Rodeo at CTG Os Praianos attracts 30,000 people in 5 days of party

The The public climax was on Saturday, when the box office had to close with people wanting to enter, and in all, 30 CTGs took part in the country competitions.

The rodeo at CTG Os Praianos is something like this: they organize a five-day party for all of Brazil and they don’t “fall” if a foot of water falls, on the first full day of the event, and they have to change a schedule. With faith in God and in organized attractions, they bring gaucho from all over the country.

Park Sol four of five days of rodeo at CTG Os Praianos – Photo: Nícolas Horácio / ND

This year the 49th National Rodeo for CTG Os Praianos, held May 4-8, kicked off on a rainy Wednesday, yes, but there were people enjoying it until that day. And from the fifth to Sunday (the eighth), Mother’s Day, the sun rose and the party was lively. The result: more than 30 thousand people in five days of rodeo.

“The participation of the pedestrians was great. It was one of the best rodeos in recent times. In terms of audience, and by the grace of God, we surpassed that. Thanks to God,” confirmed CTG Os Praianos President, Louurival José Ouriques. The Rodeo 2022 at the entity was so successful that, on Saturday (7), the box office had to close, with people wanting to enter.

Louurival, President of CTG Os PraianosLouurival, president of CTG Os Praianos, with his horse BT Potecas – Photo: Nícolas Horácio / ND

“All nepotism has a concern and a lot of responsibility. We have a limit of people according to the competent authorities. When we get close to overtaking, we close,” the president said.

After that, everyone is invited to the following events: Semana Farroupilha (September), CTG Os Praianos 50th Anniversary Party (October) and International Rodeo (2023).

Xirú From the speeches at Os Praianos, Gustavo Dornelles impressed the audience. “We are so happy, with a heart full of joy and contentment, making sure that we had a great trip and that we were right on the people we brought with us. We are almost speechless to thank you for what happened,” Gutto assessed.

Full grandstand on the last day of the 49th National Rodeo CTG Os PraianosCrowded stands on Sunday (8), the last day of the rodeo – Photo: Tanoface

CTG Gift Brianos, Vitor’s mother, Silvani Luisa da Silva, was happy to spend her day at CTG. A housewife and craftsman, she said that her joy was even greater in the company of her grandson Pietro and her daughter-in-law Natalia: “It is the formation of the family. Look for traditions and roots. Do not let young people, not even children, throw in the street, ”he said.

field tests

The Rodeo at CTG Os Praianos has a range of options, including cultural rodeos and performances with country and gacha music, as well as a park offering diverse food and drinks. But most of the audience really likes the state competitions, where walkers show their talent in gallows competitions, in Paleteada and gineteada.

In the Cambera, animals were hunted & # 8220;  & # 8221;  & # 8211;  Photo: Nicola Horacio/ND‘Bugs Catching’ the countryside – Photo: Nicholas Horacio/ND

In assessing xir, the campeira board has outdone itself, including the need to rearrange the competition calendar. “Another thing that impressed me is the diversity of heroes. One category wins a category, the other wins. Many episodes and awards went to those who made the most episodes and made the fewest mistakes,” he said of the episode experiences.

Vitor Machado, 22, from São José, neighbor of CTG Os Praianos. Since he was nine years old, he has been working for CTG, which he started attending because of his brother. Young, has a camp sponsor and coordination role, alongside Lucas Fernandez and under the direction of Marlon Fernandez.

The trio is responsible for “playing rodeo”. According to Vitor, about 30 CTGs took part in the campeiras and the awards were well distributed. He also spoke of a healthy rivalry with CTG Boca da Serra, of Santo Amaro da Imperatriz, which featured.

“They always try to put together a good team to play against us in general. There are many other CTG teams, but it always ends up between these two teams, scored Vitor, who also congratulated Boca da Serra on scoring 20 teams in the Rodeo, and participating in the champions’ welterweight.

A gift from Balneário Cambori wins the vocal competition

The rodeo at CTG Os Praianos attracts gauchos from everywhere. The president of Rancho Cola-atada, which is located in Balneário Camboriú (SC), Leandro Portela, 49, of Carazinho (RS) said that Balneário – especially Cambori, because it is more rural – has a very strong gaucho culture. About 20 people from the area came and camped at the party.

Leandro and Carla came from Balneário Camboriú for the Rodeo – # 8211;  Photo: Nicola Horacio/NDLeandro and Carla came from Balneário Cambori for the rodeo – Photo: Nícolas Horácio / ND

Cola-atada is not a CTG yet, but it has submitted the application and it should be this year or 2023. “We are a cultural entity. We do ground fire, dance, horseback riding and rodeo. The gaucho culture represents us,” Leandro described.

British Columbia law student Carla Eduarda Rocha de Oliveira, 21, a gift from Rancho Cola, a cultural rodeo, participated in an interpreter competition. Catarina, solo in a gaucho family, was met with applause and praise from the audience.

“I have never performed on stage and I think I did very well. It was a unique experience. People talk to you, praise you. This interaction with other CTGs is also very good,” Carla commented.

For her, the rodeo was a turning point: “I discovered another passion,” Gift declared, on Sunday afternoon, pleased with what she had achieved so far. She had not yet received confirmation from the judges, who came in the evening: first place.

Over 600 kilometers of rodeo

Agronomist and entrepreneur, Agenor Mendes Araújo Neto, 48, traveled more than 600 kilometers from Guarapuava (PR) to attend the 49th CTG Os Praianos National Rodeo. The main reason: seeing friends. He even left a rodeo in Paraná to come to Santa Catarina.

Agenor came to compete, but mainly to see friends – # 8211;  Photo: Nicola Horacio/NDAgenor came to compete, but mainly to see friends – Photo: Nicholas Horacio/ND

“After the pandemic, we have made family and friends more valuable. We never know tomorrow. And I declare that what we take away today is friendship, a happy good heart, and the sport we love, which the father taught us, the gaucho traditions and rodeos.”

“For me, it is a pleasure to be here. It is a beautiful and warm rodeo and I hope they will visit us there in Paraná,” added Agenor.

The whole family and the horse on the journey

Veterinarian and agronomist Ivo Neto, 32 years old, from Vakarya (Republika Srpska). He brought his girlfriend, father, mother, and horse, 15-year-old Branko, to the rodeo. Ivo represented the CTG Boca da Serra and was smiling unrequitedly for winning the lead among CTG’s picks on the “rival” court.

Evo Neto, who appears first on the left in the photo, was one of the champions of the tie between the teams in Força A, the elite of the laçadores & # 8211;  Photo: Disclosure / NDEvo Neto, left in the photo, was one of the champions of the tie between the teams at Força A, Elite La Cadores – Photo: Disclosure / ND

“It was a pleasure to be the boss of the Boca da Serra team. We won d’Os Praianos at their home this year,” joked Evo, who still returned to Rio Grande with first place in the Team A Force tie. For him, the secret Success in a draw is the same as in other sports: training, dedication, whimsy and focus.

In more specific terms, a good horse and noose. Farewell, Ivo thanked the reception: “Anytime they come, the people of Vaccaria are well received here and the Rodeo de Os Praianos is Os Praianos.”

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