Maria Joao Figueiredo, President of the Board of Directors of the Parirense Football Club – there were 200 people


. Volunteering is part of the club’s daily life

During the glorious session commemorating the 11th anniversary of the founding of the club, Maria Jo Figueiredo, President of the Board of Directors of the Futebol Clube Barríense, confirmed that the club is interested in training athletes of all formats, but is interested in training men and women.
He explained that in the face of all the difficulties caused by the epidemic, the club did not reduce the number of athletes, but rather increased the number of athletes.

Futebol Club Barreirense celebrated its 111th anniversary, in a solemn session held in the Bavello de Genesio-Sidi, which included the presence of Carlos Pérez, President of the General Assembly of the Football Club, Maria Jo Figueiredo, President da Derico, Andr Pinotes Batista, President of the Barreiro Municipal Assembly, Frederico Rosa, President of the Barreiro City Council, Antnio Guerreiro, of the Portuguese Gymnastics Federation, Francisco Cardozo, President of the Setbal Football Association and Paulo Fonseca, coach and former FC athlete, as speaker, guest.

Ambition to build a pavilion

Carlos Perez, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Assembly, referred to the origins and history of the club, stressing that the club has always created sympathy and gained roots with the local population, which has strengthened its identity over the years, and is nowadays a greater reference in the national sport, and a workshop of excellence in various Shapes, is a past that everyone can be proud of.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Assembly explained that this is the appropriate time to restore hope, and pointed out the need to promote the campaign to accept new members, given the reduction in the number of registered members.
He said that the ambition of building a pavilion still remains in the club’s ambitions, recalling that there is a deficit in the sports infrastructure, a problem that affects the club and the city.

The most important thing is the people

Remembering being the fiftieth president in the position, Maria Jo Figueiredo, head of FCL, confirmed that it was at that wing where she loved FCl.
The FCB chief stated that the club’s 111-year life has been marked by years of resilience, changes, joys and sorrows, but a lot of determination from the Futebol Clube Barreirense, a lot of mystery, a lot of situations, and especially a lot. of emotion.
The most important thing is people, I love being surrounded by people, people are the ones who make the difference in life, working with managers, with coaches, with collaborators, these people are the ones who make the difference, but not Futebol there is a lot more Clube Barreirense than people, it goes to Beyond people, there is an establishment called Futebol Clube Barreirense. People pass and the institution remains, this house remains, these walls remain, people pass. Here I see men who were chiefs, I see men who were coaches, I see faces who were players, and here I see many faces I know and many faces that wept with joy. What I want to say is that today here, I will serve Futebol Clube Barreirense. Tomorrow there will be another woman, another man, and another person,” said Maria Jo Figueiredo, the first woman to head the Direco do Futebol Clube Barreirense.
Women it is time to be partners. The leader of the month will be members of the Futebol Club Barriers.

The number of athletes did not decrease, the number of athletes increased

In her speech, Maria Jo Figueiredo stressed that the Fútbol Club Parisien is interested in training athletes of all formats, but is interested in training men and women, and opens its doors in solidarity through protocols with different institutions, allowing disadvantaged young people to exercise. .
He stated that the past two years were among the most difficult years, because we faced a virus, an external factor in our lives, which came to spoil the corporate sports plans, but despite all the difficulties, F.C. Athletes, the number of athletes did not decrease, the number of athletes increased, thanked all the athletes and coaches, parents, grandparents, who believed, and continue to train in online training, behind a computer there was a training of 200 people online.
Thank you for your trust. This, he said, is what makes the difference at FCL.

Volunteering is part of the club’s daily life

Maria Jo Figueiredo, you mentioned that volunteering is part of the daily life of the club, the parents who help, the people who help – this should not be lost, this is very important. this is the difference. We are not Direco professionals.
He pointed out that we are not perfect, and tomorrow there will be others who will not be perfect either.

Things that are facts

The President of Fútbol Club Parisien made a point in her intervention to point out things that are facts.
In football, the 2008 generation occupies the second place in the first region championship. The 2007 generation, the National Sub15 Championship, had 11 wins and one draw, in the second stage, with the club having the best rating ever, with the athletes named to the national team; The youth team ranks first in the region, and is very close to the goal of climbing to the national championships; The juniors reached the goal of remaining in the national championship and this is important, because it is part of the growth of the squad, because it is the result of work for this direction in coordination with Denis Souza and all the coaches who accompanied him.

Futsal We don’t have space for training

In futsal we have a very serious problem, we don’t have space to train. We have athletes.
We want to start with the futsal academy, he said, and we can’t afford it.
The juniors were the zone champions, and qualified for the second stage of the national championship, with only one win.
The juveniles were neighborhood champions, and qualified for the National. Beginners qualify for the second stage of the National Cup.
Futebol Clube Barreirense is the club with the most training nationally.

Basketball – We’ll be in the 4th National Final

In basketball, which is an obscure way at FFC, he was the county champion in the U-16 and U-18 teams, and get ready, we’re going to be in the four national finals.
Maria Jo Figueiredo said I could go on with gymnastics, chess, tired of winning titles, kickboxing, with so many titles, and swimming — a pride indeed.

tell me face to face

I am always open to opinions and suggestions from partners, for improvement, always with constructive ideas, but please do not say it on social media, because it does not mean anything to me, I do not read it, he told me, I do not see them, face to face.
The FCB Chairman said – When you want to talk about Futebol Clube Barreirense, tell me. Set a meeting date.
It’s a great honor to be here. Perhaps in 2023 there will be an election and there will be someone else, Maria Jo Figueiredo commented, in an intervention made with emotion and praised by those present at the main Barreirense football club.


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