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The team bus took a detour and I stopped at the shrine of Fatima As fans took the opportunity to greet the new national champions even more while the players and coaches were spending their moments in private, the entourage with the council went straight to Mealhada, and the fans spread a bit across the streets of the country to celebrate. FC Porto’s 30th title, which was sealed by a goal from Zedo at Luz in extra time that gave victory over Benfica, saw many celebrations and one last meeting point throughout the night: Estádio do Dragão.

Sergio celebrated with cigars, Zedo gave the shirt to Pinto da Costa but no one came into the press room: FC Porto party in Luz

Many supporters arrived even before kick-off, and then followed the classic on the phone or over the radio, and there was a race on the front seats near the band’s podium against all the moves that were made to create a kind of stage for the club. The Blues and Whites players can greet the crowd at the end of the night. And that ending lasted and lasted and lasted longer, With the team bus stopping again at a service station (accompanied by dozens of supporters who at the time stood near the door filming videos in the moment) before continuing the journey at a pit stop I worked to collect food from Rei dos Leitões, one of Sérgio Conceição’s favorite restaurants. Who took his truck to the service area to leave the order for the team.

The team started again, and the Dragons became a kind of stadium out of the fence with plenty of applause and cheers from the thousands of blue and white fans in attendance, who split at the messages they left in order to win the title. Sérgio Conceição, Pinto da Costa and ‘team paw’ were inevitable points as well as unlikely hero Zaidu, who is often the team’s ‘ugly duck’ but ends up with a goal that will go down in history, but there was also room for ‘barbs’. To the “party room” in Luz and to Federico Varandas, president of Sporting. And he almost set the tone after what happened after the championship match in Dragao with the lions, 40 years to celebrate It was the phrase that popped up on stage.

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1:30 a.m., information that the team will be about 20 minutes from the stadium, another celebration of Zido’s goal, when it was shown on the screens placed in the area where the blue and white fans were concentrated, the celebration took place as if this was the first turn. One, two, at a time. A few more songs were heard as the players, who made the entire trip from Lisbon to the party and documented the moment via social networks, prepared in the locker room to take to the stage.

The most awaited moment will begin around 2am, as the procession of all the national heroes begins with Pepe, one of the most praised personalities with a respectable entrance with a little dance that raised the bar for those who followed him. Bibi tried to compete, Ottavio and his “Crying Baby” Smoking even managed to reach that level, champion Zaidu had already passed through the middle, and Taremi (and Vitinha) and Francisco Conceição highly praised him with their younger brother on their shoulders. All with plenty of joy, fun and the usual cheers against opponents drawn in by the crowd, with the exception of Joao Mario, one of the many youngsters in the squad, who lost his phone in the middle of the party.

“This is a great party where we are all important. The most important person in this club and in its history is our president. It’s how beautiful this party is to be here. But he, like me, is already thinking about the Portugal Cup. And we will be here on the twenty-second, God willing, at night, celebrating the vulnerability. This is what I want: this union. Only then will we be able to win more titles and continue this amazing winning path. This is what Porto represents,” he told Porto Canal, referring to Porto fans: “I have been serving some meals here but there are people here who travel for kilometers or other kilometers to come and applaud us. If they are, then we should at least be more.”

“We have the best fans in the world, you are the soul of the club,” he then added to the microphone speaking to the audience, between a few pauses of emotion. “Our president is unique. There is a Portuguese Cup to win and we really want to win it! “Boost. The party was about to end just before 3am, and the players were still wearing their gear. And next week there’s more.”

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