‘I thought I’d come back’: After losing her father to Covid, Ceará turns pain into music

In the second wave of Covid-19 in Brazil, in February 2021, one of the greatest loves of the singer-songwriter from Ceará Rebecca Camara the left. the father, Genesio Jimenez CabralPassed successfully. became a memory. It also became a song with a name that is suggestive as much as it is affectionate: “Babi”.

In the world, the track will be performed live at Theatro José de Alencar through the show “My best” – Same name for Rebecca’s new album. The event takes place on Thursday (12), at 8pm, in a tour through the artist’s songbook, between modern and vintage tracks.

“There are songs that have been shelved and some are born from the pandemic to here,” the artist confirms about the album, in an interview with verse. “Papai” is part of the second creative team. The song is referred to by Rebecca as The one I “don’t like to do”. But it is there and carries, in lines and between the lines, the power of the art of sublimating pain.

Geneseo, 71, spent 58 days in the hospital and has not returned from the hospital. First guitar teacher’s daughter. And one of the main motivators. I would definitely like to pay tribute to Rebecca on this week’s show. And who said it wouldn’t be? The music – with arrangements signed by Camara and pianist Thiago Almeida – will attempt to revive him.

“Papai” will be performed live at Theatro José de Alencar through the show “O Melhor de Mim”

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“I thought I was going there / I thought I was going back / I waited for you for more than a month / Here,” he voiced the first verses, about how Camara felt during his hospitalization. “I asked Heavenly Father / I asked you to come back / I wanted to come back so much / Here”. “It’s a very sectarian thing, hopeful for that moment of waiting,” the singer says.

Good expectation because Geneseo was the castle itself. No viruses seem to have brought it down. He had no co-morbidities, and was not oblivious to his health. resistance. It vibrates now, but from afar. It is art in itself. “I can’t see you anymore / I can only imagine / You are close / To me.”

Farewell, mourning, inspiration

For Rebecca Camara, singing and composing are healing works. Excellent sedative. She even manages to dump part of her feelings on “Daddy,” although it’s not just that. All tracks of “O Melhor de Mim” go through resignations.

Joined by artist Thiago Almeida’s guitar and piano Mica dos Santos (double bass) and Michael Rodriguez (Drums), two of the most prominent instrumentalists of the Ciara scene. There is also a harmonica Nathaniel Pereira, in a special post in the song “Quem tem Friendship”. In total, the audience was invited to lubricate their chests with beautiful creations – such as “Vai recomestar”, “What makes it worth it” and “The body is closed”.

“I thought I was going there / I thought I was going back / I waited for you for over a month / Here,” voiced the first verses of the song dedicated to Rebecca Camara’s father

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“The world is so crazy. We make art to overcome challenges, but for other things as well. Honestly, good vibes always prevail when I write. I choose to talk about the light stuff. And even if it’s a heavier target, the way I move it comes lightly. Despite everything, there are a lot of beautiful things to see as well.”

A song in honor of the father may not save a moment of joy. But, above all, because it’s the last track on the album, it invites rapture. The transformation of pain into art should be as follows: Meet miracles, something Rebecca wants to convey on the show and in life. “The Best of Me” was talking about it. Music for me is life, it is movement. It is there all the time. I closed my eyes and left.”

perceive and create

There are more people creating to soften reality. On the other side of the coin – while still extending his reflections on the subject – the absence of life as before was a source of inspiration Mario Maya to imagine.

The artist and architect from Ceará filled his Instagram profile with illustrations about the daily life of the Covid-19 pandemic. They are images contemplating conversations on the sidewalk, trips to institutions, and physical contact between people. Missing it already overpowered and still very powerful.

“The need to create drawings arose from the desire to externalize this routine in the way I could express myself and communicate: drawing,” explains Mário. According to him, seeing people come close through illustrations was both powerful and comforting. It proves that art knows no boundaries and transcends.

I think it will arrive as a statement and a refuge. It’s that escape valve, the ability to reverse what I believe in, and to give The power of my voice. At the same time, I also believe in other inspirations, because I feel motivated by the people around me, through my support network”, shares citizen Ciara.

Motivation shared by another citizen. Portugal resident Luciana Araujo has released the music video for “Diga,” from the album “Sudade,” also during the pandemic. Production talks about the end of relationships At this time of physical distances. “Unfortunately, I saw many close couples break up in this period, mostly for unrelated reasons. Certainly, they would not have done so under other circumstances, according to their own accounts.”

Due to pandemic restrictions, The clip was filmed at Luciana’s house, directed by Yves Mendes, also from Ciara. The idea was to express that despite the suffering and struggles the spouses are going through, if there is love on both sides, it is worth paying attention to.

This, for the singer, is the true power of art, especially in exceptional moments: Touch hearts, trigger reflection and transform someone’s day. “Today there is a lot of ‘art’ for sale only, unfortunately. When the process of creation begins with the aim of making a profit, art is not born there. That is another thing. Art must be something spontaneous, a natural creation.”

amplify feeling

Worried, Luciana circumvented the restrictions of the pandemic once again by idealizing Festival de Casa. I was able, inside, to bring together over 40 music artists in a completely virtual event. Waldonis, Marcos Lisa, Lucinia Menezes, Paolo Canhae, among other great Northeastern names around the world, participated in the movement.

The sole aim was to bring joy and music into people’s homes and to enhance their own talents. “Four days of auê are very good in that critical period,” he said. Do we make art to overcome our daily challenges? I believe that in challenges we have the most creative ability“.

Restless, Luciana has circumvented the restrictions of the pandemic by idealizing the Ô de Casa . festival

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Expanding emotions and senses – able to multiply initiatives. The “Virtual Serenade” It was another cultural activity suggested by Araujo. A gift in the form of a song, in which people are ordered to present musical works to their loved ones. Everything happened in order to raise money for musicians in need from Ciara.

“It worked so well that on Mother’s Day 2020 there were 20 songs in just one day. I have been touched many times by the reaction of people listening to that song chosen by a dear friend or family member. Love in the form of a song. I think it all happened because of isolation. The Brazilian is born with a creation inside of him, he is born.”

Rebecca Camara, Mario Maia, Luciana Araujo. In light of each one’s projects, the open spark So as not to run out of inspiration. Turn everything into strength, new ways to resist.

Presentation for the release of the album “O Melhor de Mim” by Rebecca Camara
This Thursday (12), at 8 pm, at Theatro José de Alencar (Rua Liberato Barroso, 525 – Centro). Tickets: R$40 (full price). Sales: Casa Bendita and through the Sympla website.

Illustrations of Mario Maya
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Luciana Araujo songs
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