‘Amor de Pet’ party promotes adoption of 28 dogs and cats in one day – Town Hall

Last Saturday (7), a City adoption center for dogs and catsThe party was held “pet love”, which brought together the various attractions of the northern region of the city. in the event, 28 families became responsible for 16 dogs and 12 cats that were adopted. Among the puppies and adults, of various sizes, colors and coats, as well as special animals, there were 189 dogs and 93 cats. Puppies were in great demand.

The event, which has been suspended since 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, had special programs for the whole family, such as a parade of dogs available for adoption, rabies vaccination, an RGA release, a Municipal Civil Guard (GCM) offering of dogs and a children’s tent with activities for children.

We are very happy with the outcome of the party. There are 28 animals that have had the chance of a new life full of love. As expected, families prioritized the puppies and the elderly, who followed all movements and made an effort to be seen, remaining here without a lap or a warm bed,” explained the Health and Pet Protection Coordinator (Cosap), Xavier’s analysis.

Coff – Waiting for a family for 10 years

responsible guard
during the event, Responsible Animal Care Handbook, Aimed at kids, with terrifying and educational content that teaches kids how to become a “great keeper” of animals. “It is a book full of illustrations and activities that serve to support the educational actions we do with the children who visit us. Here they learn by playing the ground rules to raise awareness about responsible nursery and now they will be able to take it home, as well as educate their families,” said Annali.

Public and private schools can participate in the event. To schedule and receive all the necessary information, simply contact us by email cosap@prefeitura.sp.org.br.

Adopt an elderly pet
In the city of São Paulo, since 2020, who adopts Older dogs and cats (8 and 10 years old, respectively) receive the Elderly care cardWhich guarantees priority and lifelong care for the animal in the capital’s public veterinary hospitals. Currently, there are three units in the north, south and east of the city.

A large part of the animals waiting for a family in the Kusab building today consists of adult animals, elderly, with chronic diseases. They are animals that carry sad baggage of neglect and abuse. Many of them arrived as puppies, but since they do not meet the profile that most families seek, they have been waiting over ten years for their big day, growing up in a place that must be temporary. Coff, Juju, Leonard, Cicarelli, Chocolate, Leka, Pedrinho, Jack Pirata, Dudu, Sugar, Apache, Charles Henrique, Dino, Spike, Balrog some of them.

Advantages of adopting an adult animal:

  • It has already grown and its size is already known.
  • well-known temperament
  • Less Mess / Destroy Things
  • They are more resistant to disease

It is also important to keep in mind that adopting a pet requires long-term planning, as dogs and cats, for example, can live for a long time.

More than an intent to adopt, it is essential that the prospective teacher adhere to some basic responsibilities to ensure the animal’s quality of life and welfare. Analyse provides advice on responsible foster care and on the basic set of rules that the family you decide to adopt must follow. This includes adequate food, water, hygiene, vaccination, leak prevention, veterinary care, attention and a lot of affection.

The curator explains, “The animal needs to leave here to have a better life, and a lot of times, people don’t even know the importance of these things, so our role is to guide them.”

How to count

Those interested in adopting a pet can search for the “Dogs and Cats Adoption” service in Portal 156, which gives access to Photo gallery of pets waiting for a home.

you Animals available for adoption are properly vaccinated, dewormed, neutered, identified by microchip and have a Public Animal Registry (RGA)According to Municipal Law No. 13131/01.

On the site, the future teacher needs Fill in the information in the form, Like the people on the profile and about the house he lives in. This is important because to adopt a cat, for example, a property needs a screen. “We can’t release an animal to go somewhere that might be in danger,” Annalee ponders.

Once this step progresses, if there is no incompatibility, the file Visiting schedule So that the future teacher can meet the animal and bring it home. On this visit, the citizen must take a leash If you intend to adopt a dog or shipping boxIf you are going to adopt a cat. In addition, the teacher also needs Submit RG, CPF, recent proof of residency (from the past three months) and Pay a general fee of R$29.30.

In some cases, the team of veterinarians will make a prior visit to the property to check the animal’s compatibility with the future home, thus avoiding escape or return.

animals for adoption


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