Understanding the Similar… – By Afonso Celso Gonçalves Jr.

Why do humans find it so difficult to live with fellow human beings? Is it complicated to understand that all people simply want to live to the best of their ability? In fact, this is precisely the problem, because in order for everyone’s life to become better, the criteria for comparing yesterday and today are necessary, to imagine a tomorrow that has not yet come, and in this way, people end up looking for models for life.. and happiness is often inappropriate Consider the ephemeral aspects.

Notions of happiness are still primarily based on “having” while they should focus on “being”. The pursuit of happiness must depend primarily on understanding and accepting people as they really are and only then can we find the true essence of life and thus pursue our self-knowledge. Those who have actually achieved this are those who experience “them” rather than “me” and “we.” For these, the analogous is the planetary community, the true home of which is planet Earth.

So, what are the main factors that determine that a human may go down a more destructive or more creative path? An attempt to understand this mechanism would be to consider that every human being is subject to external and internal forces (greed, envy, ignorance, anger, pride, etc.). It is also necessary to take into account the anguish and desperation that human beings experience in the face of unique situations. Depending on how we prepare at the crucial moments of our earthly journey, our experiences can be directed at forming a more aggressive, destructive or, fortunately, more constructive personality.

We must overcome financial and technological daydreams so that we can act on the search for our inner being, and thus refine our soul. Yes, we must seek knowledge and intellectual and financial growth, but in a balanced and fair manner. It is necessary to know well what we want and why we want it, so that opposite thoughts do not enter our minds and divert us from the right path.

If an incarnated being seeks to guide his life with the wise advice of “protect us” and strives to work for his spiritual development, he will certainly be able to come to the understanding of your fellow man. If this feeling is sincere, we can be willing to accept many situations that are beyond our control. If our attitude is based on the right behavior, we can move forward on the path of understanding and surrender. Nothing is more enriching than listening to criticism and being immediately prepared for a calm and peaceful self-analysis, in this way we will exercise self-control.

Thus, it is necessary not to give shelter to bad thoughts, to those who lose our balance and turn away from the path we want to take, from the behavior we usually adopt, in order to achieve spiritual victories. We have to find the balance between the “what” and “why” we want something on our journey.

Father, I serve my brother, for I have learned from Jesus that almsgiving is a balm that eases the pain of those who practice it. Father, it gives me the strength to forget my suffering, and reduces the pain of others. Help me, my Creator, to understand my comrades.

Present Prayer at Work: The World I Found – Spirited by Luis Sergio and Psychological Design by Alayde de Assunção e Silva


Afonso Celso Gonçalves Jr. He has been a professor and researcher at Unioeste since 1999, working in the field of analytical and environmental chemistry. He currently works at the Center for Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Cascavel Campus, where he teaches courses for engineering courses at the Center for Exact Sciences and Technologies. Education: Industrial Chemist (UFSM-RS); Chemistry Teaching Specialist (UEPG-PR); MSc in Chemistry – Agricultural Chemistry (UEM-PR); Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry (UFSC-SC); Postdoctoral in Environmental Sciences (UFG-GO); Postdoctoral training in the repair of environmental parts (University of Santiago de Compostela – Spain); Post Doctorate in Agricultural Sciences (UEM-PR). Professor Afonso has a high scientific and technological output, being a Productivity Researcher by CNPq and has received many outstanding awards in research and innovation. He is currently actively working on three postgraduate programmes: Energy Engineering in Agriculture (Master and PhD). Conservation and Management of Natural Resources (MSc); Agricultural Engineering (MSc and PhD).

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