5 collections that prove we can be trendy and dress more sustainably

Sprigfield is betting on a collection with more sustainable linen cuts

Springfield is betting on linen to welcome spring. A man and woman set in light, crisp and colorful pieces. For women, the collection, made from linen grown in Europe using more sustainable production processes, includes some cuts from organic cotton. Romantic silhouettes are accentuated in dresses with details like puffed sleeves, ruffles, and a back cutout.

For him, 100% of the pieces are made from the most sustainable European linen, which has been produced without irrigation, OMG (organisms whose DNA has been artificially modified) or waste, and using technologies like lasers and Eflow, in order to use less chemicals and water. .

For the second year, Springfield coincides with the launch of its linen collection with the Linen Community Initiative, a meeting point of culture, artists and artisans from different regions with a common denominator: the use of linen in their work and daily life. To achieve the goal, Springfield called for the participation of craftsmen who meet the requirements to be part of the Linen community. With a jury made up of the artists who participated in the first edition, Maria Ramirez and Puerica, along with the Springfield marketing team, the first phase of the competition ended with over 600 entries. The result: Four finalists are voted on by Springfield’s Instagram followers. The winning project receives a cash prize of €4,000.

Vintage for a bet issue on the pajama line

Following the success of the previous collection, VINTAGE FOR A CUSE is back to bet on a set of pajamas that just arrived in its online store, in cheerful shapes and vibrant colours. There are three styles in this collection – Bloom, Savannah, and Flourish – that fall into two models, one with a shirt and pants and the other with a shirt and shorts (another new in this group).

Circular Economy, at the heart of the brand since 2012, is present in the reuse of certified 100% viscose fabrics at a fair price between €34.99 and €36.99 (price details can even be consulted on each item on the brand’s online store).

The collection is available in sizes S, M and L with limited stock. On orders until May 1, the brand offers a scrunchy Made of the same fabric, which can be an excellent gift for mothers and daughters.

Furla presents the new Furla Linea Futura لعبة

DevelopmentThe process of culture is parallel to the removal of ornamentation from everyday objects”, said architect Adolf Loos in 1908, to promote smooth surfaces, simple, honest materials, and a simple aesthetic. Thus, the new Furla Linea Futura He follows the body with a frank and honest build. Essential purity, displayed in a rainbow of eleven colours, from neutral to neon, where avant-garde design meets love of the environment. A strong symmetry that serves as a nest or a shelter: in this colorful architecture, every object will find its home.

As for materials, upcycling is the main hero: the recovered precious leather is reworked according to GRS . Certificate (Global Recycled Standard), and reintroduced in a new and innovative way. When the leather itself is tanned, the metal-free treatment reduces the environmental impact. This two-size crossbody bag is designed with functionality that expresses the artistic and historical genes of Furla. As a work of nature, it requires no decorations. Following the words of Adolf Loos.

Buffalo launches a range that is 95% PETA certified.

The Buffalo Emphasizes its strong commitment to an increasingly sustainable path with its 95% PETA-certified Spring-Summer collection. To launch it, YES VE GAN!

In the name of this campaign, BUFFALO is inviting its entire community to a joint celebration calling for less harmful impact on global warming, lower carbon dioxide emissions, lower water consumption and a greater celebration of vegetarianism. To increase this awareness in the field of fashion, PETA partners with companies that work every day to offer animal-friendly styles and designs. To better define these partnerships, a PETA-certified logo has been created, strengthening this collection and is part of BUFFALO’s DNA.

Some of the brand’s fan-favorite models are the stars of this campaign. you Sorry NC MIDAnd Ashba LouvreAnd Corporate Social Responsibility or the CLD Velcro Shine in a collection designed for everyday life in the city, while maintaining a blend of the latest trends and the highest quality, with an increasingly strong environmental interest.

Gant launched a collection based on leftover fabrics

This spring, GANT is pleased to introduce their latest recycled capsule collection, REMAKE SS22.
Made with scraps of fabric reused to bring new and unique clothing to life, the recycled collection will be available exclusively online at gant.com starting May 5th.

Since 1950, GANT has experimented with new methods with fabric residues in its products. The new recycled capsule collection, of three for men and two for women, pays homage to GANT’s legacy and draws inspiration from preppy style through the use of leftover “madras”.

“This REMAKE collection takes our legacy into the future. It’s an excellent example of how to create a file The ancient technique and craftsmanship is still relevant today. The way to the future Circular fashion requires that we look at every single product or product left and find out how is that it can be turned into something beautiful.” says Jessica Cederberg Woodmar, Global Director of Sustainability and Innovation at GANT.

To celebrate this group and the importance of restructuring ourselves toward a more sustainable mindset, GANT has partnered with chef and food scientist David Zilber, who is involved in the campaign. Having worked as a Chef in the Brewing Lab at the prestigious Noma Restaurant and co-author of his New York Times bestselling book on brewing, David is one of the most respected names in this innovative field where science fuses with creativity.

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