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Gabriella Pulissi is pregnant with Tulio Dick (Image: Instagram/Instagram)

Gabriella Polisi She announced on social media that she was pregnant with her first child, as a result of her relationship with him tulio dick.

She said in a video clip that she had dreamed about the moment and had been trying to get pregnant for some time since her previous marriage to her ex-husband. Erasmo VianaHe separated from him in early 2021.

“TO GRAVIDAAA!! BEST PART OF MY LIFE! BEST POSITIVE OF MY LIFE. It has been another ordeal in my life that everything happens at the right time and in God’s time! I hope my report brings comfort and hope to those who need it,” she wrote in the caption to the video as she reveals More details about the experience.

Musician Tulio celebrated the moment in the comments: “Get ready, it’s only the first time! I want four more with you. There’s no bad time here…booooooora!!!!!!!!”.

In a video of just over 7 minutes long, Gabriella recalled the whole process: “I dreamed that day and say I was pregnant. I memorized the two tests I took on March 6, when I found out I was pregnant,” noting that the discovery of pregnancy was in March.

“Through this video, I wanted to talk a lot about beyond pregnancy. I wanted to give hope to women who have been trying to have children for a while. Because I know how painful the process can be. Until last year, I was in another relationship, and I’ve tried to get pregnant with all Existing treatments, and I’ve taken hormones, without interruption, for over a year,” he said.

“I had ovulation induction, had insemination and was going to have a third IVF, but I broke up before that. And it was a very difficult stage for me, because I didn’t share it with my family,” he explained, revealing that she was the same weeks pregnant as her younger sister, Marcela.

Marcella Minnelli, sister of Gabriella Pulissi, celebrated pregnancy because she was also pregnant in the same weeks (Image: Instagram/Instagram)

Marcella Minnelli, sister of Gabriella Pulissi, celebrated pregnancy because she was also pregnant in the same weeks (Image: Instagram/Instagram)

Continue reading the full statement below:

I had to deal with a lot on my own, and even with the hiccup of hormones that only those going through the process know about. Women are a very powerful animal, we are capable of anything. The strongest sex here is us. I always rise from the ashes in life, as many times as necessary. But what happened to me I don’t think even in the best dreams I expected. It is more proof of what I always tell you, which is to trust in life and be saved, because God is of all things. Cut the story down to: I, here, a year later, pregnant with the love of my life, the man of my life, without any treatment, without planning, without trying… It just happened in the most natural way possible. At the point where I tried to get pregnant and couldn’t, I never asked why I couldn’t. Even with that frustration every month, I always knew I’d be there on time. When I go through all that phase of pain, uncertainty, and insecurity as a woman, and I ask myself if I was ever able to have a baby, it came in the most magical way ever, as it had to come. When I was finally at peace, secure, quiet, living my life with fewer rules and restrictions, when I began to live more loosely, when I was freed from old patterns, and when I felt like a real woman with someone, loved, respected.. my baby came. Motherhood is closely related to our emotionality. I’m at peace now, my child upstairs thought, “Now I’m going.” I had to break some old patterns and give in to life and the best had to come. I wanted to give you that hope in life. I am 36 years old and I am now at the peak of my happiness. Today I feel perfect. We women are better able to make tough decisions. And when we have the courage to be happy, life’s miracles happen. And today I completely understand why I got pregnant only now – because it could not have been before! The word is calm and God knows the right time. There was a time in my life when I thought about being a single mother. Then I met Tulio. In addition to all the love I have for him, he is definitely the father I would choose to be the father of my children, for his values, principles, education and for having such a rich spiritual part. I am very happy to be able to share this new stage with you. I’m 14 weeks old, and my belly is already…and one more thing: to complete my happiness, my sister Marcella is pregnant the same week as I am. We got pregnant together by chance! “

Many fans and friends in the comments celebrated the arrival of the newborn:

He said, “Oh my gossip! What happiness. So much light and love for this beautiful family.” Laura Fernandez.

“Congratulations,” the former athlete wrote. Jacqueline.

He commented “Congratulations casaaaal. Lots of health! Lots of love” Fernanda Paes Lim.

It’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,” he said. Mariana Goldfarb.

He wrote, “What a happiness. Congratulations!!!”. Carol Bixenio.

The actress said “Oh my God, that’s too much!!!! Joanna Baagher.

“Best post! The best moment of your life begins now!!! You are so blessed! God’s plans are beautiful!!!” , Andressa Ferreira Miranda.

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