The young man who mocks left-wing militants is not the daughter of Representative Maria do Rosario

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Investigated content: old video That spread on social media once again shows a “call” to protest in the name of “marijuana” in support of the former President of the Republic. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (in English). The author says in the post that the woman is the daughter of a federal deputy Maria do Rosario (PT-RS).

where it was posted: Facebook

complete proof: A video clip circulated on Facebook showing a humorous image as statements by the daughter of Representative Maria do Rosario is false. The person in the video is calling on followers to get “marijuana” for “Abina” Lola.

However, the young woman who starred in the pictures is not the daughter of Representative Maria do Rosario, but a character known as Fernanda Menazzi or in Menazzi, played by actress Raffaella Gabo, who makes fun of left-wing movements. Records champion and deputy denied kinship.

The character’s name is a mockery of the term “feminazi,” which is used pejoratively to refer to radical feminists.

bloomer, For Comprova, it is content that has been invented or edited to change its original meaning and published intentionally to spread falsehood.

Publication Scope: Comprova checks the most suspicious content far away on social networks. As of May 9, one post had 448 interactions and 273 shares. During verification, another post is no longer publicly available or has been deleted. Facebook itself put a warning that there was misinformation in the video.

What the author of the post says: Contacted by Comprova, via Facebook messenger, the authors of the posts did not respond to the questions asked.

How do we check: Since it is outdated content that has already spread to other situations, Comprova has begun investigating for verifications of this material that has already been denied by other agencies (The magnifying glass, AFP checks and facts).

We also contacted the two Facebook profiles who shared the video, but neither of them responded to Comprova.

We are seeking the position of Federal Deputy Maria do Rosario on her social networks.

“Fe Minazi” makes fun of left-wing militants and is a character of a Brazilian actress

Baptized as Fernanda Menazzi or simply “In Menazzi” – a pun on the term “Vimenazi”, the girl who appears in videos posted on social networks is, in fact, a character performed by actress Raffaella Gabo. In YouTube and Facebook cartoons that bring V to life, the artist makes fun of left-wing militants.

Contrary to what has been posted on social media, “V” has nothing to do with Federal Representative Maria do Rosario. This is not the first time that the deputy’s daughter has been named. the artist herself Refusal This claim.

The Facebook profile on “Fê” is flagged as fake, indicating that the content posted there are satirical or humorous videos. In the description, the character refers to a social science study in “UERJS” – a possible reference to the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) – and claims to be “a homophobic, feminist, racist and casey”.

The post, which has gone viral again in recent days, was originally published in November 2016. In the funny content, the character calls out “marijuana” to be “for the good of Father Lula and for the good of democracy.”

In a second moment of content, the character still says she supports journalist Fatima Bernardis who, at the time, Harassment on social media Because of a debate he promoted on his show. The controversy served as a backdrop to the contents of “Ve Menazi”.

MP speaks again and refers to the “hate office”

As soon as the videos on social networks were rescued, Federal Representative Maria do Rosario again showed herself on the topic and posted about it Instagram profile. The MP expressed her opposition to the content which, although humorous, in her opinion, presents itself as “corrupt and cowardly” material.

In a two-minute video posted to her profile, the MP reiterated that the girl appearing in the viral content is not her daughter. Maria do Rosario in the article still laments that women working in politics are often assaulted by their relatives, as a way of beating them personally.

“Throughout all these years, I have always tried to keep politics and my public representation away from personal differences. But in fact, we women especially are attacked in what is most important to us: family, care, attention. To beat me they tried to beat my daughter. Look, this is fake news. This girl Not my daughter. What you say I don’t know, I don’t even know this person. It’s a lie,” declared Pt.

“I like and love [minha filha] above all. I wish I could protect you from this here [mostrando o vídeo compartilhado nas redes sociais]. Because all the fake news that hits someone’s son just because someone is in politics, attacks the family hard. And it’s funny because these people call themselves defenders of the family. I never attacked anyone’s family. So, exempt Brazil from these despicable attacks. Let’s do politics at a high level. “The hate committees and their ministries cannot win,” the MP concluded.

Why are we investigating?: Comprova is investigating suspicious content spread on social media about the covid-19 pandemic, the general policies of the federal government, and the presidential election. The target video for this verification uses humorous content, makes fun of left-wing hardliners, and claims that the character is the daughter of Federal Representative Maria do Rosario. Misleading posts mentioning politicians and presidential candidates – as with former President Lula, mentioned in the analyzed content – can incite misinterpretations of reality and influence voters at the time of voting, to the detriment of the democratic process.

Other checks on the subject: The same video has been verified by other screening agencies as For the facts, Lupa, O Estado de Minas, and Estadão. Everyone came to the conclusion that the videos with humorous content were taken out of context and used to attack Congresswoman Maria do Rosario and, indirectly, former President and pre-election candidate Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

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