Who is Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin, the “silent man” and the father of the President of Russia? – Foreman

Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin, born in Saint Petersburg on February 23, 1911, was part of Destruction Battalion of the People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs – The equivalent of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR – in the early days of World War II. Putin Senior was one of the soldiers responsible for protecting the rear of the Red Army during Operation Barbarossa.

Reports from that time, in 1941, state that the Destruction Brigades were a paralyzed unit that brought together Soviet criminals and alleged volunteers, who had to kill in cold blood anyone who posed a threat to the soldiers. Putin’s senior volunteered for the battalion as a submarine crew. He stayed there before he went to the regular army units.

These battalions They were involved in sabotage behind German lines My father took part in one of those operations,” Vladimir Putin described it. “They were sent to Kingisepp,” in the Russian province of Leningrad. “They looked around, set up a position in the forest, and even managed to blow up an ammunition depot before they ran out of food.”

According to Putin’s son, the father found Estonian villagers who gave them food, but then reported them to the Germans. “They had no chance of survival. The President of Russia said that the Germans surrounded us from all sides and only a few people managed to escape.

His father was one of them, but he kept following him as he ran to the front lines. Fighting for life, Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin He jumped into the swamp and stayed there until he escaped the German forces. I was breathing through a hollow stick. After the dogs accompanying the German soldiers passed, she came to the fore. Of the 28 men who made up his unit, only four survived.

Soon, Vladimir Putin’s father was sent to fight again, this time along the Neva. There was a small circular area that resisted the hegemony of German forces – the Neva Nickel – and the Soviets had the task of defending it. “An incredible number of bombs were dropped per square meter That patch of grass, even by the standards of that war. It was a brutal massacre, Putin said. In the end, the Soviets resisted.

But Putin Sr. was seriously injured in a nickel. It was during an interrogation, the President of Russia said: Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin was interrogating a prisoner with his fellow soldier when I was surprised that a German accidentally broke into the room. The enemy was surprised by throwing a grenade at the Soviet and left.

Putin Senior’s legs were severely punished by shrapnel. One of his comrades – a family neighbor who was also sent to war – dragged him along the front line, where “Every centimeter pierced by bullets‘, To the odd center.

Putin said: “Everyone knew that this was suicide, and no commander would have issued such an order, of course. And no one volunteered. My father already lost so much blood that it was clear that he would die quickly if he was left there. ” When the soldier (and neighbor) drove him to the hospital, he said goodbye and went back to the front. I thought I would never see Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin again. But Life is really simpleIn the interview in which he recounts this episode, Putin says: The two met by chance again in Leningrad after two decades.

Vladimir Putin’s mother, Maria Ivanovna Shlomova, eventually found her husband. She would visit him every day during his stay in the hospital for several months. But “The mother herself was already half deadsaid the president of Russia. She has been very skinny since the start of the war.

My dad saw what she was like and started feeding her food behind the nurses. They quickly grabbed him, and noticed that he was fainting from hunger. They gave him a stern lecture and did not allow him to see him for some time,” Putin recalls.

When the war is over, Vladimir Putin’s father was fired and started working as a worker Specialist at the Egorov train-making plant.

In those times, it was The Putin family lived in a room in an apartment shared with other families In the center of Saint Petersburg. The one who cooked was Putin Sr., who worked as a chef before going to war—a profession he learned from his predecessor, the grandfather of the president of Russia. Spiridon Ivanovich Putin, as he was called, even worked with Lenin and Stalin.

Father Putin, Petersburg, returns home after moving with his wife – whom he married at 17 for love, but also to get more “guarantees” when he went to war – to Tver, his grandmother’s land. Russia. This is where Vladimir Putin was conceived: Maria Ivanovna Shelomova and Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin He already had two children, but both died before the birth of Vladimir.. Alberto, born in the 1930s, died as a child. Victor, who came to the world in the following decade, died of diphtheria in 1942 – his father was already fighting in World War II.

Returning to the city where he was born was not peaceful: It was a decline in quality of life. Before the war, they lived in an apartment in Peterhof: “[Os pais] They were very proud of the quality of life they achieved. It wasn’t a big deal, but it felt like the dream of their lives.”

The apartment was too home for rat droppings, from which Putin’s son says he learned what it means to be “trapped.” One day, the Kremlin leader was playing with a friend chasing rodents when he managed to put a huge mouse in a corner of the house. Suddenly he turned towards me. I was surprised and scared. Now the mouse was chasing me“Fortunately, I was a little faster and was able to forcefully close the door,” Putin recalls.

Passage story of Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin It is one of the few that the father of the President of Russia told him directly. Other details were captured by young Vladimir, who was born seven years after the end of World War II, at large family gatherings, when adults would join the table and share stories from the past. Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin died on August 2, 1999.

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