How does technology affect

While Brazil decides whether or not to allow gambling in the country, offering physical spaces and also better online casinos, including taxing these companies, countries where this practice has already been standardized are noticing a change in the profile not only of gamblers, the smaller Older and more accustomed to technology, but also a change in what is presented to the public.

With the pandemic, and the increase in the number of people using computers and internet platforms, websites offering sports betting and online casinos had to improve many aspects to support the flow of users. Internet use in Brazil grew in 2020, from 74% to 81% of the population, representing 152 million people.

This was a worldwide trend that affected many sites, including gambling sites. Therefore, a series of novelties have been developed to make the user experience more realistic. We can start by listing, for example, 5G networks, which promise a much higher Internet connection than the current one.

The ability of 5G networks to provide a large number of users with a fast internet connection will allow you to play more games simultaneously. The difference will be quite noticeable if the gambler is playing casino games such as online slot machines, poker and blackjack at the same time, for example, as 5G will allow real-time play without any lag or lag. Additionally, you will be able to take advantage of new features such as live streaming and virtual reality.

Another good news is games hosted in the cloud, which is a technology space that can be accessed from anywhere, without being restricted to a specific computer. With an improved user interface and faster loading time, it allows for a high definition gaming experience. Additionally, this technology has improved data storage options.

Cloud gaming eliminates the need to carry a console and provides users with quick access to multiple games. Similarly, users can play these games with their laptops, desktops and smart devices anywhere in the world.

This technology also has a significant impact on security. Here, the information is stored in the default storage space. This makes the “cloud” more secure than other systems. In addition, it provides easy access to games – and is compatible with any type of device. It allows unlimited storage, backup and restore of data.

Regarding payment and financial transactions, the most important thing is to talk about the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Every bookmaker values ​​security and confidentiality. When playing in a casino that also uses cryptocurrencies, the user can manage their money without using their credit card details, for example, avoiding fraud or potential frauds. Moreover, crypto transactions with cryptocurrencies are among the safest ways to transfer money online.

To stay competitive, online casinos are turning to data modeling and behavior analysis to improve the gaming experience of their customers. By keeping track of the games being played, how often bonuses are used and other factors, casinos can provide a more personalized experience, which is critical for the user to feel comfortable coming back to the site and continuing to play.

In addition, this data can be used to improve customer support, making it more effective and efficient. As a result, data modeling and behavioral analysis are having a huge impact on the online gambling industry, making it more attractive to casual gamblers or even those who have been in the industry for a longer period.

All this data and news shows that the online gambling industry is growing and includes new experiences. Brazil has tried to make it possible to address the agenda in Congress, but the issue, which was approved in the House of Representatives, is still paralyzed in the Senate. The expectation, according to Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), is that the agenda will be voted on by the end of the year.

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