederation and associations with clubs to try to prevent new cases of violence.

In the interview, a Corinthians fan mentioned that he had a broken watch and documents taken during the confusion. He also said that the attacks had scarred his back.

Pictures show the rush in the stands where Corinthians fans were – Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

Bruno Valenza also said members of Corinthians’ fans had alerted the game’s delegate, Alexandro Pereira, to the lack of police..

Visitors also said that the gate was open. It was precisely through this place that the aggressors entered.

“Congratulations to Sport Recife, welcome the visiting fans to your stadium. You have been warned,” Valenza said. General Electric.

Sports fans invade the stands of Corinthians and cause riots in Recife

Sports fans invade the stands of Corinthians and cause riots in Recife

The sports organization’s attack on Corinthians fans was caught by the team broadcasting the match (See the video above).

The videos show the rush in the stands where the visiting fans were. Organization members chase people who jump from the stairs.

It is possible to follow the attacks and the moment when members of the organization tore the shirt of a Corinthians fan who was lying in the stands.

Videos sent to WhatsApp from Globo TV It was found that members of the sports authority entered the stadium through a gate that allows access to this area designated for visitors. They run in the middle of the street. From the top it is possible to follow the moment of the invasion.

According to the information received from General ElectricThe match was stopped for about five minutes due to the violence that started in the 41st minute of the second half. Sports won 1-0.

Corinthians players ran into midfield due to confusion.

Also according to ge, there was no entrance fee and entry was done by donating a kilo of food.

Throughout the match, members of the organization in question placed themselves closer to Corinthians fans, issuing threats.

At one point, they wandered around the outside of the stadium, covering their faces with headgear and motorcycle helmets, and drove to Corinthians.

The attacks only stopped with the arrival of private security hired by the club.

Also on Tuesday, Sports Recife, on social media, “expressed its regret and rejection” of the “saboteurs” attack.

Also according to the club, “the legal vice president of the Reds and Blacks has already carried out representation with the police station to suppress sports intolerance and will follow the development of the case until the criminals are severely punished.”

The sport also stated that it “expresses its total rejection of the facts that occurred, and confirms that such behavior is not commensurate with its values ​​and history, which makes it available to contribute to investigations.”

Finally, FC Pernambuco apologized to the participating fans and to Sport Club Corinthians Paulista.

Also in a note, Corinthians “acquitted the assaults” and said they had contacted Sport and “prompted authorities to identify the perpetrators”. The Sao Paulo club also said it would “follow the investigation closely.”

The military police said it had not been requested by the Pernambuco Football Federation or Sport Club de Recife.

Also according to the Prime Minister, “Without this measure, the police would not have been present in the stadium, as they always do in all official matches, only becoming aware of the disturbance and violence on the part of the alleged fans of the red and black through social networks.”

Justice determines the extinction of organized supporters in Pernambuco

Justice determines the extinction of organized supporters in Pernambuco

Since 2020, officially, the supporters of Regulatory Sports, Santa Cruz and Nautico have been eliminated by the judge of Pernambuco, at the request of the state government. This did not reduce the incidence of violence on match days.

The judiciary agreed to the state government’s request and set the mandatory annihilation of three sports supporters, Santa Cruz and Nautico.

The Court of Justice of Pernambuco (TJPE) stated that the lawsuits calling for the closure of the activities of Jovem, Inferno Coral and Fanáutico, have been ruled “due to incidents of violence, vandalism and ongoing battles” (See the video above).

At the time, TJPE said a request for an “immediate and simultaneous” ruling for the proceedings, which were under consideration by the judiciary, was made by the State Prosecutor (PGE).

The application, which has reached the Fifth Court of the Public Treasury in the Recife District, is intended to expedite the analysis of the ordinary lawsuit, as of 2014, and the general civil lawsuit, as of 2012.

However, organized fans continued to frequent the stadiums, promoting fights and turmoil in and out of the stands.

Vandalism targeting a law firm in Recife

Vandalism targeting a law firm in Recife

In February of this owners, for example, organized members of supporters of Sport and Santa Cruz caused a riot and exchanged assaults in the Barrow district, in the western region of Recife.

Eyewitnesses reported that rioting occurred before the match between teams competing for Ilha do Retiro, for the Pernambuco Championship.

In July 2021, members of an organized mob from the Santa Cruz Futebol Clube promoted an act of sabotage at the law firm of one of the managers, in Graças, in the northern region of Recife. (See the video above).

A Náutico fan watches the match with a battery-powered radio in Aflitos – Photo: Tiago Caldas/Náutico

At the end of April this year, the military police banned the entry of fans using battery-powered radios to the stadiums of Pernambuco. The measure, according to the prime minister, was aimed at “avoiding violence”.

In the face of controversy, the prime minister returned the next day and launched the devices. However, musical instruments such as percussion, drums, whistles and flag poles are prohibited.

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