President of Jovem Pan Group receives the highest honor of Alesp

The radio, internet and television band celebrates 80 years of defending democracy, freedom of expression, family and truth

President of the Jovem Pan Group, Antonio Augusto do Amaral de Carvalho Filho, better known as Totenha Carvalho

president Young Bang GroupAnd Antonio Augusto do Amaral de Carvalho Filho, better known as Totenha Carvalholast Monday, the 9th, the highest honor awarded by Legislative Assembly of the State of São Paulo. Presenting the award is recognition of tireless work in the search for truth. The honoree spoke about what the title represents for him: “It is a tribute to the work of all Jovem Pan employees, who worked hard for the success of this new stage, which belongs to TV Jovem Pan News,” he said.

“The greatest honor this council gives to important people, to important personalities, appointed by us Parliamentarians. Totenha continues the legacy of Tota. And I am a person who loves learning about stories and life stories. Tota and her tutu, in this continuity, lead Jovem Pan, all the work done, the commitment you have to the truth, With the information, the commitment that you have with Brazil, and that Brazil is working, so that people can get the right crystal information, clean information, so that Brazilian families are aware of the information, which often, for many years, was not enough for Brazilian families,” highlights the Vice-State Leticia Aguiar (PP) on the selection of the President of the Jovem Pan Group to receive the Medal of Honor for Alesp’s merit.

The ceremony, which was attended by a very large number of attendees at the plenary session of Alesp, was attended by the authorities, representatives and dignitaries, as well as family, friends and employees of Jovem Pan. The party was also marked by emotional moments, as testimonies were shown on screen, especially from the children and parents of Totenha Carvalho: “Dad, congratulations, I wanted to say I’m so proud of you, you obviously know I’ve been coming with you You’re here for the radio since you were little In your lap I’ve always seen you working, having ideas out of nowhere. You’re a man with ideas, with new projects, pursuing your dreams. And you’re achieving your biggest dream, which is TV Jovem Pan Everyone who knows you knows you always wanted TV Jovem Pan. Congratulations! First daughter: You deserve it.

“Dad, congratulations, what a pride, it’s great to see your work being recognized. It’s really great when we’re in the club, on the street, in the restaurant and people stop to praise you, and say that your work is exceptional, that you’re changing Brazil. We So proud of you. We know you don’t stop, you work 24 hours a day, especially with insomnia, or your head is working, or when you play lock and just think about everything. It all pays off. So congratulations! The second daughter said: “I’m proud So much for being your daughter, I love you so much and you are a daily inspiration in my life.”

The middle daughter also made a quick statement: “Dad, congratulations! You are my biggest inspiration, you fill me with more pride every day. The greatest gift I can receive is to be your daughter, I love you so much.” “Hello Dad. Congratulations! I am so proud to be your daughter. Kiss. ​​The youngest added. Totenha’s son Carvalho was the last of the children to say: ‘Dad, congratulations on this great achievement.’” We know you work yourself to death day and night nonstop, you are a man with a thousand ideas. I think this award just shows that you are on the right track and that your dreams will come true. It is a pleasure to be by your side, to be able to work with you, to learn a little each day. Big kiss. I love you”.

“Tween her, you are always shining. You are my pride. Congratulations! A kiss from Mami,” announced the mother of the president of the Jovem Pan Group. TV director Nilton Traviso got emotional when he talked about the itinerary of Tottenha Carvalho. “Young Pan News is on. Beautiful work, another beautiful work of the Carvalho family. And the warrior boy is Antonio Augusto Amaral de Carvalho Filho, better known as Totenha,” he commented.

Seu Tuta, Antônio Augusto Amaral de Carvalho, also received the same honor from the association in 2017. His testimony to his son touched everyone. “Here I walked away and left my son in his place. He got an award too,” he said. “It’s just amazing. My son is wise.” The tribute took into account the avant-garde characteristic of the Jovem Pan Group, which escapes from the ordinary and always strives to be a step ahead. The car that anticipates the future with new technologies and content, delivers high-quality information to its listeners, Internet users and viewers, and holds the credibility of decades.

“The teachings of my grandfather, Dr. Paulo Machado de Carvalho, and my father, Suu Tota, who was moved by his speech, brought us here and will take us much further. This year, the Jovem Pan group has turned 80. It has been 80 years,” Totenha said after receiving the honour. A year of tireless work in defense of the family, democracy, freedom of expression and the interests of the country.

The Vice President of Press at Jovem Pan Group, José Carlos Pereira, highlighted the continuity of the work for generations: “This moment is a present moment in his life, as a communications professional, who has a responsibility to create such quality and credible content.” Jovem Pan CEO, Roberto Araujo, highlighted the transformative ideal of the telecom entrepreneur: “He’s a great entrepreneur, innovating all the time, and also transitioning a large radio network to another medium, with a medium. Digital. Then the transition to television. Just as important and important.

One of the main signs of her tween is freedom of expression. For the head of the Jovem Pan group, this issue is not negotiable. The press must remain free to exercise its role without censorship or any kind of regulation. “Non-negotiable. This is our daily battle. Jovem Pan works for it, for democracy, for freedom of speech, for the defense of the family and with the truth. These are the main reasons for our work,” states Totenha. The award only confirms that Totenha has embraced the responsibility to carry forward the legacy of communications. “I am carrying on the work of my father, who is my great mentor, whom I respect and always do, to show him that I am also like him, a great hero. Success does not happen alone. I learned from him,” Carvalho concluded.

* With information from reporter Daniel Lian

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