Almost 20 series and movies arrive this week on Netflix, as of 5/15; See the full list

This week’s new releases on Netflix

Good news coming this week, between April 9-15, 2022, at Netflix.

As highlights, we have the original war movie The Soldier Who Was Never There Before, the widowed drama with Viola Davis, Back to Prom.

As for the series, we have the first season of The Power and the Law, Part Two of Brotherhood and the premiere of 42 Days of Darkness.

See the full list:


Ghost in the Shell: SAC 2045 – Sustainable War

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Motoko Kusanagi and Section 9 face a new threat in the year 2045 in this film that retells the story of the first season of Ghost in the Shell.

Divine Divas

Eight creative stars at Teatro Rival, a theater for Brazil’s first generation of transvestites, sharing stories of expression and revolution in the 1960s, directed by Leandra Leal.


Supermoms: Season 6

Balance between personal and professional life? What is that? Kate, Ann, Jenny, Sloan, and Val work overtime to solve problems at home and at work!


The soldier who was not

Two British agents devise a strange strategy to deceive the Nazis and alter the course of World War II. Inspired by a true story of disinformation and starring Colin Firth.

Brotherhood: Season Two

After a deadly rebellion, Edson (Sue Jorge) and Cristina (Narona Costa) encounter new enemies and threats that test the relationship between the two.

king of escape

King of Escapes, a crime-action comedy set in the last days of communism in Poland, tells the story of an almost heroic and folkloric thief who has escaped from the police 29 times. Nimru was living on his own terms against the system. But love and the fall of the Berlin Wall changed everything.

42 Days of Darkness: Season 1

42 Days in the Dark follows the desperate journey of Cecilia Montes (Claudia di Girolamo) in search of her missing sister. Veronica (Allen Copenheim) mysteriously disappears from her home and her sister was the last person to call her.

to my dead lover

After the death of his wife Anna, Fernando becomes a calm and thoughtful man, taking care of his son Daniel alone. Every night, while the boy sleeps, he remembers his love by packing Anna’s things. One day, he finds a VHS tape, and upon watching it he discovers that his wife has been unfaithful.

our father?

A woman takes a DNA test and discovers several half-siblings, revealing a shocking scheme involving a famous IVF expert.



Four widows decide to commit a burglary to pay off an astronomical debt left by their criminal husbands. With Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Liam Neeson, Daniel Kaluuya and Colin Farrell.

Mavericks: Season 1

In this high-speed series, six teens with a passion for motocross try to defeat their rivals, bring out the best in each other and win.

Beauty Without Mercy: Season 1

Seeking revenge for her tragic past, a mysterious woman infiltrates a powerful family with a global empire of beauty products… and dark secrets.


Bianca (Karen Telles) is an actress who has not yet started her career. To keep up with this, she imitates the great movie divas and works to promote events. His luck seems to change when he landed the lead role in a major international production.


Show off empire: season two

Breakups, friendships and luxury resound in the party life of this group of wealthy Asians and Asian Americans in Los Angeles.

Might and the Law: Season 1

An idealistic and innovative lawyer uses the back seat of his car, Lincoln, as his desk. Based on Michael Connelly’s bestseller.

Back to prom

After falling into a coma for 20 years due to a botched stunt, a woman wants to live out her high school dream: to become a prom queen.


pen, collect, arrange, circle

Joel is a lawyer running for the Gravata City Council in Pernambuco. He decided to invite his old friend Chico Caixa (Thomás Aquino) to take part in the campaign, raising the voices of a simple neighborhood in the municipality by promising a water supply.

kidnapping in Cleveland

In this true-to-life drama, young Michelle Knight is kidnapped and held for 11 years, finding the courage to survive in the midst of a terrible ordeal.

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