There is no reference team in Brazilian football – Jaeci Carvalho

The Turkish coach, Mohamed, is the Atlantic coach (Photo: Alexandre Guzanshe/EM/DA Press)

The Brazilian Championship is up to the fifth round and we don’t have a reference team. One loses and wins a lot, especially from the teams that are the favourites. Flamengo lost to Botafogo 1 to 0, outperforming the opponent whose goalkeeper Gatito Fernandez was the best on the field. It does not matter, what is the value of the ball in the net, Botafogo put them.

The red and black players tied, but were ruled out by the VAR, claiming that Gabigol was offside. questionable decision. I’ve already said: Whoever draws the line for the VAR is a human being, he has a team to support him. Can this person separate emotion from reason?

Flamengo, in theory, has the best athletes in the activity, but does not emphasize this in their games. I thought about Jorge Jesus, who asked where Paulo Souza was, immoral and immoral, but it wouldn’t take long for Souza to fall. Flamengo was superior even to Botafogo, but if the coach lives on victories and results, he is bad.
There is pressure on the master to return. The problem is that he was very bad at his placements, and half of the audience didn’t want him. The other half, who does not care about morals and wants to win at all costs, wants his return.

In my daily comments on Rdio Tupi, I have always been against signing Paulo Sousa. He was a great player, but as a coach, he has no history of managing Flamengo. Only now, if he leaves, I won’t bring JJ, for ethical and moral reasons. But I don’t think Souza will last long.

Gallo was defeated by America and did not play well either. There’s no point in having fans live hostage to Cuca, because he won’t be back this year. Even if the rooster falls through the tables, this season it will not work.

A source told me there was a request from the Brazilian Confederation to take time off and take over as Tite coach in December, after the World Cup. It will be a Christmas gift for Coca and her family. Let’s wait.

Turkey’s Mehmet was trying to keep the best Coca left, but he was visible on the stage of several players, including Zaracho. Atletico had no pressure and will last year, when they faced their opponents at home.

Every artist has his own philosophy. I also think that Muhammad will not live long.

The problem of lack of trainers in the market. JJ himself said no to cock. There is a group of Portuguese technicians working in Brazil. It seems that after Jorge Jesus, only our colonists have great technologists.

Young Brazilian coaches are not given the opportunity, although most of them are lazy, they do not study and learn in the old world, where the great coaches are.

If I were one of those young coaches, I would ask Jurgen Klopp to have a two-week training with him at Liverpool. I guarantee that I will learn more than a year in Brazil.

Our coaches have nothing to add, because the remaining coaches must be technical managers and not stay on the edge of the field. Luxembourg and Abel retired to Brazil. They will only accept work abroad. Filippo succeeded in dealing with the Atlético PR team. Looks like he wants to take another 7 to 1 to give up forever.

Of the teams we flagged as the favorites, with all the problems, I still see the Rooster as the best. Palmeiras has a nice coach, I don’t like his way of playing – retranqueiro – but he wins cups, and for the fans, that’s all that matters.

I have already said that the Brazilian title is between Gallo, Palmeiras and Flamengo, with Corinthians running out. I thought Fluminense would do a good campaign, but it’s already starting to fall apart. Botafogo appears with this Portuguese coach and anything else would be a surprise.

Poor Brazilian football, very weak, poor and without technical alternatives. What do we have ladies and gentlemen. Anyone who has not lived through our golden age of football knows only what is out there. So I would trade any title on my team in the big matches as we have done in the past.

Not what the Nutella generation thinks. For her, we have the best football in the world. Worse, the blind who doesn’t want to see. We don’t have a reference team that plays well, forward, with dribbles, tables and goals. this is very sad.


The division of leaders prevents the League from launching. There is a group that wants to create another league, only to challenge Flamengo and the Sao Paulo teams that have signed up to create the Libra.

There is a manager who hates the red-black and against everything that the Carioca club proposes. Therefore, our football will continue to be in the mud. Disjointed clubs, absurd leaders, who do not understand anything about football.

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