Maria Pinheiro and Antonio Rocha are the oldest futsal players to be registered with FPF and have passed on their passion to their children – Futsal

Maria Doris Pinheiro and Antonio Rocha, the Portuguese Football Federation’s (FPF) oldest five-a-side players, passed on this passion to their children and aspire to “feed this little animal” so that it “leaves the body and does not weigh the age”.

“[Tenho] My colleagues who already told me that their grandmothers were about my age. They were amazed and asked me how I could play when I was as good as them. I think I am a good example and they are happy,” said the Lusa agency, 52-year-old Maria Doris Pinheiro, who works for Boticas, from the levels of the Villa Real province.

This physical education teacher, who broke out in sports through athletics and is currently studying in Montalegre, a municipality north of Boticas, started entering futsal early, when “there were no women’s teams yet and she played with the boys on the street and at school.” “.

In the past, I was asked ‘What are you tomboy doing?’ “They said it was just for boys, but I never cared and they just asked me to come play. I liked it, I played anyway and that’s not what made me give up. Now, it’s completely different. It’s okay for women to play sports and it’s good.” , confirmed.

A group of friends of Maria Doris Pinheiro was “for fun” a couple of decades ago at a tournament organized by the municipality, paving the way for the creation of women’s futsal in Bottetias, which had already ceased, however, always revitalized in the presence of the wing / fixed. “We have been with this team for five years in a row. There is always some sacrifice, especially in the winter, when I come home from work and then I am already in training. There is no time to do anything else, but I don’t. I train if I couldn’t and could hardly miss anything. When I commit and love it, I do things the best way I can,” he explained.

Maria Dors Pinheiro “almost” enters the initial “five”, except when she fractured her arm and torn ligaments in the knees, but she admits that she must be “very demanding” in order to “train well, be in shape and at the level of other girls”. “I haven’t played for a few months, because I had a partial torn ligament. I heard people who don’t understand the sport and my teammates tell me I wasn’t old enough for this and I had a feeling. It’s funny that a 16-year-old girl from another team got hurt in the The same day I got more serious injuries. I told him that age does not determine this. People looked at me and fell silent,” he joked.

In a land where “there aren’t many players”, Maria Doris Pinheiro rejoices to be able to share the bathroom with her two daughters Ines, 24, and Barbara, 21, who see their mother as an “incentive” to stay in the sport “in good voluntarily and with great care”. “The older girl didn’t have many chances and I dragged her a little bit. And the younger one too, although she started playing with the boys when she was younger and then moved to the zone team. He can get hurt, but they love being on the team. That’s unique. If I had never given up, so that they would say, if it hadn’t been for me, maybe they would have already,” he said.

Until 2020, when he left the sport in favor of the professional track, Thiago, 31, also wanted to inherit from Antonio Rocha the taste of goal, which his father had cherished since Palladinhas on the school grounds and was evident in the transition from the meadows to the courts. “I played soccer until I was 30 or so. Then I saw that I had a lot of potential in futsal, because the goal is smaller and different, even though I have more work to do during the match. I embraced it with all my might and haven’t been injured.” Opponents say so,” said 61-year-old goalkeeper Lusa, who was playing for Amigos de Campanha, at Porto district levels.

A member of his hometown club for five years, this home textile seller supposes that competition in goal “forces him to play better,” culminating, even without many victories, in “the pleasure of listening to referees and opponents congratulate them on the show.” “I see.” Lots of young men in Veterans Games. At the end, they looked at me and told me I defend well. I tell them to keep going and always do their best. Once, one of these kids told me that his father, of my age, I enjoyed on the sofa watching TV and didn’t even get up, while I play and I am an example to everyone,” he explained.

Antonio Rocha, who has played amateur football for Sporting da Cruz and Coimbre, among other clubs in the Porto metropolitan area, sees his “health going well”, so much so that he evades medical advice to “play rather than play”, after “some misfortune.” “. “In futsal, I had a canoe fracture. In football, I fractured my leg and ruptured the inner meniscus in the knees. Fortunately, there was nothing stopping me. I do what I can and I wanted to see if I could play another four years, Until I was 65. Before that, the target was up to 60, but I feel good, they like the way to play and to be around and I’m still here.”

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