“I will exercise my duties guided by the priority demands of citizenship,” said Kécia Cabral-Corío dos Moncipios.

The Public Prosecution Office of the State of Alagoas (MPAL), on Monday (9), inaugurated the new Prosecutor Kicia Oliveira Cabral de Vasconcellos who, before being promoted according to the merit criteria, had exercised her duties in the 23rd Prosecutor’s Office of the capital, custody sessions. As of today, she holds the seat that once belonged to Prosecutor José Artur Melo. At the inauguration, which took place in a hybrid format and presented by the prosecutors’ body of justice, Kicia Cabral spoke in defense of citizenship.

The ceremony took place at the Sala dos Collegiates, which is located at the headquarters of the Public Prosecution Office. The ceremony was attended by the Attorney General, Marcio Roberto Tenorio de Albuquerque, the Institutional Administrative Assistant Prosecutor, Walter Accioli, the Deputy Judicial Prosecutor, Sergio Juca, the Inspector General, Alber Valente de Lima, the MPAL Ombudsman, Lin Araujo, the Prosecutors Denis Lima Calheiros, and Marcos Miro, Eduardo Tavares, Denis Guimarães, Isaac Sandis and Marlos Caldas, the Prosecutor and Secretary of the College, Humberto Pimentel, and the President of the Association of Public Prosecutions (Ambal), Prosecutor Roberto Salomao. Prosecutor Sergio Scala almost participated in the opening. The ceremony was also attended by retired attorney Delmar Camerino and several prosecutors, employees and family members of the new attorney general.

The MPAL President, when welcoming the newest member of the college, highlighted Kicia Cabral’s performance by the prosecutors she passed. “Whether in the capital or in the countryside, associate Kicia Cabral has made history and left her mark, working with responsibility and dedication and promoting justice for the Alagoas. Now, without a doubt, your contribution to legal debates here at the College of Prosecutors will provide further intelligence and knowledge to our discussions. Welcome and success in the task you have now begun,” declared Marcio Roberto Tenorio de Albuquerque.

He stated that he worked in his administration to value women. Since I took my first management position within the institution, I have sought to appreciate the women working here. When I went to General Corregedoria, I chose Attorney General Adriana Gomes to be our secretary. And when I became the attorney general, I chose many of the promoters and workers to be part of my department. I know that where there are women, there is more balance, miserliness, serenity and dialogue. I am happy to be a part of this moment and to see another lawyer composing this college,” added Marcio Roberto Tenorio de Albuquerque.

The attorney general talks about working for citizenship

After taking the position, Kicia Cabral began his speech by recalling the profession of his father, who was also a member of the MPAL. “I beg your permission to tell you a short memory: the story of a daughter who grew up seeing in her father an example of honesty, work, study, and effort, who became a lawyer, writer, teacher, assistant public prosecutor, Minister of Justice and Public Security for the Government of the State of Alagoas, Attorney General, Mayor of Santana do Ipanema, and Judge of the Court of Justice, appointed Under the V Constitutional Act Vacancy for the Public Prosecution Office, the President of the Provincial Electoral Court and the President of the Court of Justice.This is my story and I am that proud daughter I, as a member of the Public Prosecution Office and as part of the Public Prosecutors’ Corps, endeavor to follow the exemplary path taken by my father, Helio Rocha Cabral de Vasconcelos, with honor, commitment and tireless pursuit of justice.”

Keshia Cabral also said that he would continue to carry out his work as a member of MPAL with dedication: “The Public Prosecution Office has been united and supported by each and every prosecutor, who, in his own way and in his time, has built this fundamental institution of the judicial function of the state, in pursuit of the legal system and the interests of society, With sincere adherence to the Constitution and the laws.Therefore, I will, in my duties, highlight this great legacy which has been left not only to me, but also to all of us who are part of the Public Prosecution.And I will endeavor to perform my duties skillfully, in order to appreciate our constitutional position, guided by priority demands for citizenship,” she continues.

The new prosecutor also spoke of the honor of being the fourth woman to hold the position: “It is with great pride that I am today the fourth woman to hold the position of attorney general at this wonderful college. Former Vera Nolasco, as our entrepreneur, and prosecutors Denis Guimarães and Marlos Caldas, alluded to this The importance they deserve in women’s performance in the legal environment,” he said, concluding the moment by thanking the family, to other MPAL members, civil servants and friends.

Greetings from Kissa Cabral

And it was up to Attorney General Marlos Caldas to welcome the newest member of the college. “Today we can say that the women of Alagoas prosecutors are everywhere, from north to south, from remote areas to the coast, experiencing all the vicissitudes of their careers and feeling all the pain of our society. Follow the stories of those who feel weak or powerful, there are women. We know the challenges are great, however, in the face of such a noble mission, we will continue this desire to change the facts, now with a replay,” she said.

After Marlos Caldas, many members of the Board of Public Prosecutors expressed their respect for Kecia Cabral, among them the Deputy Institutional Administrative Prosecutor, Walter Accioli. “The arrival of another woman to incorporate this fellowship shows that there is no place for masculinity within the Public Prosecution Office of Alagoas. In fact, I would also like to take this opportunity to say how proud I am to be part of a department in which women hold more than 50% of management positions. To my friend Noble Kessia, I wish to welcome you to the Board of Attorneys General and may God bless your path in this new position,” he said.

Who closed the statements was the public judge, Alber Valente de Lima. “I am sure that associate Kícia Cabral will bring the values ​​of our working lives shaped by the education she received from Judge Hélio Cabral, such as respect, loyalty and honesty. Of course, added to this, she will also bring her already recognized competence.”


Kícia Oliveira Cabral de Vasconcellos joined the Public Prosecution Office 32 years ago, in 1990, initially working in the province of Atalaya. Over time, in the countryside, he exercised his duties in the Public Prosecutor’s Offices of São Sebastião, Paso de Camaragipe, São Miguel dos Campos, Campo Alegre, Egassi, Palmira dos Ondios, Agua Branca, São Praz, Porto Real do Colejo, Jirao do Ponciano and Porto de Piedras. In the capital, she worked on prosecutors 15, 18, 19, 20, 21, 26, 33, 36 and 39, having also worked as a technical advisor to the prosecutor in 1998. Finally, before ascending to the position, he exercised his duties in prosecutors in Institutions and custody sessions, having accumulated in parallel with the replacement in the first and ninth prosecutor’s office.

She is also curator of the Helio Cabral Memorial to the MPAL Movement, named after her father.

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