Capcom reveals new monsters and details how to play Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

During the Monster Hunter Digital Event on Tuesday, series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and director Yoshitake Suzuki gave fans a deeper look at Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, including more details about the game and a new trailer.

The duo has revealed three additional monsters, the new Swap Skills Switch system, all-new follower quests and more information about the Elder Dragon Malzeno, the game’s main monster, arriving when the massive expansion is available for Switch and PC (Steam). June 30.

Check out the event and the new trailer below, along with information provided by Capcom.

Known as the “Dragon of a Thousand Blades,” Wing Wyrm Seregios returns victorious in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. This highly territorial fighter is known for flying high with its aerial maneuvers and astonishingly sharp flames covering its body. Hunters who are surprised when Syrigos drops their scales may end up with a “bleeding” condition, so watch out. Monsters returning from the base game arrive with new abilities and behaviors when they appear in Master Rank missions, as well as two new subtypes of monsters that debuted in Monster Hunter Rise will go into the expansion. The newly revealed Somnacanth Aurora releases a steady icy mist that threatens to freeze anything that gets too close. This adaptation allows the creature to glide smoothly through the ice to attack its prey, as well as to exhale forcefully from the ice. On the other hand, Magma Almudron prefers the intense heat of lava caves, and increases its attacks with molten rock to overpower any potential hunter.

All of these monsters are capable of bringing Hunters to their knees, but Elder Dragon Malzeno has the ability to make entire kingdoms bow. Malzeno leads a mysterious swarm of parasites that capture and absorb the energy of their victims. During close combat, the Elder Dragon attacks with elegance and ferocity worthy of his inspiration: the vampire. Once he leaves the prey in a state of “plague of blood”, they both start a duel to determine who will be drained of life energy first. If the hunter fails, Malzeno evolves into a more terrifying form to wreak havoc on the surviving enemies.

To meet these disastrous forces head-on, the Hunters who arrive at Elgado Post will need to find new ways to fight. While Kamora Village is known for its unique Cabinsect Techniques, including Ironsilk Assaults and Wyrm Mount, Hunters summoned to the Kingdom will learn new trading skills as well as acquire a new trading skill change technique. This new mechanic allows hunters to assign swap skills to two different gears, which can be swapped in real time while hunting. The additional flexibility in choosing the skills that are best for any given situation allows an experienced hunter to overcome virtually any obstacle. When receiving attacks while changing the skill of the swap, Hunters can make a dodge swap in any direction to avoid danger or to change their positions and continue the attack. Hunters interested in learning more about the new commercial capabilities of each of the 14 weapon types should head over to Capcom Brasil’s social channels starting May 16 to watch a series of short videos exploring each weapon.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak offers players new ways to connect with their magical cast of characters through new minions quests. These single hunts allow you to complete missions with the help of your favorite characters from the story. Each minion has its own specialty, and can even help players by restoring their health, setting traps, and even riding creatures to turn the tide of battle. Post Elgado members like Fiorayne, Luchika, Jae, Admiral Galleus, and Master Arlow can be reached as followers, as well as Kamura Village members like Hinoa and Minoto. Players will be able to unlock followers as they progress through the story, as well as unlock exclusive rewards by completing follower quests.

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