A block of 23 clubs warns that it will not participate in the meeting of the founders of the league, next Thursday

create the Libra (Brazilian League for Clubs)Which seemed imminent, could suffer a relapse. In a statement, 23 clubs from Series A and B said they would not be present at the meeting with Entity founders Which takes place on Thursday (12), at the headquarters of the Brazilian Football Confederation, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ). In the letter, the group said it would hold a meeting on the 16th, also in the capital, Rio de Janeiro.

The facade of the CBF headquarters in Rio de Janeiro (Photo: LANCE file!)

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Thursday’s meeting, which was agreed last week in Sao Paulo (SP), will serve more clubs to score in the balance. Atlético MG, Botafogo, Bahia, Internacional and Gremio, which are not yet officially part of the association, did not sign the statement of absence from the meeting.

Officially, the bloc claims that it wants to analyze and take notes on the founding platform of Libra (signed by the Big Four in São Paulo, Ponte Preta, Bragantino, Cruzeiro, Flamengo and now Vasco).

The idea is to hold a subsequent meeting with the founders to present the demands in a concrete way.

Behind the scenes, like Throw!The fact is that the Futebol Forte group, formed by emerging players from Brazil who demand a greater distribution of revenue, won the entry of 12 second-tier participants.

Brusque, Chapecoense, CSA, CRB, Criciúma, Londrina, Náutico, Operario-PR, Sampaio Corrêa, Sport, Tombense and Vila Nova line up with Futebol Forte.

In addition, the block, initially formed by América-MG, Atlético-GO, Athletico, Avaí, Ceará, Coritiba, Cuiabá, Fortaleza, Goiás and Juventude, also acquired Fluminense adhesion.

The L! It found that Atlético-MG, which had initially leaned toward the bloc, disagreed with the decision not to attend Thursday’s meeting and decided to pursue mediators Internacional and Botafogo. Additionally, there was internal pressure at the club to join Libra after rival Cruzeiro entered.

Among the remaining clubs that did not enter the scales and did not sign the Futebol Forte document, Noforzontino, Ituano and Guarani of Sao Paulo must agree to the league.

In addition to Inter and Galo, there are still Grêmio, Bahia and Botafogo and the founders expected to seal once and for all on Thursday the entry of at least two of them into the balance.

According to entity law, in order for the Brazilian Football Confederation to be formalized on Thursday, at least 13 clubs (one third of the total of Series A and B) must be registered.

the difference

The platform signed by Paulistas and Flamengo expects 40% of revenue to be divided equally among all contest participants, 30% according to performance and another 30% by participation.

Futebol Forte wants to reproduce the approved division of the Premier League: 50% equal, 25% performance and 25% revenue in the participation criteria, which can be re-discussed later.

The goal of a strong soccer game is to reduce the revenue gap between last place and champion by a maximum of 3.5 times. According to the law of Libra, the distance can be up to six times.

There is also disagreement regarding the “B” series. In the statutes of the founders, there are clauses that move from 15% to 20% of the total collected for the competition, in the event of a big fall. However, second-tier clubs want 25% of the pie and part of the total earned from television rights.

In addition, League Two clubs want more decision-making power. This is because, under the Basic Law of Libra, Serie A clubs have a weight vote in elections and the decisions that may be made.

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