Having dreamed of a cilhuda cat, I decided to buy the MyLash franchise

Thanara Magalhaes Lima, from Rio de Janeiro, bet on her intuition and opened a unit of MyLash Network in Rio de Janeiro

There are those who say and believe that dreams have the ability to reveal some signs. For a young woman from Rio de Janeiro, Thanara Magalhaes Lima, 28, after a dream with a tall white cat, she decided to open her own business and invest in the MyLash Eyelash Extension franchise.

She graduated in dentistry, and when she was in graduate studies she found out she was pregnant. Vicente was a newborn when she finished her course and dentistry ended up sitting in the back seat. Over time, her desire to open her own clinic waned and she saw potential in another market: beauty.

“When my son was two years old, knowing that he would soon go to school, I started studying the sector, the market. I focused on franchising because I didn’t want to start something from scratch. With no experience, I needed support to handle the business In all sections,” Thanara recalls.

She was born in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), and the vast majority of the beauty perks I found were far from her, and it would be impossible to travel to learn about work, receive training, and be away from her family, even if only a little. days.

During his internet searches, the name of the MyLash franchise piqued his interest. Having never had an eyelash extension in her life, her sixth sense told her she was on the right track. Since the franchisor is located in the same city as Thinara, it was another plus point for her to get to know the business model up close.

Thenara, who is skeptical about going the eyelash route, says she often asked God for an answer, because the project would change her life.

She dreamed and believed

The answer came in a dream! One night, he caught the long eyelashes of a white cat in a dream. Upon awakening, he searched for meaning and found that new paths and choices would work. Thenara had no doubts, it was the sign she had requested so much.

“During a meeting with the franchisee, I talked about my dream with Karina Arruda (CEO and founder of MyLash) and she told me she had a white cat as a child. It was another sign! I really had no doubts that I should do an eyelash extension service,” says Thanara. We closed the contract in the same week.

family support

The young woman says that her family has always given her the most strength to have her own business. His mother is the main supporter. So much so that she believed in her daughter’s dream and became a business partner. Felicidade Magalhães is a teacher, but he shares tasks with Thainara who is in charge of the shop. When he’s not teaching, he’s helping with customer service.

My parents gave me all the moral and financial support. They were essential pieces to get where I was. I am also very grateful to my husband, who came to the store even after arriving tired from work to solve questions and some problems that arose during work,” says the franchisor.

“I work with a woman’s self-esteem”

Working in the beauty sector often helps restore women’s self-esteem. This was one of the goals set by Thanara. “It’s very difficult to deal with people. We are different! Everyone has their own personality and expectations. I think the biggest benefit of this work is to make women more and more beautiful and self-confident, and enhance their beauty,” she says.

With the newly opened store in Vila da Penha, north of Rio de Janeiro, Thainara has opted for the mid-size model, with an area of ​​65 square metres.two. The store has four lash service booths and an eyebrow chair.

“I bet starting an eyelash franchise franchise even though I had no idea what, I didn’t have a habit of putting on eyelashes, actually. I invested because my intuition told me that was the way to go, which has been confirmed by time. Only,” he says.

But, contrary to the saying: “In a blacksmith’s house, stick a stick,” the day she opened her unit, Thenara also decided to stick with, for the first time, long eyelashes. “The result was amazing, it enhanced the look even more. I firmly believe MyLash doesn’t just sell eyelash extension service. We sell experience!”

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