Is Bolsonaro really the ‘father’ of the Pecs? See how the idea for the tool came about

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), who has claimed Pix is ​​an action by the government itself, should explore the tool for instant transfers and payments during Palácio do Planalto’s re-election campaign.

The idea is backed by political allies: “The president has a lot to show in the election period. Nobody knows that Pecs was his government’s project,” he said. UOL Minister of Communications, Fábio Faria (PP-RN).

But is Bolsonaro really the “father” of the Pecs? DrDocuments analyzed by UOL It turns out that the BC (Central Bank) has begun the process of creating the platform In 2016, when the economist headed the agency Ilan Goldfajn –During the government of former President Michel Temer (MDB).

BC is protected from political interference. Regardless of Presidents and BC, Pix will be approved for its artistic quality
Team member responsible for Pix at BC

The successful launch of The tool was signed in November year 2020. In particular, members of the team responsible for Pix at BC revealed that the platform development project was already at an advanced stage when economist Roberto Campos Neto, who was appointed by Bolsonaro in 2019, took over the presidency of the body.

The idea for Pix in BC appeared in 2016

In December 2016, Goldfajn He indicated that BC was preparing to launch a tool inspired by Zelle, a platform similar to pixel who – which financial technology in early time warning Services It was announced a short time ago in the United States.

He told the press at the time: “Technological innovations have changed the world in many areas. We follow these innovations in the financial system. We have innovations in payment methods.”

Also in 2016, the BC server team produced a report on the benefits and possible designs of pay-as-you-go systems. Discussions expanded in 2017, with studies conducted in partnership with international agents, the financial market, and members of other central banks.

“When the knowledge was fully mature, the technical field of BC came to the conclusion that the implementation of the instant payments system in Brazil would be an excellent policy to increase competition, efficiency, security and inclusion in the Brazilian payment system,” he said. UOL One of the BC employees who participated in the first phase of the project.

The proposal was then submitted to the University Council of British Columbia for analysis and was eventually approved by the Presidency of the Commission.

In May 2018, nearly six months before Bolsonaro’s election, BC created a working group called “Instant Payments,” which took charge of producing the basic specifications for the system that would eventually become Pix.

Also during the administration of Goldfajn, in December 2018, the agency published a report in which it laid down a series of “prerequisites” for the eventual implementation of the payment system in the country. In the text, the then director of monetary policy, Rinaldo Read Thanks, Description pixel As an “effective, competitive, secure and inclusive” banking method.

BC has agreed to the basic requirements and will act as a leader in the development of instant payments in Brazil, with the aim of creating the necessary conditions for the development of an efficient, competitive, secure and inclusive ecosystem that accommodates all use cases.
An announcement from the Central Bank of Pix in December 2018

“The fact that Ilan and his team were there at that moment was purely a coincidence,” he said. UOL The BC analyst is involved in the Pix structuring process. “No matter who the President of the Republic, the Minister of Finance and the President of the BC are, it is certain that the project will be approved because of its technical quality. The council is very protected from political interference,” she adds.

In response to a question about the role played by the government of President Jair Bolsonaro in the process of creating and implementing pixThe Presidency of the Republic stated that BC is the body responsible for providing information about the tool.

to me UOLBC issued the following note:

Like other big projects, Pix was developed by BC through an evolution process that involved many technical areas and many servers. Specifications, system development, and brand building took place between 2019 and 2020, culminating in its launch in November 2020. Pix’s development agenda is permanent and stipulates the launch of many new features, to be delivered in the various years ahead.”.

BC in Bolsonaro management has kept Pix as a priority

Roberto Campos Neto has kept the financial system modernization agenda set up by British Columbia employees and approved by the team led by Ilan Goldfine a year ago, as a priority for his management.

In August 2019, the agency released a statement in which directors Joao Manuel Pinho de Mello and Bruno Serra Fernandez detailed the improvements that Pix must undergo before its launch.

The ecosystem aims to provide the development of products and solutions that provide a better user journey in making payments efficiently and at low cost.
Central Bank announces improvement in Pix project in 2019

At this point, BC has determined what the Pix keys are for identifying user accounts: cell phone, CPF, CNPJ, and email. The final Pix model was released in April 2020, when BC launched a public consultation to receive contributions from the community and improve the tool’s rules.

Bolsonaro mixes Pecs and civil aviation

pix It was launched in November 2020. On that day, when greeted by a supporter, in front of the Palácio da Alvorada, to implement the podium, Bolsonaro seemed to believe that Pix was a topic related to civil aviation.

“There is a document there [do Ministério da Infraestrutura] This week will virtually deregulate and eliminate bureaucracy for everything related to civil aviation…a pilot’s license”And The chief said.

Then the supporter explained that pixel New way to transfer money: “This is from the central bank, used for payments 24 hours, seven days a week, anytime, no need for DOC nor who Ted“.

Bolsonaro then stated that he does not know what is going on around him. “I didn’t know, I’m going to speak this week with Campos Neto,” he said.

“Abu Bex”: Bolsonaro will cast himself as the executioner

to me UOLBolsonaro’s aides say the president’s election propaganda will position him as the “executor” for launching Pix. They also claim that the tool shut down Campos Neto to gain a prominent role in the campaign.

In the interviewees’ analysis, the economist’s great asset was the launch of the platform in the first year of the pandemic, when Bolsonaro relied solely on the popularity of R$600 emergency aid to maintain levels of government approval.

The bet is that the economist’s political skills and ability to dialogue with the National Congress should make him a key figure, beyond Bolsonaro’s electoral timetable. Behind the scenes, allies are speculating that the banker might be invited to head a governor in the economic zone in a second term for the president.

Electoral law attorney Acacio Miranda da Silva Filho explains that Campos Neto is prohibited from participating directly in electoral procedures. “Given this, Pix can be used in Bolsonaro’s campaign as an example of successful public policy, but its existence cannot be linked to maintaining the government,” he says.

Even if Bolsonaro loses re-election, Campos Neto should leave British Columbia only in 2024.

“The merit goes to the BC servers,” says the economist

The leader of the Labor Party in the House of Representatives, economist Reginaldo Lopez (MG), says Bolsonaro’s strategy is to “assume the paternity of a child who is not his father” and attack the presidential candidate’s candidacy Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

“The digital militia is lying by saying that former President Lula intends to end Pix. Justo Lula, who when he was in government put 45 million people in the banking system. Bolsonaro wants to pretend to be Pix’s father, but he is the father of lies,” says the congressman.

In the liberal sphere, economist Pedro Menezes recalls that the government, through its Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, has proposed taxing digital transactions under a new CPMF – which will include operations performed via Pix. “The credit for the success of Pix goes to BC servers and managers,” says Instituto Mercado Popular founder.

In the opinion of BC Server Association President Fabio Fayyad, Pix was executed “despite” of the Bolsonaro government – not because of it.

The unionist said, “Servers of the state – not the government – worked nights and weekends to launch the platform, in the midst of a health crisis. Regardless of the alternate governor, they are public servants developing projects.”

The Ministry of Economy and the office of Minister Paulo Guedes did not respond to the report. The UOL He tries to contact former British Columbia President Ilan Goldfein. If there are any appearances the text is updated.

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