The body of an American guest has been identified at the Sandals Resort in the Bahamas

Royal Bahamas Police Commissioner Paul Roll said a pathologist will conduct an autopsy on Monday. The interim Prime Minister of the Bahamas, Chester Cooper, said there was no suspicion of wrongdoing in Friday’s killings.

Rolle said authorities are working on plans to return the dead, and arrangements are being made for their belongings to be delivered to their representatives in the United States.

Forensic scientists are collecting samples from the dead, Rolle said, and a laboratory in Philadelphia is helping with toxicology tests. He said the lab expects results to be ready within seven days. He said scientists also took samples from the victims’ rooms to check for contaminants.

The authorities have so far refused to disclose whether any contaminants were found in the samples. Rolle said the pathologists will release a formal report once the tests are complete.

Police announced the death of Michael Phillips, 68, and his wife Robbie Phillips, 65, at the resort on Friday, while Vincent Paul Cearella, 64, of Florida, was found unconscious in a separate room.

A fourth American – Cirella’s 65-year-old wife – Denis Cirella – was spotted with her husband. He was airlifted to a hospital in the capital of the Bahamas before being transferred to Kendall Hospital in Miami.
His son is Austin Ciarella. ABC News told his mother, “I got up, my dad was lying on the floor, she couldn’t move. Her legs and arms were swollen, she couldn’t move, and she was screaming for someone to come to the door.”

Tonis Chiarella told her son he was sick Thursday, but after he was discharged from the clinic, according to ABC, “I think he’s fine.”

He said he was sad about his father’s death. “My dad is everything to me,” he told ABC.

CNN’s attempts to reach Austin Ciarella failed.

Phillips’ daughter Caroline Phillips Fortenbury sent a statement to CNN on Monday.

He wrote: “Our hearts are shattered with sadness but filled with hope.” “We know that our Father and Father enjoy complete joy in the presence of our Heavenly Father. We already miss them greatly. Our Fathers left their faith in Jesus and loved their families and friends so generously.”

The victims went to the doctor the day before yesterday

The police commissioner said the four victims received medical treatment before they were found in their rooms. He added that they were eating in different restaurants.

“The doctor saw them the night before and it was about 11 a.m. and they were found the next morning. So we have the schedule… from 11 p.m. to 8:30 a.m. to 9 a.m.,” Roll said. .

Sandals spokeswoman Stacey Royal and the US State Department confirmed the three deaths at the Chandles Emerald Bay Resort in Great Exuma.

We are closely monitoring the investigation by local authorities into the cause of death. “We are ready to provide all appropriate diplomatic assistance,” the State Department said in a statement. “Out of respect for the families’ privacy, we have nothing to add at the moment.”

Resort villa guests have not responded

Police said resort staff told police that an unconscious person was found in a village after 9 a.m. on Friday. On the way to the scene, the police were informed that another unresponsive man and woman had been found in another village.

In the first village, the police found a “Caucasian man lying on the ground unresponsive” who showed no signs of injury. The doctor declared him dead, according to the police. Rolle said the woman who was hospitalized with him has been found.

In the second village, the report said, they found a second man who “fallen unresponsive to the bathroom wall” and “found the woman lying on a bed in the bedroom.”

“Both of them showed signs of epileptic fits,” the statement said. Both of them showed no signs of shock. Doctors said they died, too.

Cooper on Friday asked the country’s health and health minister to lead a team of health, environment and public works officials to the Exuma region. The Department of Environmental Health Services was at the scene on Monday, Roll said.

“Shoe resorts are no more important than the safety of our guests,” the resort said in a statement, “actively working to “support the investigation and the guest family in every possible way.”

He said additional information “out of respect for the privacy of our guests” could not be disclosed by Sandals.

Correction: An earlier version of this story was misrepresented that her condition changed when Tonys Cyrilla Kendall was taken to the hospital. She is in a reasonable position.

Sarah Smart, Carol Alvarado, Carlos Suarez and Elliot C. contributed to this report.

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